🔥👉 How can success make you big-headed, judgmental, or vain?

"✅👉 Success can make you big-headed, judgmental, or vain if you allow it to inflate your ego. When you become successful, it's important to stay humble and grounded, or else you may start to believe that you're better than others. This can lead you to become judgmental and critical of others, and you may also start to care more about your own appearance and social status."

Eva Russel MD
Eva Russel MD

When it comes to the debt to credit ratio that comprises part of your credit score, is that part of the credit score?

No, the debt to credit ratio is not part of the credit score.

The government secretly ordered Google to track anyone searching certain names, addresses, and phone numbers. What do you think about this?

I am not comfortable with the government secretly ordering Google to track anyone. I think it is a violation of our privacy rights.

Should we always be honest? Is telling a lie always bad?

No, we should not always be honest. Telling a lie is not always bad.

What is the salary of an associate at an early stage venture capital firm?

This is difficult to answer because it can vary greatly depending on the firm, location, and other factors. Generally speaking, an associate at an early stage venture capital firm can expect to earn a salary of around $100,000-$150,000.

What do you think of Nicholas Reeves' hypothesis that behind a wall in Tutankhamun's tomb there is the hidden tomb of Nefertiti?

I think it's an interesting hypothesis, but I'm not sure if there's enough evidence to support it.

What is the weirdest family vacation you have taken?

The weirdest family vacation we ever took was probably the time we went camping in the middle of winter. We had to pack all of our gear in on snowmobiles, and then set up camp in a snow drift. It was so cold that we had to sleep in our clothes, and we had to melt snow for water.

What are the pros and cons of working in the same field as your partner?

The pros of working in the same field as your partner are that you get to see each other more, and you can help each other with work-related problems. The cons are that you may have trouble keeping your personal and professional lives separate, and you may get jealous of each other's successes.

What is difficulty?

The Bitcoin difficulty is a measure of how difficult it is to find a hash below a given target. The Bitcoin network has a global block difficulty that adjusts every 2016 blocks based on the time it took to find the previous 2016 blocks.

What is a new venture team?

A new venture team is a group of people who are brought together to develop and commercialize a new product or service.

What are some easy home remedies to get rid of stomach gas?

There are many easy home remedies to get rid of stomach gas, including drinking warm water with lemon and ginger, drinking herbal tea, avoiding carbonated beverages, eating smaller meals more slowly, and avoiding spicy and fried foods.

Is it safe to use my computer without an antivirus?

While you can use your computer without an antivirus, it is not recommended as it leaves your computer vulnerable to malware and other security threats.

Why does the Google Now news feed offer me extremely low quality articles? A large majority of the articles it provides me are fake journalists trying to squeeze out ad revenue with word vomit. Is there a way to improve my Google Now experience?

There is no known way to improve the quality of articles provided by the Google Now news feed. Google likely relies on algorithms to determine which articles to display, so there is no guarantee that all articles will be high quality. However, you can try using other news sources in addition to Google Now to get a wider variety of perspectives and ensure that you are getting accurate information.

Shouldn't V-Wings have been included in season 7 of The Clone Wars? They were in wide storage on the carrier in Episode III.

The V-wing starfighter was not featured in Season 7 of The Clone Wars. It is possible that the production team did not feel that the V-wing was necessary for the story they were trying to tell.

What if there was a Unity State (like the United States) that has a supreme leader (like North Korea and China)?

The leader of the Unity State would have complete control over the government and the people. The leader would be able to make all decisions without input from anyone else. The leader would also have the power to enforce their decisions with the military or other force if necessary.

When kershaw broke the Dodger'sstrikeout record and celebrated, would it have been wrong for the batter to have charged the mound, since pitchers ALWAYS throw temper tantrums when a guy hits a homerun and celebrates?

There is no universal answer to this question, as it would depend on the specific situation at hand and the relationships between the pitcher and batter. Generally speaking, however, it is considered poor sportsmanship to charge the mound after a player breaks a record, as it takes away from their moment of achievement.

Did Kayleigh McEnany present Lesley Stahl with a blank book for Trump’s ‘healthcare plan’?

