🔥👉 What are the good apartments to rent in the Mountain View, Sunnyvale and Santa Clara areas?

"✅👉 There are many good apartments to rent in the Mountain View, Sunnyvale and Santa Clara areas. Some of the better ones include The Lexington, Stanford Village, Canyon Creek Apartments, and Cupertino Square."

Scottie Hill
Scottie Hill

What do you eat by itself that wasn't intended to be eaten by itself?

A lot of things! Here are some examples: ice cream, popcorn, cereal, fruit, chips, rice, bread.

One person dies from drunk driving every 45 minutes, but we don't ban alcohol. Why can't this argument be used against the idea of banning guns in the USA to stop mass shootings?

There are a couple of reasons why this argument does not work. First, alcohol is not an inherently dangerous substance. It is only dangerous when it is misused. Guns, on the other hand, are designed to be deadly weapons. Second, there are regulations in place to discourage the misuse of alcohol. For example, it is illegal to drink and drive. There are also laws that regulate the sale of alcohol to minors. There are no such laws regulating guns.

If someone got accepted to Hack Reactor and finished all the pre-course work but was struggling in the class despite giving his best effort, could there be a chance he would be booted from the course?

It is possible that a student who is struggling despite giving their best effort may be asked to leave the course.

I went to school with a white guy who is now a semi-famous TV actor. He showed zero input into political or social issues before but now he’s suddenly an activist. Should I call him out for being a phony?

You could, but it might not be the most productive conversation. It's possible that your friend is sincere in his new beliefs, and it's also possible that he's just trying to capitalize on the current moment. In either case, it might be more productive to talk to him about why you think his activism is important, and see where the conversation goes from there.

What size are your biceps?

I do not have biceps.

What is the truth about gravity in space? How does anything stay up there (airplanes, satellites)?

The truth about gravity in space is that it exists, but its effects are weaker than on Earth. Objects in space are subject to the force of gravity just like they are on Earth, but because there is less mass in space, the force of gravity is not as strong. This is why things tend to float in space.

Airplanes and satellites stay up in space because they are constantly moving. The force of gravity is always pulling them down, but their forward momentum keeps them from falling. If they stopped moving, they would eventually fall back down to Earth.

Who would win in a fight between Grizzly Bears, Black Bears, Wolves, Coyotes, Pumas, Lynx, Wolverines and Jaguars?

The most likely outcome is that the grizzly bears would win the fight.

Is having a hero complex bad?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on the individual and their motivation for wanting to help others. Some people may have a hero complex because they genuinely want to make a difference in the world, while others may use it as a way to feel important or needed. Ultimately, whether or not having a hero complex is bad depends on the intentions of the individual and how their actions affect those around them.

Are there any rumors suggesting Microsoft will add a firmware update for HDMI 2.0a?

Currently, I only see HDMI 2.0b updates available in their Firmware and Drivers section. My DisplayPORT input isn't giving me 4:4:4 chroma, so I'm hoping Microsoft will add still enable my Dolby Vision over HDMI once I update to HDMI 2.0a via a firmware update (even though it's "just" chroma).

Is wearing a maxi skirt to school too dressy?

It depends on the school's dress code. If the school has a strict dress code, then wearing a maxi skirt might be considered too dressy.

Why does the brake system light only when driving on turns then turn off?

The brake system light only turns on when driving on turns because the brakes may need to be checked.

Is it as thrilling and exciting in real life to run away from an explosion blast as it is made to look in movies? Does it happen quite often in real combat?

No, it is not as exciting in real life. It happens occasionally in combat, but not often.

How long did Stephen King take to write Carrie?

It took Stephen King about four months to write Carrie.

Why do movie studios region code old movies when they put them on DVD and/or Blu-ray? If region coding exists to help stagger releases worldwide, why bother protecting older films in this manner?

One reason is that movie studios might want to release different versions of old movies in different regions. For example, a studio might want to release a special edition of an old movie in North America that includes extra features not available in other regions. By region-coding the movie, the studio can ensure that only people in North America can buy the special edition.

Another reason is that movie studios might want to release old movies on DVD and/or Blu-ray in different formats in different regions. For example, a studio might release an old movie on Blu-ray in North America but only release it on DVD in other regions. By region-coding the movie, the studio can ensure that only people in North America can buy the Blu-ray version.

