🔥👉 Isn’t it a propaganda because there is no page available on detailed news?

"✅👉 The detailed news is available on the website at www.arpaleste.com

Yes, but there is much more propaganda than that. I found some statistics produced by the Palestinian Ministry of Information. To me, these appear to be highly questionable. Here are some samples:

Submitted by Acuie (United States), Nov 8, 2010 at 14:08

Testimonials on Apartheid Cities The page says “Settlers benefit from a housing policy that discriminates against Palestinian residents in the Jerusalem area, since 1988 over 80% of building permits in Jerusalem have been going to Jewish neighborhoods and settlements which now house more than 20% of the city’s population; since 1993 only 9% of building permits have been given to Palestinian neighborhoods housing 38% of the population”. I can’t figure out how to test this for accuracy but here are links to articles about apartment construction in East and West Jerusalem. Perhaps someone does not see an apartheid policy? http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/186204 http://www.haaretz.com/print-edition/news/production-approvals-for-west-jerusalem-rose-92-in-first-half-of-2006-1.191141 http://jewishrefugeesfromarabcountries.org/2007/06/06/palestinian%C2%ADconstruction%C2%ADComparedto Jewish

Submitted by Adam (Australia), Nov 2, 2010 at 17:47 Painful treatment of Gaza children Sounds terribly cruel! How sad this family is! Mr al Beit lived in Gaza with his wife and five young chil­dren — his death was caused by mysterious wounds on his body, which began breaking out three months ago… His wife told Al Jazeera that her hus­band had suffered from severe skin pangs that had kept him awake for nights on end; he also described stomach pains and headaches so in­tense he would sometimes scream out in exasperation At her husband’s medical reports from Gaza hospitals she said she found traces of foreign objects inside his body I managed to track down the National Syndicalist article linked elsewhere here at the top of the post. Forgive me if I paraphrase a little but here is what they said: With a VPR Report Card (due to time)--but initial search shows NO mentions of "gathering"

Dorcas Swaniawski
Dorcas Swaniawski

In "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country," why does Chancellor Gorkon mention reading Shakespeare "in the original Klingon"?

Chancellor Gorkon has read Shakespeare in the original Klingon because he is well-educated and has a deep appreciation for literature. He believes that Shakespeare is one of the greatest writers in any language, and he wants to share his love of the Bard with the crew of the USS Enterprise.

Does Apple still follow the DRI system when developing products?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as Apple's approach to product development varies depending on the specific product and market conditions. However, in general, Apple does tend to follow a DRI (Designated Responsibility Individual) system when developing new products. Under this system, each member of the development team is assigned a specific area of responsibility, and all decisions regarding the product must be approved by the DRI. This helps to ensure that all stakeholders have a clear understanding of the product development process and can provide input at various stages.

What are some positive side-effects of being in jail?

Some positive side-effects of being in jail may include having a greater appreciation for freedom, gaining skills and knowledge from educational opportunities, and developing positive relationships with other inmates and staff. Additionally, some inmates may find that being in jail allows them to reflect on their past behaviors and develop positive goals for their future.

Should Mike McCarthy be fired? Is his QB draw with no timeouts the final straw?

In an article by Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, it was reported that some Packers players have privately expressed their frustration with head coach Mike McCarthy. It's possible that this could be the final straw for McCarthy, and that he could be fired if the Packers don't turn things around soon. However, it's also possible that the Packers will give McCarthy another year to prove himself, especially if they make the playoffs.

What will happen to illegals once they are too old to work or get hurt?

undocumented immigrants who are unable to work or get hurt may be deported back to their country of origin.

Does Vegeta love Bulma?

Yes. Vegeta does love Bulma. He’s far from perfect, and has made some big mistakes over the years, but after fighting together for so long and growing closer, it’s obvious that he cares for her deeply.

Is Nappa a Pure Saiyan?

