🔥👉 Could you recommend a book on mindfulness that you found practical? I am looking for something not very preachy and something with no religious tone on this topic.

"✅👉 I found the book "Mindfulness in Plain English" by Bhante Henepola Gunaratana to be very practical. It is a step-by-step guide on how to develop mindfulness, and it includes many exercises. There is no religious tone in the book."

Miss Melyna Bernhard
Miss Melyna Bernhard

What is the role of the Reserve Bank of India as the lender of the last resort?

The role of the Reserve Bank of India as the lender of the last resort is to provide financial assistance to banks and financial institutions in times of need. The RBI lends money to these institutions when they are unable to raise funds from other sources. This ensures that the banks and financial institutions are able to meet their financial obligations and continue their operations.

Is saying "take care" at the end of a letter to a colleague not polite?

Saying "take care" at the end of a letter to a colleague is not polite.

What's your reaction to Staples Center changing its name?

I think the Staples Center changing its name is a great idea. I think it will bring more attention to the arena and the Los Angeles Lakers.

What is a construction project organization?

A construction project organization is a group of individuals who are responsible for planning, coordinating, and executing a construction project.

What are some tips for a Cognizant freshers technical interview (PAT role)?

1. Prioritize your time:

As a PAT, you will be managing your time between multiple tasks and projects. Be sure to use a planner or some type of time management system to help you keep track of everything you need to do.

2. Stay organized:

This goes hand-in-hand with time management. In order to be successful, you need to be able to stay organized and on top of all your tasks. Creating a system that works for you will be key.

3. Be flexible:

Things will come up that you didn’t anticipate. Be willing to adjust and be flexible in order to accommodate any changes.

4. Communicate:

Make sure you are regularly communicating with your team and your manager. This will help ensure everyone is on the same page and that no surprises pop up.

5. Be proactive:

If you see something that needs to be fixed or improved, don’t wait for someone else to do it. Take initiative and make the change yourself.

Is the photocurrent supposed to increase by increasing the potential on the collector end?


Is the photocurrent supposed to increase by increasing the potential

That's a very good question. See this link to my Detailed Update on making Photomultipliers with Photoconductors to start

What are the advantages and disavages of FEMTO second LASER i.e. bladeless lasik surgery?

There are many advantages to femtosecond laser-assisted LASIK surgery, including a decrease in surgical time, a more precise cut, and a lower risk of complications. There are also disadvantages to this type of surgery, including a higher cost and a longer recovery time.

What is the purpose of fact tables in a database?

The purpose of fact tables in a database is to store information about events that have occurred. This information can be used to generate reports and analytics that can help businesses make decisions.

Why do Thailand and Indonesia have better film industries compared to the rest of Southeast Asia?

The economies of Thailand and Indonesia are larger compared to the rest of Southeast Asia, which results in a higher demand for films. Additionally, the governments of these two countries have been more supportive of the development of the film industries.

Who are the secret members of the Biden administration’s plunge protection team and why are they now failing at controlling the global economy and its current tailspinning?

This question is difficult to answer due to the secrecy surrounding the members of the team and their activities. However, it is clear that the team has failed to prevent the current economic downturn and may be unable to control the global economy. The reasons for this failure are likely numerous and complex, but could include a lack of coordination among team members, inadequate resources, or a lack of understanding of the global economy.

When Sen Kennedy asked Kavanaugh if he “believes in God” & to “swear to God”, doesn’t that violate the 1st Amendment that states “no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States”?

Why didn’t Kavanaugh assert that Sen Kennedy was violating the 1st Amendment with his question & that Kavanaugh shouldn’t answer for that reason?

Could this be less about ‘justice in the law’ and more about the ‘law of justice’?

What is the average salary of a professional footballer/soccer player worldwide? How much do they earn per match/season etc.? What are their perks like cars, houses etc.?

A professional footballer/soccer player worldwide earns an average salary of $3.6 million per year.

How do you bind an accordion-style book?

An accordion-style book is bound by gluing the pages together at the spine.

How can you win a vocal fight when you are not good at speaking?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Different people have different strategies for winning vocal fights, and what works for one person may not work for another. Some general tips that may be helpful include: staying calm and collected, being clear and concise in your argument, and being respectful of your opponent.

What is your definition of "sharing"?

Sharing is the action of distributing something with other people.

