🔥👉 What caused my brain to feel more whole after I hit very softly all over my head I could for the first time in my life hear a discussion and felt it was inside one frame instead of without a frame and I could look at it mentally while it filled up?

"✅👉 There is no certain answer to this question. It is possible that hitting your head lightly all over may have stimulated different parts of your brain and helped to increase communication between them. Alternatively, it is also possible that this was simply a coincidence and that your brain would have eventually reached this state on its own."

Lue O'Kon
Lue O'Kon

Will advances in Artificial Intelligence lead to technological unemployment?

There is no definitive answer to this question since it largely depends on the specific application of Artificial Intelligence technology. However, it is possible that advances in Artificial Intelligence will lead to some degree of technological unemployment, as machines may be able to perform certain tasks more efficiently than humans.

How do I plan my trip to ooty from bangalore?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. It depends on your specific travel needs and preferences. You may want to consider using a travel planning website or app to help you plan your trip.

Which organisation released the ‘Forest Governance by Indigenous and Tribal Peoples’ report?

The United Nations Forum on Forests.

How do people in prison stay fat?

Some prisons have vending machines with junk food. Also, many inmates have jobs in the canteen where they have access to high calorie snacks and drinks.

What are the pros and cons of the Chinese economic and social model?

There are a number of pros and cons to the Chinese economic and social model. On the plus side, the model has helped China to become an economic powerhouse, with a GDP that is now the second largest in the world. The model has also helped to create a more equal society, with a large middle class and a reduction in poverty. On the downside, the model has led to environmental degradation, high levels of corruption, and an increase in income inequality.

With sufficiently powerful computers, will statistics, especially probabilities in Physics still exist?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Some experts in the field believe that statistics and probabilities will always play a role in physics, while others believe that as computers become more powerful, they will eventually be able to replace statistics and probabilities with more deterministic models. It is likely that the truth lies somewhere in between these two extremes.

What is a creditable short-term health insurance plan for an international student in the U.S.? I’m looking for one to cover for the months before I officially enter my graduate program.

Aetna Student Health is an option for international students studying in the U.S. Coverage can start as early as the day you arrive in the United States, and extends up to 12 months.

A circle passes through the points (3, 2) and (7, 2), and has radius 2√2. What are the two possible equations for this circle?

There are two possible equations for this circle:

(x-3)^2 + (y-2)^2 = 2


(x-7)^2 + (y-2)^2 = 2

Are there depictions of horsemen in the Roman Republic other than on the coins?

I do not know.

What are some good YouTube channels/tutorials for total beginners at hair, makeup, nails, etc.? I was a tomboy and it feels like I missed the "how to be a girl" handbook that everyone else apparently got.

-Tasha Green
-Alexa Pozniak
-Sammi Doll
-CGH #3

What is the most realistic health system in a game?

There is no one "most realistic" health system in games, as different developers tailor them to fit the specific game world and mechanics they are working with. However, some popular health system conventions include using a percent-based health bar that depletes when the player takes damage, and regenerates over time when they are not taking damage; having separate bars for different types of damage (such as physical, mental, or radiation); and having boosts or items that can be used to temporarily increase the player's health.

Are pussycat dolls getting back together?

There is no solid answer, as the pussycat dolls have not made any official announcements. However, various news sources have reported that the group is indeed planning on reuniting in 2019.

What’s the most you’ve spent on fast food in a single sitting and where?

I spend about $60 on fast food in a sitting. It was at a restaurant called "In-N-Out."

Does a Windows phone wear out after 2 years of use like an Android phone?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors, such as how often the phone is used and how well it is cared for. However, in general, a Windows phone should last longer than an Android phone.

Is the fact that the US is so vast the reason that citizens do not holiday abroad like other countries, or are there other reasons?

There are multiple reasons that US citizens do not holiday abroad as much as citizens of other countries. The US is a vast country, and there are many interesting places to see within its borders. Additionally, the cost of travel can be prohibitive for many Americans, and the visa process can be daunting. Finally, the political climate in recent years has made some Americans hesitant to travel to other countries.

What is some really fascinating research currently being done in nanotechnology?

Some really fascinating research that is currently being done in nanotechnology includes the development of nanoscale materials and devices that can be used to create very small, very powerful electronic and photonic devices. Additionally, researchers are also working on developing nanoscale devices that can be used to create new medical technologies, such as nanoscale sensors that can be used to detect diseases at an early stage, or nano-sized robots that can be used to deliver drugs directly to cancer cells.