Are there any restaurants you're surprised stayed in business?

I'm surprised that Chipotle and Five Guys are still in business.

If you have a startup in India founded like a year ago, how to avail the 0% tax benefit brought out by the government?

There is no tax benefit for startups founded a year ago.

Is a bank statement mailed to old address (inside same state) acceptable as the part 3 proof of residency for the so called real-Id or gold-star driving licenses of USA?

No. A bank statement mailed to your old address is not acceptable as part 3 proof of residency for the so-called real-ID or gold-star driving licenses of USA.

Is there a cover up that the human race already visited (set foot) on Mars?

There is no scientific evidence to support the claim that the human race has already visited Mars.

Which vertical aeroponics yields more production, tower or tray?


Would it be a very big deal if a company in Australia decides to give priority to foreign workers over Australian workers? Why or why not?

There would be mixed reactions to a company in Australia deciding to give priority to foreign workers over Australian workers. Some people would argue that it is unfair to Australians who are looking for work, and that the company should be required to give priority to Australian citizens and residents. Others might argue that the company should be able to hire whomever they want, and that if foreign workers are willing to work for lower wages, then it makes sense for the company to hire them. Ultimately, it would depend on the individual circumstances of the situation.

Why does the world become a small town with no privacy nor boundaries?

The world becomes a small town with no privacy nor boundaries because of the technological advances that have been made in recent years.

What do you regret the most about becoming an adult?

I regret not having more fun when I was younger. I was so busy trying to grown up too fast that I didn't take the time to just enjoy being a kid.

Why do I sometimes feel sad and lost without any reason after a nap in the evening?

There could be many reasons why you would feel this way after taking a nap. It is possible that you are experiencing some sort of sleep disorder, such as insomnia or narcolepsy. It is also possible that you are simply feeling fatigued from not getting enough sleep at night. If you are frequently feeling this way, it is important to consult with a doctor to rule out any underlying medical conditions.

Why are decisions more common in prescriptive process models than in descriptive process models?

Some prescriptive process models, such as decision trees, are designed specifically to help make decisions. In general, prescriptive process models are more focused on providing direction and guidance, whereas descriptive process models are more concerned with documenting and understanding existing processes.

How can I read data from the completely dead hard disk drive?

There is no sure way to read data from a completely dead hard disk drive. However, there are some things that you can try. One is to use a data recovery service, which may be able to recover data from the drive. Another is to connect the drive to another computer and see if it is recognized. If it is, you may be able to access the data on the drive. Finally, you could try connecting the drive to a special hard disk drive reader, which may be able to read data from the drive.

Find the present value of $450 in six years time if the discount rate is 9.5% compounded semi-annually?


If you have severely terroristically toxic/terrorist parents, should you see a therapist or call the cops?

If you have severely terroristically toxic parents, you should see a therapist.

Should indie game developers retain an attorney when they start development?

The answer may vary based on the indie game developer's individual circumstances. For example, if the indie game developer is experienced and has a clear understanding of the legal risks involved in game development, they may not need to retain an attorney. However, if the indie game developer is new to the industry or is unsure about the legal risks involved, they may want to consider retaining an attorney to help protect their interests.

What does a mixture mean in a scientific term?

A mixture is a combination of substances that are not chemically combined.

Is Friends (TV show) really sexist?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it is subjective. Some people may believe that Friends is sexist due to the way women are portrayed on the show, while others may feel that the show is not sexist.

How long does unopened red wine last?

Unopened red wine can last anywhere from 1 to 5 years.

Are percentages always reversible? Is x% of y equal to y% of x all the time?

No, the equation x% of y = y% of x is not always true.

Can you explain a time you have ever felt a sometimes strong or other times gentle nudging that you were missing something or a feeling like you should do something, but you can’t quite figure out what that is?

One time I was out with some friends and we were talking about a past event. I suddenly had this feeling that I needed to apologize to one of them for something I had done, even though I couldn't quite remember what it was. It turns out that I had said something that had hurt their feelings a few weeks earlier, and they had been waiting for an apology.

Would I, a Medicaid recipient, get screwed under a Medicare-for-all system?

