🔥👉 What is the best way to clean fresh picked strawberries?

"✅👉 The best way to clean fresh picked strawberries is to rinse them in cool water and then remove the stem."

Prof. Davin Bradtke III
Prof. Davin Bradtke III

Is barbell complex better than high-intensity cardio?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on individual goals and preferences. Some people may prefer high-intensity cardio for its calorie-burning effects, while others may find that barbell complexes help them build muscle more effectively. It really comes down to personal preference.

How much does a tummy tuck cost in Mexico?

A tummy tuck cost in Mexico can be as low as $5,000.

Why are wild animals not bothered by safari trucks right next to them?

There are a few reasons for this. The animals may have become used to the sight of safari trucks and no longer view them as a threat. The animals may also be more concerned with other threats, such as predators, than with the safari trucks.

Why do I keep hearing kids laughing when I’m alone? Part 2 My parents just left to get food and I’m all alone in this big hotel room we’re in the countryside and there’s no other kids around for miles

There could be a number of reasons why you keep hearing kids laughing when you're alone. It could be that you're missing your parents and feeling lonely, so your mind is creating the sound of laughter to try and make you feel better. Alternatively, it could be that there are other children staying in the hotel who are out of your sight, but their laughter is still audible. If the latter is the case, it might be worth asking a member of hotel staff if there are any other kids staying in the hotel so you can meet up with them and make some friends.

Why does the majority of society look down on recreational drug users while many of that majority feel its fine to take prescriptions by the handful?

There is a lot of stigma around recreational drug use because it is illegal in most places. Prescription drugs are seen as more acceptable because they are prescribed by a doctor and are legal.

Does “break your head” really mean literally breaking one's head?

No, breaking your head is not a literal act. It is an expression that means to think hard about something or to try to solve a problem.

What is image sourcing?

Image sourcing is the process of finding and acquiring images for use in a project. This can involve searching for existing images online or creating new images. Image sourcing can be a time-consuming task, but it is an important part of creating a high-quality project.

The IFFWA, a 501c3 needs to file a 990-N for fiscal years 2021 and 2022 with no assets, no income, no donations, no revenues, no grants made or projected until January 1st, 2023. Can you help do this for us and walk us through it?

Yes, we can help file the 990-N for fiscal years 2021 and 2022. We will need the following information from you in order to do so:

-Your organization's EIN
-Your organization's name and mailing address
-Your organization's website (if applicable)
-Your organization's fiscal year end date

How would the climate change, if the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans were also joined at the equator in a massive geo-engineering effort?

If the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans were joined at the equator in a massive geo-engineering effort, the climate would become more humid and tropical. The ocean currents would change, resulting in warmer water in the Atlantic and cooler water in the Pacific. This would cause more extreme weather patterns, including more hurricanes and typhoons.

If you were to create your own school what would be the ideal curriculum? What skills should kids have before leaving?

The ideal curriculum would include a strong focus on the liberal arts, including English, math, sciences, social sciences, and humanities. There should be a balance of theoretical and practical learning, with an emphasis on developing critical thinking and communication skills. Students should also be given opportunities to learn about different cultures and world religions.

You are taking a cake out of the oven at 400 degrees and burn your hand. All things being the same, will a gas oven burn be worse at that temperature than an electric oven?

There should be no difference in the severity of a burn from a gas or electric oven, as both will be at the same temperature.

Why is dirt not considered alive?

Dirt is not considered alive because it does not have the ability to grow, reproduce, or repair itself.

What is the software behind voice-input-method technology?

There is no one software that is behind all voice-input-method technology. Different companies and developers create their own software for this purpose.

What happened to my mom who died yesterday? My mom was in a car crash. The doctor said that she didn't survive and my older brothers are going to arrange a funeral. Her eyes were closed and she didn't respond. What is happening to her?

Your mother is dead. Her soul has left her body and she is no longer alive.

How can you improve breathing and breath holding?

Some ways to improve breathing and breath holding are to:
- breathe deeply and slowly through the nose
- exhale fully
- relax the muscles in the chest and stomach
- hold the breath for as long as comfortable

Can (and should) the government dictate that food stamps be used to purchase only healthy foods?

There is no definitive answer to this question as opinions will vary. Some people may argue that the government should dictate what food stamps can be used for in order to promote healthy eating habits, while others may say that this would be an infringement on personal freedoms. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide whether or not they believe the government should have a say in what food stamps can be used to purchase.

What is the best way to meet guys?

There is no best way to meet guys. Some people prefer online dating, while others prefer meeting people in person. There are pros and cons to both methods. It really depends on what you are looking for and what type of person you are.