No. While it is true that McEnany gave Stahl a blank book when asked about the Trump administration's healthcare plan, the book was not intended as a joke or as a way to deflect from answering the question.

My tap moves from side to side because its nut is not put tight on it. Is it correct to say "The tap is wobbly. It needs to be tightened up." or "The tap is loose. It needs to be tightened up."?

You could say either of those things.

Is Ara Damansara a Malay or a Chinese area?

Ara Damansara is a Chinese area.

Are we all really mad or just live in a much more deep mad society?

There is no definite answer to this question. It is possible that some people are mad and some are not, or that everyone is mad to some degree. It is also possible that madness is relative and that what one person considers to be mad may not be considered as such by others.

Is moving to London still a good idea for EU citizens after the Brexit vote?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Some EU citizens may feel moving to London is still a good idea, while others may not.

Why do people hear evil voices?

There is no one answer to this question as there are many possible explanations. Some people may hear evil voices because they have a mental illness that causes them to experience hallucinations. Others may believe that they are being communicating with evil spirits or demons. Additionally, some people may be acting out fantasies or daydreams in which they imagine hearing evil voices. It is also possible that people who claim to hearing evil voices are simply making up stories or exaggerating experiences in order to gain attention.

How significant an event is Sweden deciding not to go through with the recent arms deal to Saudi Arabia?

The arms deal would have been worth $1 billion.

Do aspiring talents get paid in partaking in a talent show? Do they (as individuals or groups, as in more people means more budget/expenses) get different "allowances" as they advance towards later, bigger final stages?

The amount of money an aspiring talent receives for participating in a talent show varies depending on the show and the talent. However, as a general rule, the more talented an individual or group is, the more money they will be offered to participate.

The Nazgul are perhaps the most tragic of creatures in LOTR? They didn't stand a chance the moment Sauron gave the Nine. They became his mindless servants. Would they have the Gift of Men when they were destroyed? Would they go to Halls of Mandos?

The Nine (centaurs? I don't remember if that's what Tolkien called them...) were fallen servants of Sauron who he forced to wear the Rings of Power in order to prolong their live and generate loyalty. Once the rings were forged, the Nine probably became "soulless" beings without their own free will and thoughts. I don't think they would go to a final resting place where other souls go because they never really "lived".

2. Can Sauron be hurt by any weapon beyond the destruction of the Ring? And if so, what weapon would be most effective?

I sit on the fence with this one. There are strong arguments that he is only totally effective when in contact with the Ring and therefore is not as powerful when separated from it. If this was true, then we have seen that he can be injured at this time - just look what Earendil did to him! On your second question - it could be that while his self might reside within the Ring until its destruction, parts of him are free - like his mind-space or physical form that Aragorn confronted in Gondor (Merry & Pip had a touch of him too).

(oh how many fricking holes does this fill for me... so many gaps... haha!)

Different weapons for different purposes.:) But two were good and bad together: fire and water. We read about both fo them causing trouble for him. Fire blinds him, that's why he can't put himself into fire-elemental form through his Gift of Fire dogma because it hurts! So attacks with fire may cause spectacularly bad results for him.:eek: Magic suffocates him (which is why his Room of Doom couldn't have any windows; also why Galadriel was able to chase him away), and magic recorded on water will block him out entirely.:eek: Specific spells mentioned as effective against him include Gilmore's Gimlet and anything involving fireworks.:D HoME gives more details in an essay, I believe.

3. Was Eru limited when originally creating Arda? Were other worlds possible ? Was there plans for another universe after Arda comes to an end ? If humans can't exist in Arda later on (with the Valaquenta), does that mean there is parts expected to stay habitable for elves or forms thereof ? Or are all

Why are the BJP ministers considered arrogant?

The BJP ministers are considered arrogant because they refuse to listen to criticism and often act in a autocratic manner. Additionally, they have been known to make decisions that are not in the best interests of the people they are supposed to be representing.

How do you replace while loop with idiomatic functional style (Scala, functional programming, development)?

There is no one-for-one replacement for while loops in functional programming. However, many looping constructs in functional programming can be written using recursion.

Is there any nautical science collage providing admission under merit, without any fees?