Nappa is a artificially enhanced saiyan, meaning yes he is all pure. He is pure saiyan not just because of his birth but also because of his capabilities at his time, he was one of the strongest saiyans in planet vegeta and has classed as the saiyan elite.

Why does Vegeta hate Goku so much?

Vegeta’s resentment towards Goku actually stems from self-doubt. After all, Goku was just a human who was bestowed with the power of a god. … Thus Vegeta looked down on Goku. Just as Goku seemed as humble as a creature can get when compared to them two decades back, Vegeta now seems as bloated as a creature can get.

What is a good self-report questionnaire for locus of control?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as different researchers may have different opinions on what makes a good self-report questionnaire for locus of control. However, some potential questions that could be included on such a questionnaire might ask respondents to rate their agreement with statements such as "I believe that I have control over the events in my life" or "I believe that chance or luck plays a large role in determining what happens to me."

Are cops really quitting across America? Why is that? What will be the outcome of this if true?

Yes, it is true that officers are resigning at increasing rates across the country. While there are a number of factors that contribute to this trend, the overall reason is that law enforcement is becoming increasingly difficult and dangerous. The job requires long hours, shift work, and exposure to potentially violent situations. In addition, officers are often required to work in high-stress environments and deal with constant public scrutiny. As a result, many officers are finding that the job is simply not worth the risk anymore. The outcome of this trend is uncertain, but it could lead to a shortage of qualified officers in the future.

Do religious people think that God is unable to create a universe run by a scientifically knowable system, including everything we already know about physics, chemistry, biology, and even natural selection?

No, religious people do not think that God is unable to create a universe run by a scientifically knowable system.

It is possible to audit many courses on Coursera and once you're ready pay the Plus subscription to get all the certificates?

Yes, you can audit as many courses as you want on Coursera. When you're ready to receive certificates for the courses, you can pay the Plus subscription.

What is the best way to get an early-stage Alzheimer's patient who is in denial about the disease to stop driving, which they cannot do safely?

There is no easy answer to this question, as each case is unique. However, it may be helpful to provide the individual with resources and information about Alzheimer's disease, such as books, articles, websites, or support groups. Additionally, it is important to be honest and direct when communicating with the individual about the risks of driving with Alzheimer's disease. Ultimately, the decision to stop driving should be left up to the individual, as they are the only ones who can truly assess their ability to drive safely.

What would cause both timing chains to break within a year on a rebuilt Ford 5.4L 3V engine?

Possible causes for timing chain failure on a Ford 5.4L 3V engine include:

-Worn or damaged timing chain components
-Incorrect timing chain tension
-Excessive engine vibration
-Engine overheating

If the engine was rebuilt using aftermarket parts, it is possible that the quality of the parts is inferior to the original equipment. Worn or damaged timing chain components can cause the timing chain to jump or skip, resulting in engine damage. Incorrect timing chain tension can cause the timing chain to stretch or break. Excessive engine vibration can cause the timing chain to loosen or break. Engine overheating can cause the timing chain to stretch or break.

How do I scrape prices from the Amazon marketplace using Python?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on the specific requirements of the project. However, there are a number of libraries and frameworks available that would allow you to scrape prices from Amazon. Some popular options include Scrapy, BeautifulSoup, and Selenium.

What are the best equity or mutual funds to invest in 2020 in terms of returns?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors, including investment goals and risk tolerance. However,Some popular equity and mutual funds for 2020 include the Vanguard S&P 500 Index Fund, the Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund, the Fidelity ZERO Large Cap Index Fund, and the Schwab U.S. Large Cap ETF.

Why does my head hurt all the time? It seems to be triggered by certain smells, but these smells also bring up trauma. Maybe I’m just making up the pain?