Do you agree with my pros and cons of metal gear solid - pro (interesting story) 2, pro (good graphics) 2, pro (enjoyable) 2 = 6/10?

No, I don't agree with your pros and cons of metal gear solid.

Why is there so much stigma to mental illness, let's say schizophrenia, as to common non-mental illness? Where as to date, marry, or casual hookups?

There is a lot of stigma surrounding mental illness because it is seen as something that is not "normal." Mental illness is often seen as a sign of weakness or something that someone can't control. This can make it difficult for people with mental illness to find jobs, housing, and relationships.

What do you think of Trump's statement that he will keep the government shut down for "months or years" to get American taxpayers to fund the wall that he promised that Mexico would pay for?

I think it's ridiculous. Trump has made other absurd statements in the past and this is just another one. The beauty of America is that we have three branches of government so no one person can just do whatever they want. Trump may be the president, but he still has to work with Congress in order to get anything done.

How can research in education assist policy makers in making education relevant to its present times?

Policy makers can use research in education to determine which educational practices are most effective in preparing students for the challenges of the present day. Additionally, research can help policy makers understand how to improve existing education systems to better meet the needs of today's learners.

What is the most popular video war game that kids are obsessed with now?

The most popular video war game for kids is Fortnite.

Has there been a possibility for the climate to rain hot water?

I don't know of any cases where it has rained hot water, but I suppose it is possible.

I recently fell in love with someone. And I'm pretty sure I'm going insane. They say they love me too but they just don't pay enough attention to me. I cry and feel horrible everyday. What's wrong with me?

It's possible that you are suffering from a form of anxiety or depression. Alternatively, you may simply be feeling neglected and unimportant to the person you love. If your feelings are impacting your quality of life, it's important to seek professional help.

What was Pat Benatar's most successful song?

Her song "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" was her most successful song.

If Trump and Xi Jinping lived in Yu-Gi-Oh! universe, what kind of deck will they use to settle the trade war through a duel?

If Trump and Xi Jinping lived in the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe, they would likely use different decks to settle the trade war through a duel. However, Trump would probably use a deck focused on powerful monsters with high attack points, while Xi Jinping would likely use a deck that relies on traps and spells to control the battlefield.

What is the value of the 1st 2 plates in the Beauties of the Red Mansion series issued by Bradford Exchange, in 1988?

According to the secondary market website GoCollect, the value of the first two plates in the Beauties of the Red Mansion series issued by Bradford Exchange in 1988 is $20.

How do the moth maggots free themselves from the bean shell? Surely you wouldn't buy them if there was a chance to have a room full of moth larva.

Moth larva typically tunnel their way out of the bean shell.

Why hardly anyone criticizes the extinct Soviet Union geopolitics of exporting real socialism while so many criticize the United States of America's one of exporting democracy?

There are a number of reasons why the Soviet Union's geopolitics of exporting real socialism is not criticized as much as the United States' one of exporting democracy. One reason is that the Soviet Union no longer exists, so it is not possible to criticize its actions in the same way that one can criticize the actions of a living country. Another reason is that the Soviet Union's exports of real socialism were never as widespread or as successful as the United States' exports of democracy, so there is less to criticize. Finally, many people believe that the Soviet Union's geopolitics was motivated by good intentions, while the United States' geopolitics is often seen as being motivated by self-interest.

What are some good online chat solutions for a fast growing $50M company in electronics components tech?

Some popular online chat solutions for businesses are HipChat, Slack, and Google Hangouts.

What can I do if the Bharat gas dealer did not deliver the cylinder although the online payment was made by me?

If the Bharat gas dealer did not deliver the cylinder although the online payment was made by you, then you should call the customer care number of Bharat gas and register a complaint.

Do you view Social Bluebook as a way to help value assess influencers?

Yes, I view Social Bluebook as a great way to assess the value of potential influencers. By looking at an influencer's past work and the compensation they've received, you can get a good sense of what they might be worth to your brand.

How do you change the given direct speech into reported speech, “teacher: it is your duty to submit your assignment next week. (report to your classmate soon after the teacher)”?

The teacher said that it is our duty to submit our assignments next week and that we should report to our classmates soon after the teacher.

