Here Is How to Avoid Gaining Weight

Holidays are different from usual days when you are not so conscious about your health and diet. A study which weighed up the habits of the travelers reveals that people are careless about their regular food habits while they are on vacation or traveling. Seems legit!

People usually go on holidays to take a break from their everyday life which is jam-packed with a lot of stress and worries. So, when they are taking a break, why would anyone worry about what they are having in their plate?

But, noticing that you have put on some weight after vacation is something that you would definitely never want. If so, here are a few tips to follow to avoid gaining weight when out on a holiday –

Have meals in small portions: When you travel, your entire body system travels. You walk a lot, your brain thinks and runs more than it typically does, and as a result, you feel butterflies in your stomach, repeatedly. And, when you are hungry, even the slightest aroma can stimulate the hungry, ravenous creature inside. This is when you tend to eat more than your capacity. When on flight, ship or road, it is never advisable to eat large serves. Having small portions will help you stay active, while keeping you hydrated, barring scope for heavy meals. Additionally, large serves of food and beverage promote dizziness in you, apart from increasing the kilograms.

Include more natural diet: Some places are known for their elite food culture. If you are visiting one such place, and if you are really keen on trying those delicacies, I would suggest you to include natural food such as fruits, salads, vegetables and juices in at least one meal (and, if possible, two) of the day.

Do not overeat: (Yes, that’s how I yell!) No matter how delicious or famous a particular food item is, you must not have it more than your capacity. Although overfeeding yourself sometimes is a joy of its own, you should never go for it, especially if you are travelling to an unknown city. If you have passes or invitation for a grand party or buffet, it would be advisable to not go there hungry. This way, you will be enjoying the meals and drinks without overburdening your digestive system.

Less alcohol: A theory says that alcohol promotes a mechanism that can be held responsible for weight gain. Evidently, alcoholism is the root cause of many awkward situations. So, escaping it would be a great idea, and you will be away from many problems, including weight gain.

5 Apps for Picking a Restaurant on Your Next Road Trip

Road trips are a lot of fun. No matter where you are headed, they offer an exciting way to see new places and spend time with friends. Before heading out on a road trip, it is always a good idea to prepare. After packing lists, boxes of games, and a good playlist, you need to think about food to eat. While it is smart to bring snacks for the road, you also want to think about stopping at a restaurant. Here are the apps that will make the job of deciding where to eat on the road so much easier.


You’ve probably seen their website, but did you know that Zomato has an app as well? Much like their website, Zomato’s app will show you all of the local eateries by type, from classic American joints to funkier fusion spots. It also shows you breweries, coffee shops, and farmer’s markets, if you need a quick pick-me-up. Every restaurant is shown using Urbanspoon’s old rating system. Eat up!

Food Tripping

If you want to bypass the fast food joints that dot every highway off-ramp for something more substantial and better for your body, Food Tripping is perfect for you. Using a growing database constantly updated by local eaters, Food Tripping gives you recommendations for the best authentic and healthy regional cuisines.


If you already have a good idea of what you want to eat for dinner, try OpenTable. Simply search for a restaurant to see if they have an “open table,” make a reservation, and show up with an appetite. If you’re less certain of what you want for dinner, you can search all local eateries, or locations by style or price, to find the perfect meal for tonight.


Planning on taking the next exit? If you’re driving along a major highway, use the iExit app to see any restaurant at the next exit. You’ll get a quick breakdown based on price and speed, as well as distance from the exit. This is perfect for anyone looking to get a quick bite to eat before getting back on the open road.

Along The Way

Just planning a short road outing for maybe a day or two? Do you have your whole route planned out? Input your route into Along The Way. The app will recommend the bars, bistros, and eateries-whatever you need to get recharged before heading out again. You don’t have to worry about wading through tons of recommendations way outside of your travel area.

Wherever your travels may lead you, if you get hungry, try one of these apps! You just might find the perfect restaurant or bar to satiate your hunger and get you back to your road trip with no time lost.

The Ultimate Control for Your Budget During A Vacation or Road Trip

For holiday makers who would love to travel for a considerably long period of time, prepaid travel credit cards can be the best budget control tool to use while on vacation. These cards are more like travelers checks but they are relatively hassle-free. All the card holder needs to do is load it before traveling and use it to spend or withdraw cash just as one would use a debit card. And because they’re preloaded, one can keep tight control of the spending during holiday or trip.

