🔥👉 Do most angel investors follow a diversified portfolio approach or a concentrated one?

"✅👉 Most angel investors follow a diversified portfolio approach."

Bridget Jacobs IV
Bridget Jacobs IV

Is it okay to wave a swastika here in the Philippines? Will Filipinos actually care? Will I go to prison?

Waving a swastika in the Philippines is not illegal, but it may be considered offensive by some people. There is no definitive answer as to whether or not Filipinos would care about this action. It is possible that you could go to prison if you are convicted of a hate crime.

Why would my single-phase induction motor cut off after 2 hours of running automatically?

The most likely reason for a single-phase induction motor to cut off after 2 hours of running automatically is that the thermal overload protector has tripped. This is a safety device that is designed to prevent the motor from overheating and becoming damaged.

What financial and criteria allowance is given to a PWD candidate hope to get into Governmental IITs?

There is no specific financial or criteria allowance given to PWD candidates hope to get into Governmental IITs. However, these students may be eligible for certain scholarships and financial aid opportunities that are available through the individual schools. Additionally, many of the IITs have special programs and services in place to support students with disabilities.

How did the old regime start the French Revolution?

The old regime started the French Revolution with the National Assembly.

Why has the Congress of the United States become the least trusted part of American government today?

One reason the Congress of the United States has become the least trusted part of American government today is because of the high level of partisanship that exists between members of different political parties. This partisanship has led to a number of gridlocked situations where nothing gets done because members of different parties cannot agree on anything. Additionally, many Americans believe that Congress is corrupt and influenced by special interests.

Why can't I talk to my therapist without secretly pinching and scratching myself?

There could be many reasons why someone might feel the need to pinch or scratch themselves while talking to their therapist. It could be a way of self-soothing, a way of release or expression, or a way of coping with anxiety or uncomfortable emotions. If the person is not able to openly discuss their reasons for self-injuring with their therapist, it may be difficult to address the underlying issues.

Is it okay to ask your partner to baby you sometimes? My boyfriend and I take turns sometimes when we're going through difficult times.

It is okay to ask your partner to baby you sometimes. Your partner should be understanding and supportive when you are going through a tough time.

What is your favorite app to use on your mobile while in the toilet?

What is your favorite app to use on your mobile?

Where do IndiaMART sellers buy fashion apparel from?

IndiaMART sellers buy fashion apparel from a variety of suppliers, including wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors.

Are there any words that British people find offensive that are regularly used in the US?

There are many words that British people find offensive that are regularly used in the US. Some of these include: "bitch," "slut," "twat," "cunt," "piss off," and "wanker."

Is string theory the only hope for the grand unified theory?

No, string theory is not the only hope for the grand unified theory. There are other possible approaches to the grand unified theory, such as loop quantum gravity and twistor theory.

If you get a light case of Covid 19, how long does it typically last?

A person with mild symptoms may recover in about two weeks, while someone with more severe symptoms may take three to six weeks to recover.

Why are men expected to take a bullet for their partner?

There is no definitive answer to this question. It is likely that the expectation exists because men are typically larger and stronger than women, and therefore may be better equipped to protect their partners in a physical altercation. Additionally, men are often socialized to believe that they should be the protectors and providers for their families, which may extend to their romantic partners.

How do I convince small-minded parents that coding is productive?

There are many ways to convince small-minded parents that coding is productive. One way is to show them how coding can be used to automate tasks or make things more efficient. Another way is to show them how coding can be used to create new products or services. Finally, you can show them how coding can be used to improve existing products or services.

Why is the Dutch politician Wilders so racist if he half Indonesian, half Jewish and half Dutch and also has a foreign wife?

There is not a simple answer to this question. Some possible explanations could include that Wilders may have internalized some of the racism he has experienced, that he may have adopted racist attitudes from those around him, or that he may believe that racial stereotypes are accurate.

What did you think will happen to Harmony ONE stock when the founder meets with the YouTube channel MeetKevin?

It is difficult to say what will happen to Harmony ONE stock when the founder meets with the YouTube channel MeetKevin. However, it is possible that the price of the stock may increase as a result of the meeting.

Yoga: I am internally rotated for most part (shoulders/hips/feet) and I am trying to improve my posture (reduce hunching) and open up my hip flexibility. What postures/practice would you recommend to achieve both these goals?

