Some Key Aspects to Consider While Planning a Family Tour

Some Key Aspects to Consider While Planning a Family TourTraveling is a delightful experience that allows you to discover some new prospects and helps to relieve you from the stress of daily life. Traveling will also allow you to gather some new experiences in life along with other countless possibilities of experiencing enough adventures and thrills. It is the best way to refresh you and get relief from the boredom of regular lifestyle. Arranging a tour with your family will also give you chances to spend some quality time with them. In fact, traveling lets you gain proper knowledge about the diverse culture of the world.

However, traveling also includes certain things that are a must for you to consider making your experience a memorable one. While planning, you must keep some specific points in mind such as the total duration of the tour, budget, documents needed and a lot more. The following points will help you to a have proper idea on the necessities while arranging:

Select Your Destination

Before considering anything else, it is important to select a perfect destination according to your liking and preferences. This will help you to set your goals and plan it properly. Also, decide the duration or for how many days you want to stay in that specific destination. You can appoint an experienced travel agent. Do not forget to list the sightseeing options of that specific place if you want to make it worthy enough.


This is one of the most important factors that you need to keep in mind. Thus, after selecting your site, research the total cost that you need for your family tour. Consider choosing the hotels, restaurants and transport according to your budget. Decide the total amount of cash that you are keen to spend.


An outing normally offers us with enough excitement, buy while planning other things don’t forget to carry your documents. There are certain hotels who ask for your ID proof and other documents. It becomes a messy situation at times if you fail to show your documents. The tourists are also bound to pay some extra fines if they travel without any documents. Thus, if you are eager to have a trouble-free experience, it is wiser to carry your documents.

Planning a modified tour is time-consuming as it requires appropriate involvement of the planner. There are some other crucial issues such as home safety, ticket booking and a lot more that you must keep in mind. Consider such issues to arrange a memorable tour.

Five Ways To Protect Your Vehicle When Taking An Away Trip

There are lots of things that you’ll likely miss when taking an extended, away trip. Foremost among these, however, will probably be your vehicle. In addition to being a reliable source of transportation, your car can provide a warm, welcoming environment. After all, people who spend lots of commuting also spend lots of time in their cars. Fortunately, there are five, simple things that you can do to keep your auto safe while you’re away.

Always fill your tank up with gas, especially if you intend to be gone a month or more. This will ensure that you have more than just fumes waiting for you when you get ready to pick your vehicle back up. This also limits the amount of moisture that accumulates in the gas tank, which can cause the seals to dry out.

Consider investing in a car cover. No matter where you car is parked during you trip, you do not want it to be exposed to the elements, especially given that you aren’t around to wash potential damaging debris and residues off. A lightweight and quality cover can be cleaned at a far lesser cost the cost of having your paint repaired.

Get your oil changed before leaving. This is especially important if you intend to be gone for three weeks or more. Dirty sediments in old oil can have a lasting impact on the functionality and well-being of you engine. It is also a good idea to have all other fluids changed or topped off at this time depending upon your maintenance schedule. These efforts will limit the amount of work that you have to do to get your vehicle back up and running.

If you are gone for three weeks or more, there is also the likelihood that your battery will get drained. This makes it a good idea to have someone turn your car on for a few minutes every few weeks. Running the car for just fifteen minutes will allow the alternator to juice your battery up. This way, the car will start for you right away.

Invest in reputable long term airport parking rather than leaving your vehicle at the airport. A long-term auto storage company will know how and when to start your car up to prevent loss of battery power. They can also ensure that your vehicle remains properly covered throughout the duration of your trip. Best of all, they’ll have a comfortable shuttle on site to get you safely to and from the airport.

Three Tips for Finding Vacation Deals

Everybody loves to take a break from their regular life and get out of town. Whether you work, are in school, or are simply stuck in a rut, a trip is a wonderful way to recharge your batteries and lower the level of stress in your life. One of the obstacles that many people face is that travel can be expensive. You have to pay for flights, eating out, and hotel stays. One of the best ways to keep these costs down is to find vacation deals. Here are four tips to find bargains on your next getaway.