I do believe in aliens. I’ve seen it with my own eyes in the sky tonight like a rocket. I was on 20th Moline. It was a big bright light. Has anyone else seen it?

” another witness said.

Fort Pierre, South Dakota: Medium-bright whitish light streaks rapidly across the night sky. Softball-sized blue light descends, stops and splits headed west then east along the Missouri River, dissipates.

Kevin Barnes in a few moments of his report stopped to observe that it wasn’t just one light in the sky. There were three objects in close proximity two slightly large lights separated by a smaller that seemed to group itself on a rotating basis or be some kind of pulsing Morse Code. Witnesses ask why the aliens would come over Fort Pierre, South Dakota? One can make the connection that if what was said about the relayed communication at Pine Gap USA Satellite Base in Australia is true then UFO activity does indeed increase near the very high tech locations such as Pine Gap and now it seems Fort Pierre being where it is has achieved a similar status as his low lying area runs alongside the Missouri River which allows for transportation from both ends as well as travel from out door high tech to inside areas also because of this its very hard for light craft to land without their arrival stopping traffic in both directions making hide outs very difficult to establish without suspicion so they may have found this wide open flat place perfect for their relocation efforts. Again no one wants to run off those with high tech toys !

Fort Riley Kansas – The March 9th 2016 event caused a bit of a commotion when several bright blueish white lights/Craft flew over Fort Riley Kansas around 10pm cst,9pm MST after approximately 15 minutes there was so much activity people called 911 and local news to cover the story because there official response was ‘it was plane taking off from Martin Army Airfield at Fort Riley and turning South to continue its flight which explains nothing about why there were multiple objects flying side by side and at rapid speeds, travelers on RT 24 report seeing something nuclear and alien land near the base with many authorities on site when they drove past looking for clues to what this could’ve been these types of reports are becoming too commonplace to ignore especially with all these strange UFO sightings, Alien Bases/Alien Ruins and all Atacama Desert Saquinavir Spine, EXT4m’s Norway Mountain Carvings etc being reported most telling included transatlantic flight passengers both commercial flights having similar videos taken independent of each other one Being at 5:30ish am EDT May 31st 2016 not long after takeoff near Boston of anomalies post

Can bikes be parked side by side in NYC streets?

Bikes can be parked side by side in NYC streets if they are not blocking pedestrian traffic or interfering with other vehicles.

Why do so many people believe that Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex did not give birth to her children?

There are many theories as to why people believe that Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex did not give birth to her children. Some believe that the royal family would never allow a non-royal to give birth to the heir to the throne. Others believe that Meghan was not pregnant enough to have given birth to a healthy baby. And still others believe that the royal family used a surrogate to carry and deliver the baby.

How did Sirius Black give Harry permission to visit Hogsmede without the Hogwarts teachers being suspicious?

Sirius Black gave Harry permission to visit Hogsmede without the Hogwarts teachers being suspicious because Sirius is Harry's godfather.

Do you believe that as wealth is concentrated in fewer and fewer hands that the economy is destined to have steadily declining growth?

Yes. As wealth is concentrated in fewer and fewer hands, the economy is destined to have steadily declining growth.

What are some of the best YouTube suggestions or ideas which make the video look attractive and high tech?

There are a number of ways to make a YouTube video look more attractive and high tech. Some suggestions include:

- Use clean and professional looking graphics.
- Use a high quality camera and microphone.
- Edit the video for clarity and cohesion.
- Choose an appropriate thumbnail image.
- Use keywords and tags to ensure your video comes up in relevant searches.

My bf STAYS playing mind games w/ me by doing/saying things that upset me; making me think he's w/ someone while we're apart & on the phone; lying ab almost everything. he says he is getting mad of the accusations though--so idk if it's me or him…?

You might want to consider breaking up with your boyfriend if he is constantly playing mind games with you and making you feel upset. It may be that he is not really interested in being in a committed relationship with you and is instead just trying to string you along. If he is lying to you about almost everything, this is another sign that he is not being truthful with you and that you might be better off without him.

What happens when a cow swallows stapler pin along with paper?

If a cow swallows a stapler pin along with paper, it may pass through the cow's digestive system without causing any harm. However, if the stapler pin punctures the cow's intestines, the cow may develop an infection or other serious health problem.

What is the law enforcement 10 code for hostage situation in progress?


How surprising is it to know that 432 years ago, an author wrote a book to remind people of the horror of not practicing safety precautions outlining the same measures for COVID-19 such as social distancing that some Americans object to?