There are many postures and practices that can help improve posture and increase hip flexibility. Some examples include:

1. Cobra pose - This pose helps to lengthen the spine and open up the chest, improving posture.

2. Downward facing dog - This pose stretches the hamstrings and calves, helping to increase hip flexibility.

3. Warrior I pose - This pose strengthens the muscles in the legs and opens up the hips, helping to increase hip flexibility.

4. Chair pose - This pose strengthens the muscles in the legs and hips, helping to improve posture.

5. Triangle pose - This pose helps to open up the hips and lengthen the spine, improving posture.

Is it right that convicted criminals are expected to show remorse even if they proclaim innocence?

That is a difficult question to answer. On one hand, it seems only fair that criminals should show remorse for their actions, even if they proclaim innocence. On the other hand, it is possible that some criminals truly believe they are innocent and should not have to feign remorse. Ultimately, this is a decision that should be made on a case-by-case basis.

What were your intraday profits on 08.04.2021?

I had intraday profits of $58.02 on 08.04.2021.

How do you spell “good morning” in New Zealand?

Kia ora

In Ancient Persia; Ahura meant good diety and Daeva meant false gods. In India (amongst Hindus) asura means evil, while deva means god. Is this mere coincidence or was there a clash of civilizations?


These words have the same root and share a lot of similarities, but their meanings and usage have diverged considerably over time.
The Indo-European root *deiwo- also gave rise to words for "god" in Greek (θεός; compare English "theo-"), Lithuanian (dievas), Latvian (dievs) and Gothic (thius). While it is often suggested that the data from Sanskrit, Tocharian and Hittite show a notable regularity that suggests a melding together of two separate god concepts at an earlier stage of Proto-Indo-European languages, the fact that *deiwo- was used for both gods and supernatural beings more generally -- as, comparably, English demon can also describe other supernatural beings like ghosts or spirits -- makes it likely that there was no strong distinction between the two options at this time; since these grammatical classes largely determined separating words into separate meanings, whether an entity was perceived of as being malevolent or moral had to be determined contextually. When Pre-Proto Indo-Iranian peoples migrated to India and Iran around 1500 BCE, they brought with them the common language stock consisting of this one word. In India and Iran, however, the terms came to take on different significations based on cultural differences: while religious belief varied between these peoples and their neighbours', these forms of faith were prioritized in different ways by each society.
The precise details are unclear most likely for reasons including historical confusion as well as lack of writing; nevertheless both cultures celebrated what were essentially polytheistic religions in their own ways: by classifying a dragon as either malevolent or Protective deity whatever their habitation, the people reflected sets of perceptions about deities from diverse folk villages and cities through history, who became increasingly differentiated such that there can now be numerous kinds of dragons with very distinct connotations associated with them. In ancient Persia, Ahura meant good diety for example Värutrā who protected peoples' rights and hunting domains as principle 'asura' whereas Daeva meant false gods such as Aži Dahāka (or Aždahā or Azdahā), i.e. malevolent dragons. Comparably in India (amongst Hindus) Asura means evil demon Yama ruler of death domain like 'Raktadantika' ('teeth like Blood') ,

At 24, I don't make enough money to move out and can't find a better job. Am I better off dead for being a burden on my family?

The answer may vary depending on who you ask, but in general, it is better to be alive than dead. While you may not have everything you want in life, there are people who care about you and your wellbeing. If you are struggling, consider seeking professional help to improve your situation.

Can the CPS show up with the police and search my home without a warrant or my consent?

The short answer is no, the CPS cannot show up with the police and search your home without a warrant or your consent. However, if the CPS has grounds to believe that there is an immediate danger to the child's welfare, they may be able to obtain a warrant to search your home without your consent.

What are Narendra Modi's chances of continuing as Prime Minister in 2019?

Narendra Modi's chances of continuing as Prime Minister in 2019 are very good. He is currently the most popular politician in India, and his party is expected to win a majority of seats in the upcoming general elections.

I have a rental property in Texas. This is to avoid issues at move-out and to avoid damage to the property. Can I request the tenant for me to regular check-ins (quarterly) to make sure everything looks good?

Yes, you are allowed to request regular check-ins from your tenant. However, it is recommended that you discuss this with your tenant beforehand to make sure they are okay with it.