I slept late and I feel dizzy, my vision spins to the right. Is it vertigo? Or just a lack of blood?

It could be either, but without more information it is difficult to say for sure.

What is a team? Do individual games need team players?

A team is a group of people who work together to achieve a common goal. Individual games often need team players in order to be successful.

Can my sister successfully challenge my late father’s will if left nothing and everything has been left to me?

There is no clear answer without knowing more about the situation and specifically what is in the will. Generally speaking, if someone is named in a will as an heir, they have the right to contest the will if they feel they have been wrongfully left out or if they believe the will was not properly executed.

Considering that French Air Traffic Controllers are constantly on strike, should the EU or maybe some other organisation take away the responsibility for air traffic from them and place it in reliable hands?

While it is understandable that the French Air Traffic Controllers are constantly on strike, this does not mean that the EU or any other organization should take away the responsibility for air traffic from them. If anything, it is important that the EU or another organization work with the French Air Traffic Controllers to help them improve their operations and reduce the number of strikes.

How can I get money fast, probably in a week? I'm thinking of selling one of my kidneys.

You could sell products online, or do odd jobs for people in your community.

What are some simple survey topics for students?

-How do you feel about school?
-Do you like your teachers?
-What subjects do you like/dislike the most?
-What do you think about standardized tests?
-How do you study for tests?
- What extra-curricular activities do you participate in?
-Do you feel like you have enough time to balance schoolwork and your personal life?

If you only had $1 but an amazing money-making idea and strategy, what would you do?

I would save up my money and invest in a small business.

Disability and Disabilities: What is it like to raise a child who seems unlikely ever to be independent?

There is no easy answer to this question, as every situation is unique. Some parents find it difficult to accept that their child may never be independent, and may struggle with feelings of guilt or failure. Others find strength and purpose in raising a child with special needs, and feel a deep bond with their child. Whatever the parents' individual experience, raising a child with disabilities can be both challenging and rewarding.

My butt cheeks, back of my thighs and side of my thighs itch. Especially in the evening. What could be the problem?

There are many potential causes of itchy buttocks, including fungal infections, hemorrhoids, and contact dermatitis. If the itching is persistent or severe, you should see a doctor for a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Why did Manmohan Singh say that he never discussed with Modi about the Narmada River Dam? Why did Dr MMS lie about it?

There are several possible reasons why Manmohan Singh might have said that he never discussed the Narmada River Dam with Modi. It is possible that he simply forgot that they had discussed it, or that he was trying to downplay the importance of the issue. It is also possible that he was trying to avoid confrontatio

Why are intervals better for weight loss?

Intervals are better for weight loss because they help you burn more calories in a shorter amount of time.

If Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can mobilize her base nationally, what do you think about her chances of becoming President?

If she is able to mobilize her base nationally, she stands a good chance of becoming President.

What is the USA really about? Although it tells people that anyone with experience & determination can become a CEO, live in Beverly Hills or get the President's job, is its level of socioeconomic mobility broadly the same as all western nations?

The USA is about give people the opportunity to improve their socioeconomic status. However, its level of mobility is not as broad as other western nations.

What is a full array of bits the length of the processor supported amount called? Word?

A word is a unit of data that is typically 32 or 64 bits long.

What is the difference between the ceiling effect and the floor effect in psychological testing?

The ceiling effect is when the score a person gets on a test is the highest possible score. The floor effect is when the score a person gets on a test is the lowest possible score.

Who is your favorite Cookie Run Puzzle World character?

There is no one definitive answer to this question as everyone's favorite Cookie Run Puzzle World character will differ based on personal preferences. However, some of the series' most popular characters include GingerBrave, HoneyMystic, CookieMage, and BrownieBreaker.

What is the Trump's best dialogues which made him US president?

Perhaps one of the most famous Trump quotes is "You're fired," which was his catchphrase on the reality television show The Apprentice. This phrase seems to have resonated with many Americans who feel like they have been left behind by the current economic system. Trump has also said that he will "make America great again," which is another popular slogan among his supporters.

Which is right and why? I have a red, big car/ big, red, car. And I went in Dhaka, quickly in the early morning for visiting him /in the early morning quickly in Dhaka for visiting him.?

To create a sentence in English, the standard word order is subject + verb + direct object. In your first sentence, "I" is the subject, "have" is the verb, and "a red, big car" is the direct object. Your second sentence would typically be written as "I went quickly to Dhaka in the early morning to visit him."