There are a few possibilities as to why you may be experiencing pain in your head that is triggered by certain smells. One possibility is that you have a condition called migraine headaches, which can be exacerbated by certain smells. Another possibility is that you have a condition called post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which can also be triggered by certain smells that remind you of a past trauma. It is also possible that you are simply sensitive to certain smells and that they make you feel nauseous or dizzy, which can lead to a headache. If you are unsure what is causing your pain, it is best to consult with a doctor or other medical professional to get a more accurate diagnosis.

The pound party cannot question the euro and the last analyst of the United States. What is the recent performance against the U.S. dollar?

The pound has generally been weak against the dollar over the past few years. It reached a low point in early 2020 but has since recovered somewhat. As of late 2020, it is still below its pre-pandemic level.

Can you run two shower heads one valve?

You can connect two shower heads to one valve if the valve is a double outlet valve. A double outlet valve has two handles that control water flow to two showerheads.

When should a child know how to use spoons and forks?

A child should know how to use spoons and forks by the time they are two years old.

Why are some people so up in arms about Trump's health records but don't seem that concerned about Hillary Clinton's?

There may be a variety of reasons why some people are more up in arms about Trump's health records than Clinton's. Some may feel that Trump has been less forthcoming about his health information than Clinton, or that he has made more statements that suggest he may be in poor health. Additionally, some may believe that Trump's health is more relevant to his ability to serve as president than Clinton's, given his age and the fact that he would be the oldest president ever elected.

Why is product design about the human-machine relationship?

Product design is about the human-machine relationship because the designer needs to understand how people interact with machines in order to design products that are easy and enjoyable to use.

What is the future of chemical sector stocks in India? Will there be any pollution related regulations in India as well some years down the line?

The future of chemical sector stocks in India is dependent on a number of factors, including the overall economic health of the country, global demand for chemicals, and government regulations. In terms of pollution, it is likely that there will be stricter regulations in India in the future, as the government looks to improve air quality and protect the environment.

The King James Bible contains a lot of inaccuracies and self included portions why did this happen? Who was behind this? And what are the examples of these errors?

There are several possible explanations for the inaccuracies and self-included portions in the King James Bible. One possibility is that the translators were not aware of these errors and simply included them in the text. Another possibility is that the translators deliberately included these errors in order to make the Bible more accurate. There is no definitive answer to this question, and it is likely that there are multiple reasons for the presence of these errors in the King James Bible.

My roommate thinks that if he wears gloves all day he's protected against corona virus, but I pointed out that they stick to gloves. How can I get him to understand?

There is no definitive answer, but you could try explaining that while gloves may protect against some transmission of the virus, they can also create a false sense of security and may actually lead to more contact with contaminated surfaces. Additionally, it is important to ensure that gloves are properly disposed of after use to prevent further spread of the virus.

A bolt of lightning is 1 billion volts. Yet, a human cell generates .07 volts of electricity. At 37.5 trillion cells, that's 2.625 trillion volts in a human body. Is there a way we can harness this power?

Yes, there are many ways to harness the power of electricity in the human body. One way is through the use of EEG (electroencephalography) machines, which measure the electrical activity of the brain.

Will a narcissist ever play the victim and tell you that you were the narcissist all along? How common is this?

There is no one answer to this question as every narcissist is different. However, some narcissists may play the victim and tell you that you were the narcissist all along as a way to deflect blame and avoid taking responsibility for their own actions. This is not always common, but it can happen.

If I'm a loser / failure in life, is suicide death better than living?

Suicide is not a better option than living, even if you perceive yourself to be a failure. There are always people who care about you and who would be willing to help you through tough times. Additionally, suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. If you are experiencing difficulties, please seek professional help instead of considering suicide.

Do you think Indian news channels put up a healthy debate?

No, I do not think Indian news channels put up a healthy debate. I think they are more interested in creating sensation and selling news than in actually informing the public or engaging in healthy debate.

How can any religion recommend animal sacrifice as a sacred practice?

Animal sacrifice occurs in almost all religions in some form or another. The reasons for this practice vary depending on the religion, but usually involve a belief that the soul of the animal is sacrificed along with the body and that this will please or appease the gods.