There is no definite answer to this question, as it would depend on how exactly a Medicare-for-all system would be structured. However, it is possible that you would receive less coverage under a Medicare-for-all system than you currently do under Medicaid.

What screams "I'm not French" in France?

wearing a beret, speaking very loudly, not knowing how to properly use a fork and knife

Why did Senator John McCain's recent win in the New Hampshire primaries prompt a sudden, and significantly more circumspect, deep-dive into his allegedly heroic military records?

-McCain's military record has been questioned by some of his political opponents in recent years.

-His primary win in New Hampshire may have prompted renewed interest in his military record from both the media and the public.

-A more thorough examination of his record may help to either substantiate or refute claims about his heroism.

How would you argue, advise, and defend your case against Donald Trump's view on global warning since you are a leading scientist on the subject?

Well, first of all, I would remind Mr. Trump that the vast majority of scientists believe that human-caused climate change is a real and pressing problem. I would then explain that while it's true that the Earth's climate has changed naturally in the past, the rapidity and magnitude of the current warming trend is unprecedented, and it is very likely due to human activity.

I would advise Mr. Trump to reconsider his position on climate change, and to start taking steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help mitigate the effects of climate change. I would also remind him that as president, he has a responsibility to protect the American people from harm, and climate change poses a very real threat to our economy, our national security, and our way of life.

The article states that "The ARM64-only packages installation limitation ensured that Linux on DeX was not as versatile as the regular DeX mode." There are a lot of Linux distros that run on Arm. So what is meant by a lack of packages?

The article is referring to the fact that, at launch, Linux on DeX was only compatible with a limited number of ARM64-only packages. This meant that users were not able to install and use their own preferred Linux distribution.

Can Africa host the Summer Olympics by 2020?


Why do my snaps keep saying "waiting," and they never post to Snapchat "Our Story"?

If a snap is stuck on "waiting" it means that the person you sent it to has not opened it yet.

What is a way of identifying or label the following scenario: spouse that talks to therapist or friends, gives them half truths and then comes back to you using what their friends say, with attempts to win an argument. Why I am triggered by this?

The scenario you are describing is known as "divide and conquer." This tactic is often used by abusive partners to control and manipulate their victims. By talking to friends or therapists, they are able to get half-truths or even outright lies about you, which they then use to try and win arguments. This can be extremely triggering for victims, as it can feel like the abusive partner is constantly gaslighting them.

What should I eat when Kundalini is awakened and demands food?

There is no one answer to this question, as each individual's needs will vary depending on their specific situation. However, in general, it is recommended that people who have awakened their Kundalini consume a diet that is high in nutritious foods and low in refined and processed foods. Additionally, it is necessary to stay hydrated, so drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Which public sector undertakings supports their employees to get higher education from abroad ( supports financially)

The Employees' State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) is a public sector undertaking that supports its employees to get higher education from abroad. The Corporation provides financial assistance to its employees for pursuing studies leading to degrees or diplomas from recognised institutions in India or abroad.

What are the keys on the keyboard to use every gun, material, drug, etc. in surviv.io?

There is no specific key to use every gun, material, or drug in surviv.io. However, the following keys can be used to access the different types of guns, materials, and drugs in the game:

1. To access the different types of guns in surviv.io, press the following keys:

Razor: 1
Wraith: 2
Spectre: 3
Scythe: 4
Reaper: 5

2. To access the different types of materials in surviv.io, press the following keys:

Wood: W
Stone: E
Metal: R

3. To access the different types of drugs in surviv.io, press the following keys:

Adrenaline: A
Painkillers: S
Bandages: D

How important is yelling in the military?

The military places a great deal of importance on yelling. Yelling is seen as a way to motivate troops and get them pumped up for battle. In the heat of the moment, it can also help soldiers communicate with each other and coordinate their efforts.

My friend and I are planning to buy a Nintendo Switch. However, she lives in the EU and I’m in Asia. Will it be possible for us to co-op in a game (especially Animal Crossing)?

It is possible to co-op in a game using a Nintendo Switch console that is purchased in the EU and an account that is based in Asia. However, there may be some regional differences that could affect gameplay, such as time zone differences. It is recommended that you check with the game's developers to see if there are any specific requirements or restrictions for playing together across regions.