Though I get correct output on code chef compiler, it still shows "wrong answer" during submission. Why is it so?

import java.io.OutputStream;
import java.io.IOException;
import java.io.InputStream;
import java.io.OutputStream;
import java.io.PrintWriter;
import java.io.BufferedWriter;
import java.io.Writer;
import java.util.InputMismatchException;

import java.io.*;
public class Main {

static public void main(String[] args) throws IOException {

InputStream inputStream = System .in ; OutputStream outputStream = System .out ; InputReader in = new InputReader(inputStream);

OutputWriter out = new OutputWriter(outputStream) ; TaskB solver = new TaskB();

int T=in .nextInt();

while(T>0) { solver .solve( in , out ); T--;}

out .close(); } } class TaskB { static class Date { int mnth,day,yr,dateCode; Date() {} void extractDateData(int dt) { day=dt%100 ; mnth=(dt-day)/100 ; //yr=(dt-day-mnth*100)/10000; dateCode=(mnth+12)*100 + 6/4*100 - day;; } public String toString() { return (mnth+12)*100 + 6/4*100 - day+""; } void displayDate() { System .out .println ((mnth+12)*100 + 6/4*100 - day); } } public void solve(InputReader in ,OutputWriter out ) { int N=in .nextInt(); Date D1=new Date(); byte choice=0, flag=0 ; for(int i=0;;i++) { Appear : int mnthDt,dayDt,yrDt,j=0,znkNumber=encodeZNKNumbers(); while((choice=in .readByte())!='\n') znkNumber += choice*power[j++]; if(znkNumber==0) break App

What are the ways that victims of oppression can be helped through angry American internet posts?

There is no pithy answer to this question. Every situation is different, and what works for one person might not work for another. That said, here are a few ideas:

1. Show solidarity. When someone speaks up about their experiences of oppression, show them that you stand with them. This could be as simple as commenting on their post or sending them a private message of support.

2. Help amplify their voice. If you have a platform where you can share their story (e.g., social media, a blog, etc.), do so. This can help bring attention to the issue and potentially reach people who can help in a more concrete way.

3. Direct them to resources. If you know of any helpful resources (e.g., organizations that provide support, counselors specializing in trauma, etc.), share these with the person in need.

4. Be there for them. Sometimes the best thing you can do is simply be a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on. Just let the person know that you're there for them and offer whatever support you can.

In the lead-up to the 2014 World Cup, what's the significance of the super-viral painting by Brazilian street artist Paulo Ito?

Ito's painting, which shows a lone Brazilian girl in a yellow shirt crying amid a sea of green-and-white-clad Argentinian fans, captured the national mood in Brazil ahead of the World Cup. The Brazilian team was coming off a disappointing loss to Argentina in the final of the 2012 Olympic Games, and many Brazilians were worried that their team would not be able to win the World Cup on home soil. Ito's painting encapsulated these fears and served as a rallying cry for the Brazilian team.

Who wrote the poem or story "The Sun loved the Moon so much that he died every night to let her breathe"?

This poem was written by Neil Gaiman.

Approximately what fraction of enterprise Office 2007 installations are at Service Pack 2?

Approximately 1/3 of enterprise Office 2007 installations are at Service Pack 2.

When do teachers decide to contact a student's parents?

There is no universal answer to this question, as different teachers may have different policies. Some teachers may contact parents after every instance of misbehavior, while others may only contact parents after multiple instances or if the behavior is particularly severe.

What are the brief/detailed explanations/information about Virtues of Knowledge and the Eagerness of the Predecessors to seek it in the Bangla/Bengali language?

There is no single answer to this question as there is no one source that provides exhaustive information on the subject. However, a few key points about the virtues of knowledge and the eagerness of the predecessors to seek it can be deduced from various Bengali texts.

From the standpoint of religious texts, it is clear that knowledge is highly prized in Bengali culture. The Qur'an, for instance, contains numerous verses extolling the virtue of knowledge and urging Muslims to seek it out. Similarly, classical Bengali literature is filled with references to the importance of acquiring knowledge. In the epic poem "Shree Shree Ramakrishna," for example, the protagonist Ramakrishna is described as being "filled with the desire to acquire knowledge."

As far as the eagerness of the predecessors to seek out knowledge is concerned, there are numerous examples of this in Bengali history. One well-known example is the case of Shah Waliullah, a eighteenth-century Islamic scholar who travelled to Arabia and India in order to study under renowned religious teachers. Another example is that of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, a nineteenth-century Islamic scholar who also travelled extensively in order to learn from different teachers.