In his book "Of the Plague in London," Sir Thomas Dekker wrote about how a city could be almost completely destroyed by a plague. He detailed how people would avoid contact with others, how those who were sick would be quarantined, and how those who died would be buried quickly. While some of the specifics are different, the general idea is the same.

Why do we use Ethernet?

Ethernet is a type of computer networking technology that connects computers and devices together on a Local Area Network (LAN). Ethernet is faster than older technologies such as Wi-Fi and can connect devices over longer distances.

Who is the woman that narrates in the ad for the Join the Revolution organization?

The woman who narrates in the ad for the Join the Revolution organization is Lisa Fithian.

Whatever happened to Actress Sharon Stone?

Actress Sharon Stone is alive and well.

Why do sales managers at Zerodha insist on adding Rs. 5,000 in equity and commodity for activating an account? Sales managers say something and the Zerodha support team say something else. Is it the way Zerodha works?

There are a few reasons why sales managers at Zerodha may insist on adding Rs. 5,000 in equity and commodity for activating an account:

1. It could be that they are trying to meet their minimum balance requirements for activation.

2. It could also be that they want to ensure that the account has enough funds to cover any losses that may occur during trading.

3. Lastly, it could be simply because they want to encourage customers to trade more actively and generate more commission for themselves.

How did nations around the globe change, post-WWII?

Nations around the globe changed considerably after WWII. The most notable changes were the rise of the superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union, and the increase in international tensions between these two nations.

Should I send a mail record to a socially withdrawn friend? I wonder if he received mail and know we care. (See comment for details.)

Yes, definitely send a mail record to your friend! It will let him know that you are thinking of him and that you care about him.

How Does Company X Make Money?: How does Quora get money for hosting the site? There seem to be no ads and membership is free.

The company makes money through advertisements and by selling user data.

Is freedom out of control?

There is no definitive answer, but there is certainly a case to be made that freedom is out of control. There is an increasing disregard for authority, law and order, and traditional values. People are more likely to pursue their own desires and goals, even if it means breaking the law or harming others. Social media and the internet have made it easier for people to connect with like-minded individuals and spread their message. This has led to a rise in extremism, anti-social behaviour and violence.

Does Escrima include any ground techniques?

There are a small number of ground techniques that are included in some Escrima systems.

Which short-lived character found in the program "Doctor Who" would you like to see return?

I would like to see the return of Captain Jack Harkness.

Do police officers ever get flashed in order to get out of a ticket?

There is no evidence that this has ever happened.

Is it okay to compromise every matter, and being nice and happy with what I have?

It is okay to compromise on some matters, but you should not be compromising on everything. Be happy with what you have, and be willing to work hard to get what you want.

Is there any way to get a multi-factor leadership questionnaire (MLQ) self-version free of cost?

I'm not aware of any free versions of the MLQ, however there are a number of websites that offer it for purchase.

How does Promotion influence Place? Regarding the marketing mix

An organization's promotion mix (advertising, personal selling, publicity/public relations, and sales promotion) influences the place decisions that are made. For example, if an organization is using an advertising strategy that focuses on TV commercials, then the organization will need to consider where their target market watches TV in order to place their product.

What happens if someone takes the super dragon balls and wishes for super shenron to be like let's say the most powerful anime character could u do this?

I'm not sure what you mean.

Why does upgrading PHP version results in “use of undefined constant wp_content_dir” warning (PHP, errors, wp config, WordPress)?

Upgrading PHP version may result in "use of undefined constant wp_content_dir" warning if the new version is not compatible with the version of WordPress being used.

Is America forcing China into another Korean war?

The United States is not forcing China into another Korean War.

Can I be physically ugly and adorable at the same time?

Yes, it is possible to be both physically ugly and adorable at the same time.

Why does it look like though people don't understand easy things?

There could be a number of reasons why it looks like people don't understand easy things. It could be that the person teaching or explaining the concept is not doing a good job, or it could be that the person learning is not paying attention. Additionally, some concepts may be more difficult for some people to understand than others.

If North Korean leader Kim Jong-un dies within the Trump presidency, will Trump be invited to his funeral? Would Trump go? Will he send a representative? Trump has said that they "fell in love"-- and it would be a historic move, stroking Trump's ego.

No, Trump will probably not be invited to Kim Jong-un's funeral. Even if Trump and Kim Jong-un did have a good relationship, it is unlikely that the North Korean government would invite Trump to the funeral of their leader. Trump may choose to send a representative to the funeral, but it is unlikely that he would attend himself.

Will a narcissist cheat if they truly love somebody's supply? Will they just stick to the main with no sides?