Why are we investing billions into the military when there are other dire threats that threaten our lives arguably much more?

We may be investing billions into the military because we believe that it is a necessary defense against threats to our lives. Other threats, such as climate change or disease, may be seen as less immediate or less severe, and therefore less deserving of our attention and resources.

What are the benefits of bulking 130 to 135. Will I be strong, faster, lift more?

There is no one definitive answer to this question, as the benefits of bulking up will vary depending on the individual's specific goals. Generally speaking, however, gaining more muscle mass can lead to increased strength and power, as well as enhanced speed and agility. Additionally, bulking up can improve overall cognitive function and reduce the risk of injuries in both everyday activities and during physical activity.

Would President Trump invoke racism, sexism, and xenophobia again in his 2020 campaign? Or that strategy was effective only the first time in 2016 for shock values?

It is difficult to say what strategy President Trump will use in his 2020 campaign. It is possible that he will invoke racism, sexism, and xenophobia again in an attempt to shock voters and gain attention. However, it is also possible that he will avoid using these strategies, as they may have been effective only the first time around in 2016.

Why are golf launch monitors hard to find/expensive?

There are a limited number of manufacturers that produce golf launch monitors, which leads to fewer options for consumers. In addition, these devices require specialized sensors and software to function, which makes them more expensive than other types of golf training aids.

How can salt be removed from inside a smartphone (after dropping it into saltwater)?

If the phone is still working, the best way to remove salt from inside is to rinse it with fresh water. If the phone is not working, you can try using a vacuum cleaner to remove the salt.

What are some jokes that only a data scientist would get?

A data scientist walks into a bar. The barman asks, "Why the long face?"

"I'm a data scientist. I'm always analyzing things."

"I see," says the barman. "And what does your analysis tell you about this bar?"

"Well, it looks like a pretty average bar. The drinks are overpriced, and the chances of meeting someone interesting here are pretty slim."

Why do people use "why" at the beginning of a sentence such as the one given?

One reason why people might use "why" at the beginning of a sentence is to express surprise or confusion about something. For example, if someone sees a friend walking down the street with a bandage on their head, they might say "Why do you have a bandage on your head?" This is because they are surprised or confused about why their friend has a bandage on their head.

Other than midnight blue, what is a dope ass red-dye color?

Fire engine red

Why is Rahul Dravid above all suspicion in the IPL spot fixing case?

There has been no evidence linking Rahul Dravid to any spot fixing activities in the IPL. Furthermore, Dravid has never been accused of involvement in any kind of corrupt practices during his career.

Is a speed of 10^(-20) meters/second achievable?


What are the main topics such that the question will be guarantee asked on the JEE Mains?

There is no way to guarantee that any particular topics will be asked on the JEE Mains, as the test covers a wide range of material. However, some topics that are likely to be covered include: motion in one and two dimensions, Newton's laws of motion, energy and work, waves and wave properties, electromagnetism, and atomic and nuclear physics.

What does "stuff happened" mean?

When something bad happens and you don't know why, you can say "stuff happened."

How do you write war poems?

There is no single formula for writing war poems, as poets have tackled the subject in a variety of ways. Some war poems focus on the physical realities and horrors of battle, while others explore the psychological effects of war on soldiers and civilians. Some war poets celebrate the glory of military service, while others question the morality of warfare. Ultimately, the best way to write a war poem is to allow your own experiences and feelings about war to guide your words.

What is your response to the argument “if the wage gap were real, the workforce would be made up entirely of women”?

There are a number of problems with this argument. First, it assumes that the only reason women are paid less than men is because they are not willing to work for less pay. This is not always the case; in many professions, women are paid less than men for doing the same job. Second, it assumes that all women are willing to work for less pay than men. This is not true; many women would rather not work than work for less pay than men. Finally, it assumes that all jobs are equally valued. This is also not true; some jobs are more valued than others, and this often has nothing to do with the skills or experience required to do them.

Are .22 hollow points better for small game hunting than .22 round nose ammunition?

Hollow point bullets are designed to expand upon impact, which makes them effective for hunting small game. Round nose bullets are less likely to cause as much damage to small game.

What is the most important aspect of a diplomatic relationship between two countries, according to Justin Trudeau, in these uncertain times?


What is nightlife like in Mentor, OH ?