Should veterans be allowed to use their healthcare benefits at any facility of their choosing?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it would likely depend on individual circumstances. Some veterans may prefer to use their healthcare benefits at a facility that specializes in treating veterans, while others may prefer to use a facility that is closer to their home or that offers a wider range of services. Ultimately, it would be up to the individual veteran to decide which facility they would like to use.

In colour theory all the colours together equal white, is this true also when painting a picture?

Colour theory does not dictate what happens in a painting. Some paintings contain only a single colour, while others have many different colours. In general, though, it is true that all the colours together can create the illusion of white.

What is the student role in the Telangana movement?

inciting violence

What’s a good map that shows the per capita homicide rate by county across the United States?

A good map that shows the per capita homicide rate by county across the United States is the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program's "Crime in the United States" maps.

What is the meaning of “literally nearly dropped my dinner when I saw her”?

The person is telling a story about how surprised they were to see someone. They were so surprised that they almost dropped their dinner.

How should I feel when people I don't know add me to their Circles on Google+ ?

There is no one answer to this question - everyone may feel differently about it. Some people may feel happy and honored that someone would want to add them to their Circles, while others may feel uncomfortable or worried about why that person wants to add them. If you're not sure how you feel about it, you can always ask the person why they added you, or simply ignore the request.

Why are high income citizens taxed so heavily?

One reason high income citizens are taxed so heavily is that they can afford it. Another reason is that taxes are progressive, which means that they take a larger percentage of income from high earners than from low earners. This is done in order to reduce income inequality and provide more support for low-income households.

Could Tigray really leave Ethiopia?

There is no easy answer to this question. While the Tigrayan people have a strong desire for independence, Ethiopia is a large and powerful country that is unlikely to allow Tigray to secede peacefully. If Tigray were to declare independence unilaterally, it is highly probable that Ethiopia would use military force to try to re-establish control over the region. This could lead to a bloody and protracted conflict, which would be devastating for both Tigray and Ethiopia.

Does human memory record events just like a video recorder?

No, human memory is not like a video recorder. It is more like a collection of memories that are stored in the brain. The brain can recall memories from the past, but it does not store them like a video recorder.

Is Kashmir slipping away from India's hold due to the absence of any clear cut Kashmir policy by the Modi's government?

No clear cut policy on Kashmir by the Modi government has definitely weakened India's grip over the state. There is a sense of uncertainty and confusion amongst the people of Kashmir which is being exploited by Pakistan to further its own agenda. The Modi government needs to urgently formulate a comprehensive and well thought out plan for Kashmir if it wants to maintain its hold over the state.

Why is Neil Young’s After the Gold Rush considered a classic album?

After the Gold Rush is considered a classic album because of its AAA radio-friendly sound and its highly personal lyrics.

Who would win, Wally West or Sonic the Hedgehog? The teleportation feat isn't allowed because Wally needed help for that.

Wally West would win. Sonic the Hedgehog is fast, but Wally West is faster.

How are electrons returned in a 3-phase alternator? There is no return path in an alternator.

There is no return path for the electrons in an alternator. The electrons flow through the windings of the alternator and are returned to the source via the load.

How does craniosacral therapy work?

There is no one answer to this question as cranio sacral therapists use a variety of techniques to help their patients. However, it is generally believed that cranio sacral therapy works by gently manipulating the bones and tissues in the head and neck area. This manipulation is said to help relieve tension and pressure in the head and neck, which can lead to relief from headaches, migraines, and other conditions.

What's the next number in the series, sequence 3… 7… 15… 31?

The next number in the series is 63.

What is JK Rowling known for besides writing?

She is known for being the creator of the Harry Potter series.

Did WWII or the New Deal end the Great Depression?

The Great Depression officially ended in America in 1941, when the country began preparing for World War II.

Is it disgraceful Victorian shadow treasurer Obrien has questioned budget cuts to road safety?

There is no definitive answer to this question as opinions will vary. Some people may feel that any cuts to road safety measures are disgraceful, regardless of the reasoning behind them. Others may feel that the shadow treasurer is simply doing his job in scrutinizing the budget and questioning where money is being spent. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to form their own opinion on the matter.

When someone says "it’s a westerly wind", or "there's an northern wind", is the wind blowing from that direction or blowing towards that direction?

The wind is blowing from that direction.

What other uses are there for mini waffle makers, other than making mini waffles?

Some people use mini waffle makers to make quesadillas, grilled cheese sandwiches, and even pizza pockets.