I'm not aware of any nautical science colleges that provide admission without any fees, but there may be some out there. The best way to find out would be to contact the colleges you're interested in and inquire about their admission requirements and process.

Is Jordan Love really going to be the next eventual Packers starting quarterback?

This is difficult to predict, as it depends on a number of factors including Aaron Rodgers' health and performance.

How does the Book of job and reader create meaning? How exactly does the Book of job's indeterminacy function as stimulus to interpretation?

The Book of Job functions as stimulus to interpretation because its indeterminacy allows for a variety of different readings. Its Meaning is created by the reader through him or her bringing their own understanding and experiences to the text.

Are you surprised to see books being banned in the U.S.?

Yes, I am surprised to see books being banned in the U.S.

Is there a dua to make Allah grant me someone (has akhlaq, beautiful, kind, sweet) to marry?

There is no specific dua, but you can make dua that Allah guides you to someone who would be a good match for you and whom you would be compatible with.

How stressful are software engineering positions at big tech companies all the way from level I to director?

The stress level of software engineering positions at big tech companies can vary depending on the level of the position. For entry level positions, the stress level may be lower as the engineer is still learning the ropes and may not be responsible for critical projects. As engineers move up the ladder, they may take on more responsibility and be expected to work on more complex projects, which can lead to higher levels of stress. However, there are also benefits to working at a big tech company, such as a supportive community and access to resources that can help reduce stress.

Which China YouTube channels do you know that don't focus on politics? I recently discovered "best of China" (YouTube.com/channel/UC7TPs84PaiT6n_VCQ06QYHA), but there must be bigger ones?

This channel showcases some of the best aspects of China, including its stunning scenery, delicious food, and rich culture.

Why is the Deep Purple song, Son of Alerik, called so?

The song was named after Aleric, the son of the Duke of Benevento, who was a patron of the band.

What are the issues on which BJP had totally different stances before coming to power?

There are many issues on which the BJP had different stances before coming to power. For example, they were strongly opposed to the idea of a national minimum wage, but once in power they supported it. They were also strongly opposed to government involvement in the economy, but once in power they embarked on a series of economic reforms that increased the role of the government.

What video game voice actor/actress delivered such a great performance voicing their character(s) in certain scenes?

In particular, I believe that Laura Bailey did an excellent job voicing her character(s) in the game "Uncharted 4: A Thief's End."

Why is there a slowdown signal in the placements to IIT hiring season 2019-2020 in India?

One of the possible reasons for the slowdown signal in the placements to IIT hiring season 2019-2020 in India could be due to the overall economic slowdown in the country. With businesses struggling to stay afloat, they are naturally more wary of making new hires, especially in sectors that are struggling the most. Additionally, another reason could be due to the increase in number of engineering graduates in the country. With more people competing for fewer jobs, it is only natural that some will be left without offers.

Do you think the image of the leopard with wings situated in front of the UN Office has a correlation with Revelation 13:2, and the end of the world?

There is no explicit correlation between the image of the leopard with wings and Revelation 13:2. However, some people may interpret the image as symbolizing the end times, when an evil force will rise up and attempt to take over the world.

Who are the best slaves or servants in fiction?

The best slaves in fiction are probably the obedient and helpful droids from the "Star Wars" franchise.

Will I lose immediately hearing if I play 4 kHz square wave or white noise at the maximum volume in headphones for 1 second?

You could lose your hearing playing any sound at maximum volume for one second, but it is less likely with a square wave or white noise than with other types of sounds.

Is it difficult to find a life partner through relatives?

There is no easy answer to this question as it depends on a variety of factors. Some people may find it difficult to find a life partner through relatives, while others may find it relatively easy. Ultimately, it depends on the individual's own personal circumstances.

What are some interesting topics to cover about text mining, especially using Twitter’s data?

-Sentiment Analysis
-Topic Modeling
-Entity Recognition
-Text Classification

Spanking Areas / Regions of the Human Torso: Other than the Bottom and Thighs are there any other areas where You Give/Receive?

There are a few other areas that can be spanked, but they are not as common. The upper back, shoulders, and arms are sometimes spanked. The chest and stomach are also possible, but these area are usually avoided because they can be more sensitive.