There are a few bars and lounges in Mentor, OH that stay open late, but the nightlife is not as robust as in some larger cities.

Will I develop cancer off using a heated plastic face gel mask?

There is no definitive answer, as the research is inconclusive. Some studies suggest that there is a possible link between heated plastic and cancer, while other studies are not able to confirm this link. Therefore, it is advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before using a heated plastic face gel mask.

Why are there no seals around Jersey?

There is no specific reason why there are no seals around Jersey. Seals are found in many different locations around the world, so it is possible that they just have not been observed in the area.

Should we consider facts over feelings in/for love, or both?

Love is complex, and there is no simple answer. In some cases, it may be more important to consider facts over feelings, while in others, it may be more important to consider both.

Is it ever likely the United States current $19 trillions debt will ever eventually get paid down some?

There is no definite answer, but it is unlikely that the US will ever pay down its entire debt.

Which fish is safest to eat?

According to the FDA, some of the safest fish to eat include shrimp, canned light tuna, salmon, pollock, and catfish.

Why are some good congress leaders wasting their life under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi?

There is no one answer to this question as there are many reasons why good congress leaders may be wasting their life under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi. Some possible reasons include that they believe Rahul Gandhi is the best leader for the Congress party and thus their best chance at winning elections, they feel a loyalty to the Gandhi family and want to help keep them in power, or they may simply not have any other options if they want to remain in politics.

Why does Quora present stupid facile questions online? Maybe because it's AI trying to sound human?

There is no simple answer to this question. It could be that Quora's AI algorithms are not sophisticated enough to filter out truly pointless questions, or it could be that the company believes that even the most banal questions can have some value if they help people to better understand the world around them. Whatever the reason, it's clear that Quora still has some work to do in terms of quality control.

If I’m an advanced cancer patient about to undergo aggressive treatment, should I have to be worried about how my condition is making my support figures feel? Or is it their job to be strong/supportive of me while I try to just get through each day?

No one should have to worry about how their condition is making their support figures feel. It is the job of the support figures to be strong and supportive during this difficult time.

I am an Indian girl 26, who was in relationship with a guy for 7 years. How do i deal with loss of love and handle heart break?

It is difficult to deal with the loss of love and heartbreak. You may feel overwhelmed with sadness and grief. You may feel like you will never be able to love again. These are all normal reactions to a break-up. However, there are things you can do to help yourself cope with this difficult situation. Give yourself time to grieve. Allow yourself to feel your feelings and express them in whatever way you need to. This may mean crying, journaling, or talking to a friend. Avoid numbing your pain with alcohol or other substances. Seek professional help if you are having trouble coping. Finally, try to focus on the positive aspects of your life. Remind yourself of your good qualities and focus on your goals and ambitions.

Do survivor contestants have sexual relations during the game?

It is unclear if the contestants have sexual relations during the game, as this is not something that is typically shown on the show. However, it is possible that some contestants may engage in sexual activity off camera.

Why is coronavirus a serious issue if it only accounted for 3% of worldwide deaths in 2020? Are the other 97% of deaths not a serious issue anymore?

Coronavirus is a serious issue because it was responsible for a large number of deaths in 2020. The other 97% of deaths are still a serious issue, but coronavirus was responsible for a larger number of deaths than any other cause in 2020.

Why is there a petition with nearly 500,000 signatures called for the resignation of WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus? Did he fail to keep WHO to remain as a politically neutral entity? Do people still trust WHO?

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has come under fire for his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some have accused him of being too close to the Chinese government, and others have criticized him for not doing enough to stop the spread of the virus. The petition calling for his resignation has nearly 500,000 signatures as of April 2020.

What fighting art is the best for an individual to face multiple opponents at a time?

There is no one fighting art that is the best for an individual to face multiple opponents at a time. Different fighting arts have different strengths and weaknesses, and what may work well for one person may not work well for another. It is important to choose a fighting art that matches your own strengths and weaknesses, and that you are comfortable with.

What is the introduction about RVCE?

The RVCE was established in the year 1963 by Sri Krishnadevaraya Educational Trust. The college is affiliated to the Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum and is recognized by the Government of Karnataka. The college offers undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs in Engineering, Management and Science. Thecollege has state-of-the-art infrastructure and advanced laboratories. The faculty members are highly qualified and experienced. The college has a strong placement record.

What grade is the high school student council/student body president normally in?