How long did the airborne landings last on D-Day? What time did the first troop jump, and what time did they last?

The airborne landings on D-Day lasted from just after midnight on June 6th until about noon. The first troop jumped at 12:15am, and the last landed at 11:30am.

Why didn't Takuya Kimura develop his career beyond Japan? Was no one in Hollywood interested to cast him in movies to tap into the Japan market?

Takuya Kimura is a Japanese actor and singer. He has not developed his career outside of Japan because he has not pursued it. There is no evidence that Hollywood has been interested in casting him in movies.

Does the Viswanatha Sir name belong to the Brahmins?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the Viswanatha surname could be a Brahmin surname or could be from another caste.

What does it mean if my crush sticks up for me all the time even though it's not that serious half the time but always goes on my side of the opinion?

It means that your crush cares about you and is willing to stand up for you, even when it's not necessary.

Does yoga violate the Torah?

No, yoga does not violate the Torah. The Torah is silent on the subject of yoga, so there is no way to know definitively whether or not it violates the Torah. However, some people believe that yoga may violate the Torah's prohibition on idolatry, since yoga can be seen as a form of worship of the Hindu deity Shiva. Others believe that yoga is acceptable under Jewish law, since it is not explicitly forbidden and can be seen as a form of exercise or meditation. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide whether or not they believe yoga violates the Torah.

When will the World War 3 break out and which countries will participate?

I don't think anyone can accurately predict when World War III will break out, or which countries will be involved.

Why do chefs put oil in pasta water?

Chefs put oil in pasta water so that it doesn't stick to the pot.

How are you reborn into the Kingdom if you don't think it is here yet?

You will not be reborn into the Kingdom.

What are the pros and cons of Nordic country economic/political models (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland) compared to the Canadian model?

The main advantage of the Nordic country economic/political model is the high level of social welfare and equality that it provides. This includes things like free healthcare and education, which are paid for through high taxes. Another advantage is that these countries have very strong economies, with low levels of unemployment and high levels of productivity.

The main disadvantage of the Nordic country economic/political model is that it can be quite expensive to live in these countries, due to the high taxes. Additionally, some people may feel that the level of social welfare and equality comes at the expense of personal freedom and responsibility.

Did Rex Tillerson shed his Exxon stock shares yet?

It is not known if Tillerson has sold his Exxon stock shares.

Are there any other of God’s sincere devotees like Bhakta Prahlada who remained unaffected in spite of many atrocities carried out towards them, since God kept saving them because of their sincere devotion towards God?


How does the deregulation agenda play into the responsibilities of workers and consumers?

The deregulation agenda play out in many ways in terms of responsibilities of workers and consumers. For example, it may mean that workers have fewer job protections and benefits, and consumers may have less protection from fraud and other dangers.

Where will the Black Lives Matter movement be in six months?

The Black Lives Matter movement will likely continue to grow and gain momentum over the next six months. This could manifest in a variety of ways, including more widespread protests and demonstrations, as well as greater public and political support for the goals of the movement. Additionally, the movement may continue to inspire other social justice initiatives focused on racial equality and ending police brutality.

What is the most expensive coffee in the world?

The most expensive coffee in the world is called Kopi Luwak and originally came from Indonesia. It is made from coffee beans that are eaten by a certain type of animal and then excreted. This process is said to give the coffee a unique flavor.

What was the debt to GDP ratio of emerging nations that went into debt crisis in the 80's?

The debt to GDP ratio of emerging nations that went into debt crisis in the 80's was 73%.

What is the role of cells in the human body?

Cells are the basic units of life. They make up all of the tissues and organs in the human body.

What is the scary truth behind oil prices going down?

The fall in oil prices is a cause for concern because it indicates that global demand for oil is weakening. This could lead to a decrease in investment in exploration and production, which could lead to even lower oil prices in the future. Additionally, lower oil prices could lead to political instability in countries that rely on oil exports for revenue.

Has machine learning the potential to teach us skills it has mastered, such as how to drive a car, play Go or speak a foreign language? If not, what are the impediments?

There is always the potential for a machine learning algorithm to "teach" us skills it has mastered, but there are several impediments. The first is that machine learning is still in its infancy and is far from perfect. The second is that even if a machine learning algorithm could perfectly teach us a skill, it is not clear how well humans would learn from it. Finally, there are ethical and practical concerns about whether or not we should allow machines to teach us skills.

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