Can matrices be considered a generalization of complex numbers? When is this conception convenient?

Matrices can be considered a generalization of complex numbers in the sense that they can be used to represent linear transformations of vector spaces. This conception is convenient when one wants to study properties of linear transformations that are independent of any particular basis.

Was Ashli Babbitt shot by DC police or congressional protective detail officers?

There is no definitive answer to this question. However, based on video footage of the incident, it appears that Ashli Babbitt was shot by a Capitol Police officer.

Why are we so patriotic? Is it cause of the necessity to feel superior over others for some derived reason when as an individual the person has not achieved much?

I think patriotism can derive from a number of different reasons. Some people may feel patriotic because they love their country and want to show their support for it. Others may feel patriotic because they feel a sense of pride in their country and what it represents. And still others may feel patriotic simply because they want to show solidarity with their fellow citizens. There can be many reasons why someone might feel patriotic, but I think one of the main reasons is that it can help to give people a sense of identity and belonging.

Is it true that "Jesus walked on the water" is correctly translated as "Jesus walked by the water?"

No. "Jesus walked on the water" is the correct translation.

Can a 12 to 15-year-old wear a corset? I’m already grown fully out so growing doesn’t matter.

A 12 to 15-year-old can wear a corset if they are comfortable doing so. There is no definitive answer, as each person is different and will have different experiences. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide whether or not they want to wear a corset.

Why are carnivores like cats and dogs, including tamed lions and wolves, more affectionate pets than herbivores like horses?

Herbivores are not as social as carnivores, so they do not form bonds with humans like carnivores do.

How do you care for a baby sparrow? It can’t seem to fly well yet, and it is stuck in my backyard. What should I feed it, and should I give it water?

If you find a baby sparrow that can't fly, it's probably a nestling. The best thing to do is to put it back in the nest if you can find it. If you can't find the nest, you can make a makeshift nest out of a basket lined with soft cloth. Place the nest in a safe place high off the ground and out of reach of predators and people. You can feed the baby sparrow a mixture of finely chopped nuts, seeds, and fruits. Add a little water to the mixture to make it easier for the bird to eat. Don't give the bird too much water, though, as this can cause health problems.

What are the top 10 failed psychology experiments? Have you heard of an experiment that didn't produce the results expected, an experiment that went wrong, or an experiment that got shutdown due to legalities or potential risks on test subjects?

1. The Stanford Prison Experiment: In this study, participants were randomly assigned to play the role of either a prisoner or a prison guard. The study found that people will readily conform to the roles they are given, even when those roles are based on power dynamics and authority.

2. The Milgram Experiment: In this study, participants were asked to administer electric shocks to another person, supposedly as part of a learning experiment. The results showed that people will obey authority figures, even when doing so goes against their conscience.

3. The Monster Study: This study was conducted on 22 orphan children in Iowa in the 1930s. The children were divided into two groups, with one group being exposed to positive speech therapy and the other to negative speech therapy. The results showed that the children in the negative speech therapy group developed speech problems that persisted into adulthood.

4. The Aversion Therapy Experiments: In these studies, patients were exposed to unpleasant stimuli (such as electric shocks) while thinking about or engaging in behavior that the experimenters wanted them to stop (such as smoking or alcoholism). The goal was to create an aversion to the behavior in question. However, many of these studies were ethically questionable, and some patients experienced serious side effects (such as shock-induced seizures).

5. The Bobo Doll Experiment: In this study, children were shown a film of an adult behaving aggressively towards a Bobo Doll (a toy that bounces back up when hit). The children were then allowed to play with the Bobo Doll themselves. The results showed that the children who had seen the aggressive film were more likely to act aggressively towards the doll than those who had not seen the film.

6. The Bystander Effect Experiment: In this study, participants were placed in a room where they could see smoke filling up from under a door. The results showed that people are less likely to help someone in need if there are other people around.