There is no one answer to this question as different schools have different requirements for their student council/student body president. However, most schools require the president to be a junior or senior in order to have enough experience to lead the student body.

This wife of Henry VIII lived in comfortable retirement in England and was often present at court as "the king's dearest sister". Who was she?

This was Queen Elizabeth I.

Could time be made of something more fine, more fundemental, could there be atoms, or molecules of time itself, that only where these atoms, and molecules are together in the right way they yield the conception of time itself in our intuitive brains?

Lucretius thought about it and wrote about his theories. After all, atomism is quite old – going back as far as Democritus, who lived over 2500 years ago in Greece. He thought (among other things) that everything was made of basic Building Blocks that couldn’t be divided into anything smaller – he called them atoms. Lucretius extended this idea to time, and wrote a long poem titled On the Nature of Things, and - like other philosophers who have done similar things - began with the concept of either an infinite universe or an infinite amount of time and reduced this view point to a finite amount of atoms (of time), possibly yet extending over infinite space, which still could soldier on forever in it’s onward moving journey through the infinite void indefinitely.

To quote from Lucretius:

How long do you usually wait at the luggage belt?

I usually wait about 10 minutes at the luggage belt.

As you look back on your growing up years, what do you consider the most important events which were evidences of achieving a matured state at present? Relate it to any developmental theories.

The most important events that I consider to be evidences of achieving a matured state at present are finding a stable job, becoming financially independent, and being able to maintain healthy relationships. These events have allowed me to develop a sense of stability and responsibility, which are key components of maturity. developmental theories support this idea by suggesting that maturity is reached when an individual is able to successfully navigate the tasks of adolescence, which include developing a sense of self-identity and becoming independent from one's parents.

If your sibling catches you masturbating, what would you do to not get in trouble?

I would simply tell my sibling that I was not masturbating and that they were mistaken.

Do athletic students have stronger lung capacity than non-athletic students?

There is no definitive answer to this question as individual lung capacity can be affected by a variety of factors, including genetics, age, and overall health. However, some studies have shown that people who regularly engage in aerobic exercise (such as running, cycling, or swimming) tend to have greater lung capacity than those who do not. Therefore, it is possible that athletic students may have stronger lungs than their non-athletic peers, although this is not always the case.

Why don’t cities line their streets with fruit trees and vegetable plants rather than the current trees and flowers?

Cities line their streets with fruit trees and vegetable plants for a variety of reasons. First, fruit trees and vegetable plants require more maintenance than the current trees and flowers. Second, fruit trees and vegetable plants can attract pests, which may be a problem for the city. Finally, the current trees and flowers are more aesthetically pleasing to most people.

What is the difference between black pepper, white pepper, red peppercorns, green peppercorns, and pink peppercorns?

The difference in color of black pepper, white pepper, red peppercorns, green peppercorns, and pink peppercorns is due to the different stages of maturity of the fruit when it is harvested and also the different processing methods. Black pepper is made from unripe berries that are cooked and then dried. White pepper is made from ripe berries that are picked and then have their outer flesh removed before being dried. Red peppercorns are made from ripe berries that are left to dry in the sun until they turn red. Green peppercorns are unripe berries that are pickled or preserved in brine. Pink peppercorns are actually not true peppercorns, but are dried berries from the Peruvian pepper tree.

How do remove my bad breath and white tongue?

See your dentist for regular cleaning and checkups. Brush and floss your teeth at least two times a day. Rinse your mouth with water after eating. Quit smoking and avoid other uses of tobacco.

Does taking small amount of alcoholic drinks at regular intervals help with professional and social performance? Kindly explain from your experience.

There is no definitive answer to this question as the effects of alcohol consumption vary depending on the individual. Some people may find that consuming alcohol in small amounts helps them to feel more relaxed and confident in social situations, while others may find that it impairs their judgement and results in poorer performance. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to experiment with different levels of alcohol consumption to see what works best for them.

Which research labs at Coastal Carolina University are the coolest to work at over the summer?

There is no definitive answer to this question since everyone has different interests. However, some research labs that may be of interest include the Marine Science Laboratory, the Wetlands Research Laboratory, and the Sea Turtle Conservation Laboratory.

Is there a limit to what human intelligence can comprehend and grasp or is human intelligence limitless?

There is no known limit to what human intelligence can grasp and comprehend.

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