A narcissist may cheat on their partner if they feel that their needs are not being met by that person, or if they are attracted to someone else. However, a narcissist may also cheat even if they are in love with their partner, as they may feel that they can get a better supply of admiration and attention from someone else.

Why did more Jews end up in Germany, Poland, and Russia than other places?

There is no consensus among historians as to why more Jews ended up in Germany, Poland, and Russia than other places. Possible explanations include religious persecution, economic opportunities, and restrictions on Jewish settlement in other parts of Europe.

Which animal milk is to be given to infants in the absence of mother milk?

Goat milk is the best substitute for mother milk in the absence of the latter.

Is GMR Infrastructure Ltd. a good share to buy for the long term?

GMR Infrastructure is not a good share to buy for the long term. The company's financials are weak, and its stock price has been in decline for several years.

What is pollution? Types of pollution and measures to prevent it?

There are many types of pollution, but the most common are air, water, and land pollution. Pollution occurs when harmful substances such as chemicals, sewage, or trash are released into the environment. This can happen through human activities such as factories, cars, and agriculture. Pollution can also occur naturally, such as when volcanoes erupt or forests catch fire.

Measures to prevent pollution include regulating emissions from factories, cars, and other sources of pollution; recycling; and using less polluting products.

How would our current "modern" day and technology be like to archaeologist or historians maybe in the year 3000?

If the archaeologist or historian in 3000 found evidence of our current "modern day" and technology, they might think that we were a very primitive and underdeveloped society. They might be able to tell that we had some form of writing and communication, but it would be very rudimentary compared to their own. They would also be able to tell that we had some form of transportation and travel, but again it would be very primitive compared to their own.

What can other religions learn from Jews? What have the other religions learned from Jews?

Other religions can learn from Jews about monotheism, ethics, and having a strong sense of community. Other religions have learned from Jews about the importance of study, prayer, and ritual.

Is multivariate normal the only distribution with a property (probability, distributions, normal distribution, statistics)?

No, the multivariate normal distribution is not the only distribution with this property.

What happens if you add an effervescent vitamin C tablet to your water and leave it for a couple of hours? Is it ok to drink it? Does it have the same potency?

If you add an effervescent vitamin C tablet to your water and leave it for a couple of hours, the vitamin C tablet will dissolve and the water will be safe to drink. The potency of the vitamin C will be reduced after a couple of hours.

Which tourist country has cheapest currency against Indian ruppee?

The tourist country with the cheapest currency against the Indian rupee is Nepal.

Why didn't enemies simply encircle Roman legion 'turtle back' formations and 'lay siege' to them - just wait them out?

The Roman turtle back formation was typically used to break through enemy siege lines, so enemies would not have used this formation themselves. Additionally, the turtle back formation was vulnerable to flank attacks, so enemies could have tried to attack the Roman legion from the sides.

How do I make a protein shake at home using basic ingredients?

To make a protein shake at home using basic ingredients, mix together 1 cup milk, 1 scoop protein powder, 1 banana, and 1 tablespoon honey.

How can I record sounds through a wall?

There are a few ways to record sounds through a wall. One way is to use a contact microphone, which you can attach to the wall to pick up vibrations. Another way is to use a parabolic microphone, which you can aim at the wall to pick up sounds.

In Dungeons and Dragons, was Tasha a member of the Circle of Eight (Tasha's Cauldron of Everything)?

There is no definitive answer, as the Circle of Eight is not a canon organization in Dungeons and Dragons.

Do people with a lisp have a big tongue or a small mouth?

There is no difference in the size of tongue or mouth between people with and without a lisp.

Is there an app to produce your own quotes to post on all social media?

There isn't a specific app to do this, but there are many apps (like Canva) that allow you to create quote images that you can then post on social media.

Can you explain Leonardo DiCaprio's "Shutter Island" ending?

**Warning: Spoilers ahead!**

The ending of "Shutter Island" sees protagonist Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) finally uncovering the truth about the sinister operation taking place at the titular island's mental hospital. Teddy has been led to believe that he is investigating a patient's death, but in reality, he is the patient, and the entire island is a ruse to keep him contained.

The final scenes see Teddy being carted off to be lobotomized, with his memory of the events on the island erased. The audience is left to wonder whether Teddy's uncovering of the truth was all part of the plan, or if he actually did escape from the hospital and pieced together what happened afterward.

Does allowing cold beer to warm to room temperature, then cooling it again, change the taste?

Yes, allowing your beer to warm up and then cool back down again will change the taste. Warmer temperatures will release more of the beer's flavors and aromas, while cooling it back down will make it more Crisp and refreshing.