7. The Tasaday Hoax: In the 1970s, a group of anthropologists announced that they had discovered a Stone Age tribe living in isolation in the Philippine jungle. They claimed that the Tasaday people had never heard of or seen metal before, and that they lived a peaceful and simple life without warfare or violence. However, it was later revealed that the whole thing was a hoax, and that the Tasaday people were actually farmers who had been paid by the anthropologists to pretend

Why am I feeling mentally very lonely?

There are many possible reasons for feeling mentally lonely. Some causes could include social anxiety, depression, Issa recent move or loss of a loved one. It is important to speak with a mental health professional to explore the root cause of the loneliness and develop a plan to address it.

Why don't doctors use PET scans for annual checkups? It seems that would possible catch cancer before it becomes serious.

PET scans are usually reserved for cancer patients because they are expensive and expose the patient to radiation.

What is the most inappropriate thing you’ve done or seen in the boys locker room/shower room?

I was in the shower after gym class and noticed somebody had left a huge poo in the toilet. It was so big that it wouldn't flush. I had to tell the janitor.

Is The Expanse for kids appropriate?

No, it is not appropriate for kids.

Are drop serves allowed in volleyball, or do you have to throw it in the air?

The serve must be delivered from behind the end line and within the sidelines. The ball must be clearly hit with the hand or arm and not caught or held before it hits the ground.

It's hard for me to take pills sublingually because saliva builds up and I swallow some of the pill. Is that normal?

Yes, it is normal for saliva to build up in your mouth when you take pills sublingually. The saliva will help to break down the pill and make it easier to swallow.

My daughter was hit and kicked in the back and head by two neighbor boys how can I deal?

First, you should take your daughter to see a doctor to make sure she does not have any injuries that require medical attention. Then, you should talk to the parents of the boys who hit and kicked your daughter. You can either talk to them in person or write a letter explaining what happened and how you expect them to discipline their sons. Finally, you can also contact the police if you feel like filing a report.

What is the possibility of getting life-changing returns if I invest $10,000 on Bitcoin?

The possibility of getting life-changing returns if you invest $10,000 in Bitcoin is very slim.

How do I convert leaves to work from home?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to convert leaves to work from home may vary depending on the specific leaves and the type of work that you do. However, some tips on converting leaves to work from home include:

1. Talk to your supervisor about your desire to work from home, and ask if there are any leaves that could be converted to allow you to do so.

2. If you have vacation time or other types of leave that can be used for working from home, talk to your supervisor about using those days instead of taking leaves.

3. If you have flex time built into your schedule, consider using some of that time to work from home.

4. See if there are any company policies or procedures that would allow you to work from home on a regular basis.

What is protocol at a hospital for an armed cop at a waiting room waiting for a doctor? What do you think happens if somebody attempts to grab the weapon? What does hospital protocol dictate?

Armed cops are typically not allowed in hospital waiting rooms. If somebody attempts to grab the weapon, the cop may shoot the person. Hospital protocol typically dictates that armed cops should wait in a designated area away from patients and staff.

Since the supreme court can't enforce its rulings without the help of congress and the president (Worcester v. Georgia), is it the least powerful than the other branches? Did the founding fathers severely check their power on purpose?

The supreme court is the least powerful branch of the federal government because it cannot enforce its rulings without the help of congress and the president. The founding fathers severely checked their power on purpose to ensure that the supreme court would not become too powerful and threaten the balance of power between the three branches of government.

What are some hot keys in Microsoft Word or other text editors that are useful?

Command+X (cut), Command+C (copy), Command+V (paste), Command+Z (undo), Command+Y (redo)

Do eyes have pleasure?

There is no definitive answer to this question as everyone experiences pleasure differently. However, it is safe to say that eyes can experience pleasure, especially when they are exposed to something they find visually stimulating.

During JoSAA or CSAB, do I have to go to the reporting centre to choose whether I want to float, freeze or slide, or can I do it online?