How do I declare an array named no-s that stores five numbers and later add only even numbers?

The following code declares an array named no-s that stores five numbers:

var no-s = [1,2,3,4,5];

To add only even numbers to this array, you can use the Array.prototype.filter() method:

no-s = no-s.filter(function(num) { return num % 2 == 0; });

How do you survive with such incisive and articulate views in a world where liberal thought is the norm. Will there be a point where you walk away?

The question of ‘liberal thought being the norm’ pops up often in your writings on political correctness, George. Over and over again, you’ve made the point that because liberal thoughts are so dominating and limiting, anything non-liberal falling under their influence must undergo a massive reformation in order to be allowed – which is the opposite of true liberalism. This is evident in both social media and the news media. Conservative worldviews don’t make it through that filter without coming out looking quite different than they were when they went in. There will always be conservative writers, thinkers, or politicians who get past that filter simply because they’re ultimately judged by how valid their ideas are and not what adjectives can be assigned to them.

But am I going to walk away? I certainly plan on being around long after I die online – my published books ensure that at the very least my grandchildren will know who I am and what I thought a hundred years from now. Being a writer is only part of my job – now that my stories are read by millions of people a year, it’s also my duty to keep them informed about what’s happening in the real world. Why would I ever retire from something I love doing?

If you could talk to a 200-year old human from another planet where women carry guns and have equal rights with men, what would most surprise him regarding humanity today on Earth? Would human behavior surprise him? Would he assume that human had evolved towards more peace or toward violence?

The most astounding thing to that man wouldn’t be women with guns and equality (after all, was his world really so different?) but far more likely the incredible proliferation of global foundries with 3D printers spitting out anything traditionalOwens humans might want and probably beyond. He ought to find our willingness to danger our environment intolerable – we tend not to care about longer life other than our own shortest possible lifespan. Nationalism seems foolish as well since he probably spent most of his life as part of a trade alliance or other form of galactic governance similar to ours (and isn’t one sun just like another?) We might have evolved beyond him but then again maybe not. What we share cannot be understated – space is big but planets ain’t.

In a chemical reaction, where does the energy come from that is required to break bonds in the reactants?

In a chemical reaction, the energy required to break bonds in the reactants is typically provided by heat.

Why is it too complicated to change the name or your age on a birth certificate?

Because a birth certificate is an official record of a person's birth, changing the name or age on the document would be considered fraud.

I hate spending time with my family but they guilt trip me into hanging out with them. What do I do?

You may want to try therapy to help deal with your emotions towards your family. Alternatively, you can try to be honest with them about how you feel and why you don't want to spend time with them. You can also try to set boundaries by telling them that you only want to spend a certain amount of time with them or do certain activities with them.

How can Putin save face?

There is no clear answer, but one possible way for Putin to save face would be to withdraw Russian troops from Ukraine and focus instead on maintaining control over Crimea. This would allow Putin to claim that he has protected Russian interests in the region while avoiding a full-scale military conflict.

Do all of Pitbull's songs use samples from other hit songs?


Are the heptapods in the movie Arrival actually aliens, or are they higher dimensional beings?

There is no clear answer, and it is up to interpretation. Some people believe that the heptapods are aliens, while others believe that they are higher dimensional beings.

Why does "Sockets->program" cause missing last bytes in C#.NET?

I am having difficulty sending data from client to server using "Sockets->program". I send 2048 bytes but only recieve 2047 on server.
here is my code
Class1.socket.Send( sendsizeserver, sendsizeserver.Length, SocketFlags.None );
Class1.socket.Receive( readsizeserver, readsizeserver.Length, SocketFlags.Partial );


I don't know the reason exactly.. There are many explanations are floating in net.. Ambiguity between streams and buffers is one of the reasons for that... Use StreamReader and StreamWriter for sending data between client and server. The below doesnt verify pretty well but it works if you just send some string as a test..
static NetworkStream ns = null;
static StreamWriter sw = null;

static void Main(string[] args)