I just finished reading Return of Wolverine graphic novel. What graphic novel shows what happens next?

There is not currently a graphic novel that shows what happens next for Wolverine, as the character is dead.

I work with my ex friend and her new supply. Although she has been smear campaigning and trying to get under my skin, I have remained unaffected. If I keep causing her narcissistic injuries, will she eventually leave me alone?

If you have remained unaffected by your ex friend's smear campaign and continue to cause her narcissistic injuries, she may eventually leave you alone. However, it is also possible that she will continue to try to get under your skin in other ways.

What is the best time of day to do a saline enema for maximum clearing and minimum side effects?

The best time of day to do a saline enema for maximum clearing is in the morning. This will allow the body to expel the stool more easily and with less discomfort.

How much longer can Mariupol hold out? Surely there can't be a lot left intact there by now.

I saw an article describing Quds Day in America and our allies; 'In Washington, more than 350 people participated in a "Quds Day" event hosted by the Lebanese community.'We should be rallying and speaking out against Islam and its many atrocities, other than on 9/11, which is not enough either.Remember this woman?? In thisHollywood movie she cuts the head off of someone. You see, it's only a movie, but do they ever do that? Well,, see #12. The fact is, the article says:'The scene shows extremists beheading the man while he pleads for his life by begging them, "I will say anything you want. I will say your prayers.""This is shocking which is exactly the point as far as I'm concerned," he said. "But let me also tell you that Bollywood has produced similar films before... There are also smart phones now where you can scroll through Bollywood movies and watch degraded sex scenes or watch a bloody beheading."'What next??


Oh, yes!, I forgot about this! People in upper New York state are thinking that their dogs have just brought them some very rare birdcrumbs!!!! Our faucet- Filter Queen ! And our windows sure don't stay like that for long after we do them; especially our back kitchen window here since there's only one tree in front of it and we live right next to an elementary school! (That tree isn't mine; it's just outside my bedroom window and I feel like part of my bedroom is actually in it, with my TV hanging on one of itsulurrrrrrubs!! - That reminds me: I need to do some replanting in my garden here- My yarrows died off and never came back last year!They say:If they are indeed birdcrumbs,, that might explain the missing birds at myFeeder Nation over there,- The birds might'nt be missing; they could reeeeeally just becrumbs! Yeah!, What time did I . . . What'shere somewhere?Last weekend? It was like 12:30 or so? Maybe it was earlier? Or later? Maybe between 10 and 11 PM? This happened Saturday night last weekend after we went to visit our 'new relative' who lives in southern Illinois.... - Okay, , , Okay,, so maybe it wasn't really Saturday night ; it could've been Sunday morning

What are the latest marketing trends for high value technological products in India?

There are various marketing trends for high value technological products in India. Some of the latest marketing trends include online marketing, social media marketing, and even influencer marketing.

What is the best technical source for aerodynamic performance information on corvettes?

The Corvette Action Center is the best source for technical information on Corvette aerodynamic performance.

Universities are aware of academic-honesty violations. Why don't they do something about it?

There are a number of reasons why universities don't do more to address academic-honesty violations. First, it can be difficult to detect cheating, especially if students are using sophisticated methods. Second, even when cheating is detected, it can be difficult to prove. Third, cheating may not be a priority for the university, especially if it is not having a major impact on the quality of education. Finally, taking action against cheaters can be controversial, and universities may not want to risk alienating students or parents.

Would a sterilized Earth likely to have higher albedo and totally opaque clouds much like Venus despite also having hotter, almost Venus-like temperatures?

A sterilized Earth is not likely to have higher albedo and totally opaque clouds much like Venus despite also having hotter, almost Venus-like temperatures.

Is there a positive relationship between IQ and salary? If yes, are there studies that find a causal link?

Some studies suggest that there is a positive relationship between IQ and salary, although it is not clear if there is a causal link.

Why can we get scratched or cut by something unknowingly, but then feel the pain hours later when we visibly discover it?

The pain associated with a cut or scratch is caused by the injury to the nerve endings in the skin. It can take some time for the signal from the injured nerve endings to travel to the brain, which is why we may not feel pain immediately after the injury occurs.

Which multi-talented Oscar winner played a nun in the 1992 hit Sister Act?

Whoopi Goldberg.

Why is there heightened concern about an inevitable earthquake in the San Francisco Bay area?

Some geologists have predicted that there is a high likelihood of a major earthquake happening in the San Francisco Bay area in the near future. This is because the area is located on the so-called "Ring of Fire," a band of seismic activity that encircles the Pacific Ocean. The Ring of Fire is responsible for about 80% of all earthquakes around the world.

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