How can I format a decimal sequence in a single Excel cell? Example: A1= 6.13 - 6.07 (this range would be B1= 1 point). If I build this sheet out on sheet two and enter 6.09 on sheet 3 it should tally 1. Excel isn't recognizing the range.

You could use a conditional formatting rule based on a formula, for example:

How can a female achieve a delicate-looking 'ballerina' body through exercise?

There is no one answer to this question since everyone's body is different. However, some tips that may help include: eating a healthy and balanced diet, doing a mix of cardio and strength-training exercises, and being patient as results take time.

I’m very shy, and I’ll be in college in a couple of months. I never had a girlfriend. Will I ever have one?

There's no one definitive answer to this question. It depends on a variety of factors, including your appearance, personality, and level of social anxiety. If you are shy but outgoing and have many friends, you may have an easier time finding a girlfriend than someone who is shy and has fewer friends. Ultimately, it is up to you to put yourself out there and try to meet girls, whether it is through online dating, going to parties, or joining clubs or activities. If you are patient and open-minded, you may find that a girlfriend comes along when you least expect it.

I've been spending a substantial amount of time becoming skilled at C++, but was discouraged to read it's not the "best" language for a CS student to master. What would be a better language for me to improve my thought processes as a programmer (I want to make sure I'm spending my time wisely)?

Is this a common concern, or just something to worry about if I plan on becoming a researcher?


C++ is not usually considered the best language for learning programming or automated theorem proving. Try Scheme or Go instead. Or Python if you want to focus on cleaning up code and dealing with messy codebases. PHP isn't bad either, as you can make your code unreadable and then jack yourself into it so you don't feel pain. It's always best to start with something other than C++. It has too much power for beginners, and the boredom of keeping n > 0 is hazing enough without the magic of I/O streams getting in the way. Trust me later, when you have experience its better to confine your use of fanciness under rigorous discipline.

In the calorimetry lab how would your results have been affected if you had not used a lid to cover the polystyrene cup after the acid and base solutions had been mixed? What would have been the effect on the measurement of temperature and why?

If a lid was not used to cover the polystyrene cup after the acid and base solutions were mixed, the results would have been affected because the heat would have been lost to the surrounding air, causing the temperature measurement to be lower than it would have been otherwise.

Can an alternator have excitation winding around the stator winding with rotor rotating in the centre of the stator? Can this construction produce the same effect as a conventional alternator?

Yes, this configuration can produce the same effect as a conventional alternator.

What are some questions and answers that a principal might look for in a teacher interview?

What are your strengths and weaknesses?
How would you deal with a difficult parent?
What is your teaching style?
What is your experience with special needs students?
How do you handle discipline in your classroom?
What are some innovative methods you have used to engage your students?
What do you feel is the most important thing you can teach your students?
Why do you want to work at this school?

Why is wicker making a comeback in the home decor industry?

Wicker making a comeback in the home decor industry for several reasons. First, wicker furniture is very versatile and can be used indoors or outdoors. Second, wicker is durable and long-lasting, so it is a good investment for your home. Finally, wicker furniture has a classic, elegant look that never goes out of style.

Why did the West's effort to help the White Russians defeat the Communists ("Red" Russians, so to speak), towards the end of WW I, ultimately fail?

The White Russians, who were fighting against the Communists, failed to receive enough supplies and military support from the West. The Communist Party had better organization and more popular support, which helped them win the civil war.

Why do teachers believe that taking away recess from a child who has too much energy is an appropriate consequence?

There are a few reasons why teachers may believe that taking away recess from a child who has too much energy is an appropriate consequence. One reason is that it may help the child to focus and be better behaved during class time if they are not given the opportunity to release their extra energy during recess. Additionally, taking away recess may motivate the child to behave better in the future so that they can earn back their recess time.

If you looked at a table with the number of confirmed coronavirus infections by country, is the“frightening aspect of the flareup that no one is quite sure where it came from.?

Yes, the "frightening aspect of the flareup" is that no one is quite sure where it came from.

Have you ever put a pair of your pantyhose on a boyfriend?


What are the fundamental background for a final-year project in Data Analytics/Mining as a Computer Engineering Student?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the fundamental background for a final-year project in data analytics/mining will vary depending on the specific focus of the project. However, some potential areas of study that could be relevant for a data analytics/mining project include statistics, machine learning, data visualization, and database management.