Are They Safe?

Most of them are offered or backed by reputable banks and building societies hence they are completely safe. Ideally, when one loads cash into a prepaid card, the cash goes directly into a ring-fenced account that’s separate from the card provider’s account. This means if the prepaid card company runs out of money, the card holder’s money will still be retained in the bank or building society the individual has banked the money in. However, should the bank the holder is registered with go bust, the cash in question will not be protected. Hence, choosing to work with a reputable banking institution is very important to anyone wishing to use the credit card.

What Will Happen If One Is Lost Or Stolen?

After the card is lost or stolen, the first thing the holder should do is contact the provider of the prepaid card to get it blocked. And to continue using the services of the credit card, one might need to replace the stolen Card. It might cost some few bucks but it’s the only way through which one can continue enjoying the money and services using the credit card. Those wishing to acquire prepaid credit cards should pay attention to credit cards that are without contacts. Contactless cards, if stolen, can be used in carrying out a series of fraudulent transactions which might result in the card holder losing lots of money.

Do Prepaid Credit Card Providers Offer Higher Exchange Rates?

While most of the specialist cards that use Visa and MasterCard offer almost similar exchange rates, prepaid cards tend to use different rates most of the time. When setting exchange rates, prepaid credit cards usually take a certain percentage as their exchange fees. Hence, it’s upon the individual wishing to acquire the card to do a comparison between the ‘perfect exchange rate’ in the market and prepaid card rates to identify the best.

Are Prepaid Card Exchange Rates Affected By Currency Fluctuations?

Unlike the conventional credit and debit cards that provide different exchange rates depending on the day the holder spends, prepaid credit cards only use the same exchange rate which was set on the day the card was loaded. The lock-in rate is very important and can either work for or against the card holder. For instance, if the dollar or pound weakens, the card holder wins because the rate is high and fixed. On the other hand, if the currency in question strengthens, the card user will not be able to enjoy the high exchange rate when spending on the particular day. But generally, prepaid cards are the best for holiday makers because one is guaranteed of a fixed rate throughout the holiday period.

3 Reasons to Choose Tour Operators for Outdoor Tours

Gone are the days when people relied on avail on-the-spot booking for hotels and other essential amenities when they travelled to an unknown city or a country. It happened so as there were no means of communication and there were no other option. Things have become a lot easier with the Internet coming to rescue people where planning for a holiday has become comfortable with a single click of a button. You get to access flight details, hotel reservations, tickets for sightseeing and everything from your computer and without having to be physically present.

Why would you choose tour operators over personal preferences?

Even though there are various budget airlines and other discounted services from varied holiday portals, people often look out for professional tour operators to help them with planning holidays and tours for them. Tour operators are into this business for a cause. They are the ones who form a bridge between the common people and the tourism destinations. You may have several notions about tour operators being extremely expensive and fear the loss of freedom where you have a set itinerary to follow. Here are a few reasons that may have you feel differently about their services after you are done with reading it.

• Better information and awareness – They are the ones who are into the business and have experiences with arranging outdoor tours for people. With frequent customers visiting various cities and countries with their help, they are aware of the amenities available in the city of travel. They are the best people to suggest on hotels, restaurants, sightseeing locales, etc. and accordingly helping you to make the necessary bookings. They are aware of the local traditions, language and food and thus helping visitors and tourists to be at ease while they are there.

• Cheap on the pocket – As they organise frequent tours and each group has several members travelling to the same destination, they are eligible for bulk discounts for airline booking, hotel bookings, tickets for sightseeing, etc. This is something that relieves your finances as you would have ended up spending double than what the tour operators charge from you. Even though you are bound to stay together with your group, you often get to spend less when charges for several amenities get divided amongst the rest.

• Allows you to cover all places with ease – While you plan to visit a city or a country, you would want to include all the locales that are worth watching. While you move out individually, you do not always get to cover everything in a short span. Whereas, a tour operator would plan an itinerary for you that would include packed schedules allowing you to cover all that you wanted to see while visiting the place. This would allow you to accomplish your reason to visit the place and thus to give you beautiful memories to go home with