What is this rope on WW2 planes?

It is a towing rope.

Why is Trichy called Tri City?

There are three distinct regions in Trichy which are the town, cantonment and Srirangam temple. Hence the name Tri-City.

What are the topics of your concept paper: Antidrug campaigns campaigns, youth election volunteer mobilization, animal welfare, rights infringement, environmental conservation, and action?

Your concept paper could focus on any one of these topics, or it could discuss all of them together. It all depends on what you want to emphasize in your paper.

What is the probability you know if your newspaper has been delivered?

The probability you know if your newspaper has been delivered is 100%.

Do you think it's strange that the media outlet usually points its arrows towards Muslims, but they rarely (almost never) point their arrows towards religious Jews when they perform a metzitzah b'peh (ritual that's considered to be a crime)?

It's possible that the media outlet is singling out Muslims because they are seen as more different or "other" than religious Jews. There may also be a perception that Muslims are more prone to violence, so their actions are more newsworthy. It's also possible that the media outlet is simply biased against Muslims.

What caused the pilot and passenger(s) of the unresponsive plane that crashed off Jamaica to lose consciousness?

There is no definitive answer to this question. However, there are several theories. One theory is that the pilot and passenger(s) may have suffered from oxygen deprivation. Another theory is that the plane may have been exposed to a toxic gas.

Inspite being indulged in corruption,still congress win in karnataka ,what people are thinking while voting?

It is difficult to say why the people of Karnataka voted for the Congress Party in spite of the charges of corruption leveled against it. Some possible reasons could be that they believed that the Congress Party was still the best option compared to the other parties, or that they felt that the party had done enough good work in the past to outweigh the recent charges of corruption. Another possibility is that the people may have simply been unaware of the corruption allegations against the Congress Party.

Why is my Psiphon connected and later doesn't connect again?

There are several reasons why your Psiphon might connect and then later not connect.

The most common reason is that the Psiphon server you are connected to is overloaded and cannot keep up with the demand. In this case, you will need to connect to another server.

Another possibility is that your Internet service provider (ISP) is blocking access to the Psiphon network. If this is the case, you will need to use a different ISP, or connect to Psiphon through a VPN service.

Finally, it is possible that there is an issue with the Psiphon software itself. If this is the case, you can try downloading the latest version of Psiphon from our website and installing it again.

Can interior designers create a house plan?

Interior designers are not architects, nor are they licensed to create house plans.

What happens if coal runs out in India? What will be the effect of it on electricity production?

If coal runs out in India, electricity production will be greatly affected.

What should Tim Paine learn to perform better as a captain of Australia?

This is a difficult question to answer. Every captain has different leadership styles and what works for one captain might not work for another. Some possible suggestions for Tim Paine to improve his performance as Australia's captain could include: studying other successful captains and learning from their methods, being more communicative with his team and making sure they are all on the same page, establishing clear guidelines and expectations for his players, and maintaining a positive attitude even in difficult situations.

How can you justify the statement “with the development of technology, there has been growing human control over nature”?

Technology has given humans the ability to control and harness natural resources for their own purposes. This has led to a greater understanding of the world and how it works, and has allowed humans to manipulate their environment to suit their needs.

The government of India lacks guts even arresting the Hurriyat. Will they ever teach a Pakistan a lesson?

The government of India lacks guts even arresting the Hurriyat. Will they ever teach a Pakistan a lesson?

The government of India has no guts. They can't even arrest the Hurriyat leaders. Will they ever teach Pakistan a lesson?

Why is IHOP closing nearly 100 locations amid pandemic?

IHOP is closing nearly 100 locations amid pandemic because the company is facing difficult times. Many people have lost their jobs and are struggling to pay their bills. IHOP is one of the many businesses that have been affected by the pandemic.

What kind of hinge swings both ways?

A double-acting hinge is a hinge that swings both ways.

What is the logic in being god fearing despite committing severe sins? Does being religious negate their bad karma?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Some people may believe that being religious and committing severe sins does not negate each other, while others may believe that one's bad karma can be offset by their religious beliefs.

Why are salaries for engineers/programmers/doctors/lawyers in the USA so much higher in Europe meanwhile menial jobs are equal or lower?