What can I do in a lawful way if there is water leakage in upper floor of our building where nobody lives?

If you are the owner of the building, you should hire a professional to fix the leak. If you are a tenant, you should contact your landlord.

What plot the Movie “Pink” based on? What kind of role (Positive of negative) Amitabh Bacchan is playing on this movie?

The movie is based on the not guilty verdict of three young women in Delhi who were accused of trafficking. Amitabh Bacchan is playing the role of a lawyer who represents them in court.

How can a foreigner build credit in Japan?

There are a few ways for foreigners to build credit in Japan. One way is to get a Japanese credit card and use it regularly. Another way is to take out a loan from a Japanese bank. Paying back the loan on time will help to build credit. Finally, foreigners can also sign up for a credit monitoring service, which will help track their credit history and report it to the major credit bureaus in Japan.

What are the principal classes of metabolic disorders?

The main types of metabolic disorders are disorders of lipid metabolism, carbohydrates metabolism, and amino acid metabolism.

What did your grandmother cook which today is considered unhealthy?

My grandmother used to cook with a lot of lard.

If you needed a live liver donor and had no family that was a match, how would you honestly go about hopefully finding a donor?

There is no guarantee that a live liver donor can be found, even if the person is willing to put out a public call for help. The best way to find a potential live liver donor is to contact a transplant center and be put on the transplant waiting list. The transplant center will then screen potential donors and match them with recipients.

Who are some cricketers who were poor before playing for India?

Some cricketers who were poor before playing for India include Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, and Virender Sehwag.

How can I invite all friends in a group of more than 1,000?

If you want to invite all friends in a group of more than 1,000, you can use a script.

PM Modi meets leading American CEOs and highlights economic opportunities in India. What are your thoughts on it?

Let us know in the comments section below.

What type of doctor treats belly button discharges?

A doctor that treats belly button discharges is called a gastroenterologist.

Car mags used to say a 650 Holley was the biggest carb you should put on a 350 CI Chevy engine. I see factory small blocks with two four barrels and three deuces. What's the deal?

The carburetor size that is recommended depends on a few factors, including application, camshaft specs, engine build, and other modifications. In general, the bigger the carb, the more power potential, but there is such a thing as too big. It is important to consult with an expert to determine the right size for your specific engine and application.

The first ever cannabis medicine project that is to be set up in which state?


What are the biggest recent innovations in the interpreting industry?

Some of the biggest innovations in the interpreting industry include the use of new technologies, such as video remote interpreting (VRI) and mobile apps that allow interpreters to connect with clients from anywhere in the world. Additionally, new interpretation services are being developed that cater to specific industries, such as legal and medical interpreting.

How can we say 'area' in Portuguese?

We can say 'area' in Portuguese as 'área'.

Why does a guy who has a crush on me comment heart-eye emojis on all of my friends' posts?

There could be a few reasons. Perhaps he's hoping that one of them will notice his attentions and relay a message to you. Alternatively, he could be trying to make you jealous in the hopes that you will pay more attention to him. It could also be that he simply enjoys seeing you interact with your friends and the emojis are his way of showing that. Whatever the reason, it's best to just ask him directly what his motives are.

Why are my cake pops crumbling?

Your cake pops may be crumbling because of a few different reasons. The most common reason is that the cake was not cooked long enough or at a high enough temperature. This causes the cake to be too moist and not firm enough to hold together when formed into balls. Another reason your cake pops might be crumbling is because they were not cooled completely before being dipped in the coating. If the cake is still warm, the coating will melt and not stick to the cake properly. Finally, make sure you are using a high-quality coating that is designed for dipping. Some coatings are too thin and will not adhere properly to the cake pop.

How much money has been spent on cancelled films and TV shows in Hollywood history?

This is impossible to answer.

How can we make granulated white sugar into powdered white sugar at home?

The easiest way to make granulated white sugar into powdered white sugar is to use a blender or food processor. Simply add the granulated sugar to the blender or food processor and blend or process until the sugar is fine powder.

What was the most confusing event that you've ever experienced?

The most confusing event I've ever experienced was when I was hiking and got lost. I didn't know where I was or how to get back to the trail.

Are fast-paced, plugged-in lives more or less fulfilling than slow-paced, unplugged ones?