There is no such option to do so. You can choose the option of freeze or slide at the time of reporting to the college.

Can you create an Everyone Lives™ scenario using the last Everyone Dies™ scenario you saw/answered?

Everyone Lives: In the scenario, the protagonist manages to convince the villain to see the error of their ways and they all work together to foil the plot.

Can you describe your negative experience of using Golang?

I found Golang to be very confusing and difficult to use. The documentation is poor and the language is very complex. I struggled to find any resources that could help me understand how to use Golang effectively.

How long does it take to diagnose narcissistic personality disorder if all symptoms suited? I am thinking all that we lived was lie and planed, but I sometimes plan something as well.

There is no one answer to this question because it can vary depending on the situation.

What does a supervisor look for when a soldier presents his M-4 for inspection after cleaning?

When inspecting an M-4 after cleaning, a supervisor looks to ensure that the bore is clean and free of debris, that the charging handle functions correctly, and that all safety mechanisms are engaged.

What do computer security researchers do?

Computer security researchers typically work on developing ways to protect computers and computer networks from security threats. This can involve researching new ways to detect and remove malware, developing new encryption algorithms, or finding new ways to secure data.

What is the best recipe in Breath of the Wild?

There are many great recipes in Breath of the Wild, but one of our favorites is the Honeyed Fruits recipe. This dish is simple to make and only requires a few ingredients, but it is absolutely delicious. If you haven't tried it yet, we highly recommend giving it a go.

What are the additional controlling measures for operational risks in IT?

There are several additional measures that can be taken to control operational risks in IT:

1. Develop a strong governance framework.

2. Implement effective controls and monitoring processes.

3. Conduct regular risk assessments.

4. Educate employees on operational risks and how to mitigate them.

5. Have a comprehensive incident response plan in place.

Did the atomic bomb end the possibility of a world revolution?

No, the atomic bomb did not end the possibility of a world revolution.

Why did Southern Railway cancel train services on the Mettupalayam-Ooty section until 21 December?

Southern Railway has cancelled train services on the Mettupalayam-Ooty section until 21 December due to the severe drought conditions in Tamil Nadu.

How do you tell wedding guests what to wear?

The easiest way to tell guests what to wear is to include the dress code on the wedding invitation. For example, if the dress code is black tie, you could write "black tie" or "black tie optional" next to the dress code area on the invitation.

Do professors get mad if you accidentally misspell their name in an email?

There is no definitive answer to this question as professors have varying levels of tolerance for mistakes made in emails. However, it is generally advisable to try to avoid misspelling a professor's name in an email, as it may come across as disrespectful or careless.

Why is it rare to see German players play outside the Bundesliga?

It is rare to see German players play outside the Bundesliga because the Bundesliga is considered one of the best leagues in the world. Additionally, German players tend to be very loyal to their club and are not interested in moving to another country.

If we breathe, we age to death in about a hundred years, and if we don't breathe we die in about six to ten minutes. What's the alternative?

There is no alternative.

Why is Congress supporting the Babri Masjid? Why is Kapil Sibal claiming Lord Rama is a myth in court and urging for the Babri Masjid?

There is no one answer to this question as there are many factors at play. Some believe that Congress is trying to appease the Muslim community in an attempt to gain their support. Others believe that Congress is simply trying to uphold the rule of law and ensure that the dispute is decided by the court. Finally, some believe that Kapil Sibal is simply trying to score political points by taking a controversial stance.

Why can't carbohydrates produce muscle tissues?

Carbohydrates can't produce muscle tissues because they don't have the right kind of atoms.

How do you bleed motorcycle brakes without a kit?

In order to bleed motorcycle brakes without a kit, you will need a syringe or suction bulb, DOT 3 or 4 brake fluid, rags, and either a lever-type or pressure bleeder. Following the instructions in your service manual, use the syringe or suction bulb to remove old fluid from the reservoir. Clean the reservoir thoroughly before adding new fluid. Slowly add new fluid to the reservoir, making sure not to overfill it. While adding new fluid, use the bleeder to pressurize the system and bleed out any air bubbles.