TcpListener myList = new TcpListener(IPAddress.Any, 10000);


int count = 0;

while (count < 1)//this is not required but just limited to one client connecton only .. to continue write loop here

Socket s = myList.AcceptSocket();

//First send length of String------------------------------Currently§ set as 5000A------------------------- start

string str = System.IO.File.ReadLines("test1").First(); //just put some string here in text json formatt ..or file you wish to send in binary format by reading all bytes .. !!! This is for serialize social engine plugin JSON file named verification when post ask for files ! } few things will change like convert json intosomething else before returning and do other stuff here :P What i did it wrote a 1000 line .txt file .. and sent it without any hustle Using GZIP compression ... you can send large files easily ! big or big because this is not that complex or perfect as method body size seems ! It also helps protecting data ! Byte [] _strr=GzipCompress( Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes( str )); SendSizeServer(_strr,s); //sent size of string !! //END ---- Send

What is your favourite sense, out of the 5 senses?

My favourite sense is sight.

There is plenty of circumstantial evidence of police racism, but is there any scientific data proving that it's an issue?

The recent study, which does have scientific credence, suggests it may be way more widespread than previously thought.


Depending on who you ask and which studies you consult, the answers will range from "there is little evidence of systemic racism in the police" to " systemic racism exists everywhere thus also in the police force."
As mentioned in the comments, collecting data for this kind of research is complicated! It's hard to get actual numbers. Most research used case studies, with their inherent problems. Furthermore, whether a person ought to assume systematic racism is present or not will play a large role in how they see results going forward. Here are a few of those studies:
http://www.policeforum.org/assets/hot_topic_sheets/Racial%20Profiling%20Hot%20Topic%[email protected]%20v3.pdf
https://www.the Atlantic.com/national/archive/2016/07/police-departments- departmentofjustice-report-baltimore-ferguson-bias/492671/#disqus_thread

Why does the U.S. supress "Democracy Spring" in the U.S., but promote "Democracy Spring" in other countries?

There is no one answer to this question; there are a variety of factors that may contribute. Some possible reasons include:
* The U.S. may believe that promoting democracy abroad will serve its own interests, while suppressing democracy at home could be seen as threatening to the existing power structure.
* The U.S. may be more concerned with stability in other countries than in its own, and may therefore be more willing to tolerate or even support protests that could lead to regime change if they think it will promote stability.
* The U.S. may have less concern for the rights of its own citizens than for those of people in other countries.

Can you explain why scientific measurements often have many decimal places?

This is because scientific measurements are often very precise and therefore need many decimal places to express this precision.

What did Hillary Clinton do that cost her the vote and presidency? Was it solely the Benghazi and “emails”?

There is no single answer to this question. Many factors likely contributed to Hillary Clinton's loss in the 2016 presidential election, including her use of a private email server, perceived lack of honesty and transparency, and her handling of the Benghazi attack. Additionally, some voters may have been turned off by herhawkishforeign policy stances or her close association with establishment politicians.

How do I converse with closed-minded people without being aggressive?

Some people may be naturally more resistant to new ideas than others, but there are a few conversation strategies that can help to open a closed-minded person up to hearing what you have to say. Try to avoid sounding judgmental or attacking the person's character, as this is likely to only further increase their resistance. Instead, try to frame your statements in a way that is respectful and curious. For example, rather than saying "you're being so closed-minded!" you could try asking "can you help me to understand why you disagree?" or "What is it about my idea that doesn't sit well with you?"

What internships can a statistics major apply to?

Statistics majors can apply for internships in many different fields including marketing, finance, information technology, and consulting.

How do you update large encrypted files on a server (encryption, server, storage, cloud storage, security)?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to update large encrypted files on a server will vary depending on the specific details of your setup. However, some tips that may be helpful include using a tool such as rsync to incrementally update your files, and ensuring that your server is configured to automatically encrypt new files that are added to it.

Do people that spend extraordinary amounts of time in salt water absorb that salt into their bodies?

Yes, people that spend a lot of time in salt water can absorb the salt into their bodies. This can lead to health problems such as high blood pressure and heart disease.

Would you vote for a young, female prime minister?

I would not vote for a young, female prime minister.