The answer to this question depends on the person. Some people might find that a fast-paced, plugged-in life is more fulfilling because they enjoy the challenges and excitement that comes with it. Others might find that a slow-paced, unplugged life is more fulfilling because they appreciate the simplicity and peace that comes with it. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide what pace of life is more fulfilling for them.

Given a number n, print its reverse. Don't print leading zeroes?

input: n = 1234

output: 4321

What is the procedure to start new primary school in India?

The process of starting a new primary school in India involves contacting the local education department to obtain the necessary approvals and licenses. Once the approvals are in place, the next step is to find a suitable location for the school and to build or rent the required infrastructure. Once the infrastructure is in place, the school can start recruiting students and staff.

Why are liberal states bringing mask mandates back, when most of the unvaccinated people are right wingers?

Mask mandates have been shown to be effective in slowing the spread of COVID-19, and so liberal states are bringing them back in an effort to protect their citizens. This is especially important given that many of the unvaccinated people are right wingers, who are more likely to oppose measures like mask mandates.

What is the meaning of "How Far We've Come" by Matchbox Twenty?

The song is about how far the band has come since they started and how grateful they are for their success.

Will digital language translators ever be completely fluent and unfaulted?

No, digital language translators will never be completely fluent and unfaulted. They will continue to make occasional mistakes, just as human translators do.

Where can I get speed drug?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. However, some possible sources for obtaining speed drug include illegal drug dealers, medical professionals (with a valid prescription), and online retailers.

How exactly do Vader, Kylo Ren, and Snoke telekinetically force choke people that are millions of miles across the Galaxy? Is that a more advanced Force technique?

The novel Star Wars: Aftermath—Empire's End states that Vader was able to telepathically choke people who were not present by projecting his thoughts across the galaxy. Presumably, Kylo Ren and Snoke have this same ability.

How can I convince someone that there is no afterlife?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to convince someone that there is no afterlife will vary depending on the individual's beliefs and worldview. However, some potential arguments against the existence of an afterlife that could be used to convince someone include the lack of evidence for any afterlife realm, the contradictions between different religious accounts of the afterlife, and the implausibility of some of the claims made about what happens after death. Additionally, pointing out that many people who do not believe in an afterlife live happy and meaningful lives can also be persuasive.

What is the difference between accounting policies and accounting principles?

Accounting principles are basic guidelines that govern the field of accounting. They provide guidance on how financial statements should be prepared and reported. Accounting policies are specific rules and procedures that a company follows in order to comply with generally accepted accounting principles.

What if our DNA stop mutating?

If our DNA stopped mutating, it is likely that our species would become extinct. Mutations are responsible for much of the variation that exists within a species, and this variation is necessary for survival in a changing environment. Without mutations, we would all be exactly alike, and any change in the environment would probably kill us all.

What is the role of refrigeration in food preservation methods in class 8?

Refrigeration is used to preserve food by slowing the growth of bacteria.

How would you use "disabuse" in a sentence?

I disabused my son of the notion that all work is bad.

What effects on a stream of photons would be noticed as light (perhaps emitted from a distant star), approaches a massive black hole?

The photons would be stretched out and have their wavelength increased.

What is an international language? What makes a language international?

An international language is a language that is widely spoken and understood by people in many different countries. A language can become international for a variety of reasons, such as being the native language of a large number of people, being the official language of an international organization, or being widely used as a second or foreign language.

Which are some trade fields after 12th standard?

Students can pursue a career in the fields of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, engineering, architecture, nursing, interior design, and other health sciences.

Is it just me, or does sleeping under medication hit different?

I don't know if it's just you, but I find that sleeping under medication can be quite relaxing and help me sleep better.

How would a narcissist react to a failed smear campaign where everyone sides with the victim?

A narcissist would likely react negatively to a failed smear campaign, as it would mean that their efforts to discredit and undermine the victim's credibility have failed. This could lead to the narcissist feeling frustrated, annoyed, and even threatened by the victim.

Can physician assistants work in public health?


What do I do? I have been having an affair with this married man for months now. We were very close when we were together and he was my best friend until he decided to cut me off because his wife found out about me.

If you want to continue the relationship, you will need to be honest with his wife and tell her about the affair. This will likely cause some challenges in the relationship, but it may be the best way to move forward. If you are not willing to be honest with his wife, then you may need to end the relationship.