As cabin crew, how has your job changed since you started?

There have been many changes in the airline industry since I started working as a flight attendant. One of the biggest changes is the use of technology, which has made our jobs easier in many ways. For example, we can now use electronic devices to keep track of passenger information and flight schedules. In addition, new safety procedures and security protocols have been put in place to protect both passengers and crew members.

How can I become a businesswoman and an entrepreneur? How is one supposed to start the journey? Can I leverage being a CA for it? How?

There is no one specific way to become a businesswoman and entrepreneur. Many successful entrepreneurs have come from a variety of backgrounds and posses a variety of skills. However, there are some key qualities and skills that are important for any successful entrepreneur. These include creativity, vision, tenacity, risk-taking, and perseverance. Becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) can be helpful in starting your own business, as it provides you with the financial skills and knowledge necessary to run a successful company. However, it is not essential, and there are many successful entrepreneurs who do not have a background in accounting. The most important thing is to have a clear vision for your business and the drive to see it through.

Who was the longest reigning pope?

The longest reigning pope is Pope Benedict XVI, who served from 2005 to 2013.

Why are market capitalization stock indices favored over equal weighted ones? Weighting by market cap seems to be the definition of buy high sell low and exposes you too much to several large companies.

Equal weighted stock indices are not favored because they do not accurately reflect the underlying market. Market capitalization weighted stock indices are favored because they more accurately reflect the underlying market.

What does it mean if a guy few years older than me who I have feelings for, calls me "love"? Is this what all guys do? Is there a possibility that he might like me too bcs he does flirt but it also looks like he's just being caring? Help a gurl out

There is a possibility that he likes you, but it's hard to say for sure. If he is older than you, it's possible that he is just being caring and friendly. If you're interested in him, you could try flirting back and seeing how he responds.

Do some Americans really fear not having a gun to defend themselves from the government? (It seems incredible that this is a larger concern than school children being shot.)

Yes, there are some Americans who genuinely believe that the government is out to get them and that the only way to defend themselves is to have a gun. This mindset is usually perpetuated by conspiracy theories and paranoia, and it's not based in reality.

Why did Greece concede all of its Treaty of Sevres (1919) territorial gains in the Treaty of Lausanne (1923)? Couldn't Greece have kept land not in Asia Minor such as Eastern Thrace and the Aegean Greek islands of Tenedos and Imbros?

There are several reasons why Greece conceded all of its Treaty of Sevres (1919) territorial gains in the Treaty of Lausanne (1923). First, Greece was militarily and diplomatically weaker than the other major powers involved in the negotiations, particularly Turkey. Second, Greece was facing significant internal political instability at the time, which made it difficult for the government to maintain a strong negotiating position. Finally, Greece was reluctant to go to war with Turkey over the disputed territory, particularly given the high cost of the previous Balkan Wars.

Does anyone harm trees in any way?

There are many humans who harm trees in different ways. Some people cut them down for lumber or to clear land, while others harm them with pollution or by destroying their habitat.

Why did an Ohio retailer donate $750,000 worth of fireworks to Mr. Trump’s July Fourth celebration in Washington?

An Ohio retailer donated $750,000 worth of fireworks to Mr. Trump's July Fourth celebration in Washington because they wanted to show their support for the president and his policies.

What are items that symbolize bad motherhood?

There is no definitive answer to this question as motherhood is such a personal experience, and what one mother may deem as being a bad mother, another may not. However, some possible symbols of bad motherhood could include neglecting or abusing one's children, being emotionally unavailable to them, or simply not being a good role model.

What is the difference between a tragedy and a travesty?

A tragedy is an event with a serious or tragic outcome, while a travesty is an event that is far from being ideal.

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