Some potential explanations for why salaries for some professional occupations may be higher in the USA compared to Europe include:

- Differences in the cost of living between the two regions. In general, the cost of living is higher in the USA than in Europe, which means that professionals in the USA may require higher salaries in order to maintain a comparable standard of living.
- Differences in the supply and demand of professional workers in the two regions. If there is greater demand for professional workers in the USA than in Europe, then companies in the USA may be willing to offer higher salaries in order to attract and retain talent.
- Historical reasons. It is possible that salaries for some professional occupations in the USA are higher than in Europe due simply to historical factors, such as longer-standing traditions of higher pay for certain jobs in the USA.

Is there a police radio code where if an officer says the code, every officer in the county should drop what they're doing and respond code 3?

There is no such thing as a universal police radio code. Each law enforcement agency has its own set of codes, and each county has its own dispatch center with its own set of protocols.

What articles/blog posts discuss questions that co-founders should ask each other before starting a company together?

1. What does each co-founder hope to gain from the company?

2. What are each co-founder's strengths and weaknesses?

3. What are the company's goals?

4. How will decisions be made?

5. What is the division of labor among the co-founders?

6. How will conflicts be resolved?

7. What happens if one co-founder wants to leave the company?

How does vaccination help others?

Vaccination protects people from diseases. It can also prevent the spread of diseases.

With such terrible conditions, why did so many men sign up to fight in World War I?

While economic hardship was certainly a factor, the primary motivations were patriotism and the belief that it was the patriotic duty of young men to fight for the Motherland (His Majesty’s Government of Britain).

In so many ways, the First World War was fought by boys who had no business being on a battlefield. The average age of soldiers in 1914 was just 19 years old. The youngest known soldier to serve in the conflict was just 15 years old.

How can I get the number of the person who called my number few months back when I was using a different mobile? Is that possible?

Yes, it is possible to get the number of the person who called your number a few months ago.

What could it mean if I say a dream 4 days after my marriage when my city was under a heavy rain and I gave charity to the poor then that I saw a snake sitting on a chair attacking me and I think the place is maybe a law enforcement office?

It could mean that you are feeling anxious about your new responsibilities, or that you are worried about failing in some way. Alternatively, it could represent repressed anger or resentment towards your spouse. The snake could also be a symbol of deception, betrayal, or danger.

How do political parties determine what type of candidate someone is?

The party's organizers assess the candidate's views on the issues and their alignment with the party's platform. They also consider the candidate's charisma, fundraising ability, and name recognition.

Is Tiger Woods one of your favorite golfers?

No, I do not have a favorite golfer.

Do you guys watch Korean dramas? If you do, can you recommend "Love in the Moonlight"?

Yes, I have watched it and I recommend it!

Is it everywhere or just in India that not changing jobs and staying in a company at the same pay scale is considered a virtue?

I'm not sure about India specifically, but in general, staying with one company for a long period of time is generally considered a positive thing.

In the wake of voice being raised against the inflation, why doesn’t Modi Ji present a white paper on this issue in the parliament?

I liked the question and i wanted to answer him in this blog. First of all i would like to inform to friends who are unaware of white paper. White paper is a document published by Government which present detailed causes of any issue and solution implemented. In India we have seen that government has ignored citizen’s demand on many issues but not this time.

Yes Modi ji has accepted the opposition challenge and presented a detailed

Can a nonprofit truly be controlled by its members, not a board?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on the structure of the specific organization in question. Some nonprofits may be controlled by their members, while others may have a board that exercises more control. Ultimately, it is up to the individual organization to decide how it will be governed.

Why is Subramaniam Swamy sir still continuing in BJP despite not providing any ministry for two terms of Modi government?

There can be a number of reasons. Perhaps he feels he can still help the party and further its goals in some capacity, even if he is not given a ministry. Alternatively, he may not feel that he is qualified or suited for a ministerial position. Additionally, he may simply enjoy being a part of the BJP and working within the party structure.

What is a unique decision regarding marriages in Swat?

In Swat, marriages are often arranged by the parents of the bride and groom. The bride's family will select a husband for their daughter and then present him to the groom's family. If the groom's family agrees to the match, the two families will negotiate a dowry and set a date for the wedding.