Pick Your Times

Getting good prices on hotels and flights is all about timing. While most people know that booking a plane ticket far in advance can save you money, flying on specific days can as well. For many airlines, flights during the week will be cheaper than during the weekend. Likewise, many resorts increase their rates for Friday and Saturday nights. If your destination is popular due to the climate, such as a beach or a ski resort, consider reserving a room during the off-season. Many establishments offer significantly reduced rates during the slow times. In some cases, room rates may be as much as half off.

Sign Up for a Rewards Card

Most people receive credit card offers in the mail at least once a week. While you do not need to have a lot of credit cards, a good travel rewards card can get you great vacation deals. Many offer introductory offers that give users large bonuses if a certain amount is charged in the first few months. This might be 50,000 frequent flier miles, or 100,000 points to use at a chain of hotels. As long as users are responsible with their card usage, they basically get these rewards for free. The points can be redeemed for round-trip flights, nights at a hotel, and even car rentals. Furthermore, these travel cards offer other perks, such as complimentary insurance for cancelled trips, rental cars, and lost luggage.

Find a Hotel With Perks

The one expense that many people underestimate, or don’t plan for at all, is food. When you are away from home, especially if your hotel room doesn’t have a kitchen, you need to eat out for every meal of the day. Two people, spending frugally, can easily spend over $100 a day on food. If you have your family on vacation with you, that number can increase substantially. In order to counter this, you should try to find a hotel that offers complimentary meals. Many establishments include some type of breakfast, whether continental or full. Others offer free happy hours with snacks or free boxed lunches for guests.

In conclusion, don’t let the cost of flights and hotels keep you from traveling. Vacation deals are out there for those who are willing to look for them

The U.S. Virgin Islands Surprise Tips

It’s been a long time since I mentioned my beloved U. S. Virgin Islands. Here are some tips that I’ve learned through the years of visiting there. It must be special there, or I wouldn’t have been there sixteen times so far.

Did you know it’s actually illegal to wear your bathing suit away from the pool or beach in the Virgin Islands? Plus, with the extensive jewelry shops in downtown Charlotte Amalie, nobody would want to see your bikini anyway. They just don’t go well with that million dollar ring. Also, you don’t want to wear your bathing suit when you go out to eat, unless it’s your hotel’s pool bar.

Hey, at least they take American money and don’t have outrageous tips, although they might be included, so do be aware of it. There are hotel fees, though.

When you do go out, though, make sure to drive on the left. They’ve always driven on the left, ever since the trading days of yesteryear. Also, make sure to drive your seat belts, when you’re in the front seats anyway. Don’t use a cell phone while you drive, though. That is against the law, unless you have an earpiece with it.

When you do decide to go out to eat, there is nearly every type of restaurant imaginable. From formal tablecloth-laden tables, to fast food joints, to just the normal, every restaurants, to basically bars that serve some food too. My personal favourite is still Agave Terrace, at Point Pleasant resort on St. Thomas’s north side. It’s reasonably formal, and very attractive, but you can get away with not wearing jackets and ties as you sup on some slightly expensive meal options. Still, it’s delectable! Other than the usual staples you find most places, and the expected tropical fruits, the Virgin Islands also has some really great local foods, such as “rice and peas”, which is actually lentils or kidney beans, funghi, which is a tasty corn meal ball, johnnycakes, which is like our doughboys, and pate, which is also like a doughboy that’s stuffed with beef, chicken, or sometimes cod fish. OK, that last bit doesn’t sound so great to me. Then, there is always conch. That’s the meat of that shell you can hold up to your ear to hear the ocean.

One problem that many people have at least at the first visit to the islands is that the sun is considerably stronger than expected. Even on mostly cloudy days, or with cooling tradewinds, it is still vitally important to use effective sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses as often as possible. You do not want to mess up your vacation with a terrible sunburn.