Did Bobby Brown's son pass away?

Yes, Bobby Brown's son, Bobbi Kristina Brown, passed away on July 26, 2015.

How long does it take for a colored galvanised roof sheet to fully rust and deteriorate once it's edges which were cut begins to rust? Does it cause damage to the adjacent roof sheets as well?

The time it takes for a galvanized roof sheet to rust and deteriorate once the edges begin to rust will depend on the environment and how well the roof is maintained. It is possible for the adjacent roof sheets to be damaged if the sheet rusts through and leaks.

What is more important -- freedom or food?

This is a difficult question. Freedom is an important right, but food is a necessary resource.

I live with my uncle. should I tell my uncle happy father’s day even though I’m not his bio kid? (he’s got no kids) will it make things awkward?

No, there's no need to make things awkward - you can simply say "Happy Father's Day!" to your uncle.

At a Japanese ramen house, employees don't come over with the bill once we're done eating, they wait a long time. this a cultural thing of them trying not to disrupt/rush us? Do we need to flag them down? What is the polite way to deal with this?

The polite way to deal with this would be to flag them down and ask for the bill.

Would you rather live through another Bush era (specifically causing multiple endless wars, for no good reason at all) or continue the course with Trump (assume he does not start a war like Bush did)? Which do you find worse, and why?

I find the prospect of living through another Bush era much worse than continuing the course with Trump. The main reason is that Bush's Presidency was marked by multiple endless wars, which caused immense suffering for many people. Trump, on the other hand, has so far mostly avoided starting new wars, and even managed to negotiate a peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

Are there countries with full parts of the country not attached/separated by another country like Alaska?

The only country that comes to mind is Russia, which has several exclaves completely surrounded by other countries.

How do you buy bulk return items from Amazon?

There is not a specific way to buy bulk return items from Amazon. However, you can contact sellers who specialize in selling returned or damaged items to inquire about purchasing their products in bulk.

Is it advisable for aged parents to settle in Australia with their son who migrated to AU? What would be the problems?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it depends on each individual family's circumstances. Some potential problems that could arise include language barriers, cultural differences, and difficulty adjusting to a new environment. Additionally, older parents may find it difficult to navigate the Australian healthcare system and access social support networks.

What would you do if doctors confirmed that your unborn baby girl has something known as Edwards Syndrome?

Although there is no cure for Edwards syndrome, advancements in medical technology have made it possible for babies with the disorder to live longer and healthier lives. If doctors confirmed that your unborn baby girl has Edwards syndrome, you would likely work with a team of specialists to create a care plan that meets her unique needs.

What are the top Facebook pages watched by Indians?

Some of the top Facebook pages watched by Indians include the following:

-Bollywood Hungama
-Times of India
-The Hindu

Why is it assumed an advanced alien race would build a Dyson sphere and not some other form of energy harvesting?

A Dyson sphere is often assumed to be created by an advanced alien race in order to harvest the energy of a star. There are several reasons for this assumption. First, a Dyson sphere would be an efficient way to collect energy. Second, a Dyson sphere would be a visible sign of an advanced civilization. Third, a Dyson sphere would be a way to use all of the energy from a star, instead of just a small portion of it.

What if all people on the Earth would start eating vegan? We would use extra land for veggies and fruit, so how does this compare to the effect meat and fish have on the environment?

If all people on Earth were to go vegan, we would see a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, land and water use, and deforestation.

How many Indian journalists according to you are there who do serious journalism?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it is difficult to determine what counts as "serious journalism." However, according to a 2016 report from the World Press Freedom Index, there were an estimated 1,250 journalists working in India.

Why is my 9 month old dog who loves to rough play obsessed with dominating little puppies at the dog park? The puppies shouldn’t be on the 35+lbs side anyways but I cant allow her to bully them even if she’s not being aggressive.

There could be a few reasons for this behavior. Maybe your dog was never properly socialized with other dogs when she was younger, or maybe she's just naturally dominant. Whatever the reason, it's important to nip this behavior in the bud. You don't want your dog to get a reputation as a bully at the dog park. Try working with a professional dog trainer to help your dog learn how to play nice with other dogs.

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