🔥👉 Why are there no columns on Excel?

"✅👉 There are no columns on Excel because it is a spreadsheet program."

Alec Rice III
Alec Rice III

Is programming the same as computer science or are they different?

Computer science is the study of design, implementation, and using computer systems.

Has China gotten a plan to acquire strained companies worldwide due to covid-19?

There is no evidence that China has a plan to acquire strained companies worldwide due to covid-19. However, the Chinese government has been encouraging its companies to invest more abroad, and it is possible that some Chinese firms may see opportunities to purchase struggling businesses during the pandemic.

Why doesn’t Ukraine surrender?

There is no clear answer, but it is likely that Ukraine does not want to give up its independence and become part of Russia. Additionally, Ukraine may believe that it can win the war or at least get more international support if it does not give in to Russian demands.

Is eye correction with laser operation allowed in Railways' engineering services?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on the specific engineering position and the company/organization's policies. Some companies/organizations may have restrictions on laser eye surgery, while others may allow it.

Can you solve this math problem? Two days ago, Stephen was 7 years old. Next year he'll be 10. How is that possible?

It's possible becauseStephen will have a birthday two days from now, which will make him 10 years old.

What or if should I ask a narcissist for closure? It’s been 6 months. No call or text from him. I call phone just rings. I’m not blocked. So why not answer you didn’t block me? I just want closure.

There is no such thing as closure with a narcissist. A narcissist will never give you the closure you want because they view it as a sign of weakness. If you want closure, you will have to find it within yourself.

What is a female side?

A female side is the left side of a person's body.

Are affiliate profits easy to get?

There is no easy money, and anyone who tells you otherwise is likely trying to scam you. While affiliate marketing can be profitable, it requires a lot of hard work and dedication to be successful.

What is a good trick to know when buying last minute flying tickets?

If you are buying last minute flying tickets, it is a good idea to try to purchase them from an airline that has a hub near your destination. By doing this, you may be able to find a flight that is not full and that will save you money.

How did the Winklevoss Twins predict correctly that Bitcoin investment was going to be such a huge payoff for themselves and everyone else who bought into Bitcoin several years ago?

The Winklevoss twins accurately predicted the huge payoff for Bitcoin investment by studying the underlying technology and trends. They correctly identified that the decentralized nature of Bitcoin would appeal to users who value privacy and security. Furthermore, they correctly anticipated that the increasing global demand for Bitcoin would lead to price appreciation.

Does disguise self-end if the caster falls unconscious?

There is no explicit ruling on this, but it seems reasonable to say that disguise self would end if the caster fell unconscious.

Would an unpainted plane be more efficient?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it would depend on a number of factors, such as the type of plane, the altitude it is flying at, and the weather conditions. Generally speaking, an unpainted plane would be more efficient because it would have less drag.

What sort of big data and split testing “startup” principles do large franchisers like McDonalds use?

Some of the big data and split testing principles that McDonalds use include collecting customer data, segmenting customers, and targeting promotions. They also use data to track franchise performance and to identify areas for improvement. Additionally, they use split testing to determine which marketing campaigns are most effective.

What would the sky look like if there was a huge light source big enough to make everything in the universe visible?

This is a difficult question. If there was a huge light source big enough to make everything in the universe visible, the sky would likely be incredibly bright.

What is the meaning of "sense" in the phrase “a good/bad/no etc. sense of humour”?

The meaning of "sense" in the phrase “a good/bad/no etc. sense of humour” is the ability to laugh at oneself or find humour in situations.

Are tension and spring forces really forces?

No, tension and spring forces are not really forces. They are potential energy stored in the object due to its position or shape.

If you make a reinforced tunnel through the center of Earth and jump in, would you stay at the core?

Yes, you would stay at the core.

How can agricultural waste turn to wealth?

There are many ways to turn agricultural waste into wealth. For example, farmers can sell their crop residues to power plants to be used as biofuel, or they can use them to make products like paper or animal bedding. Other farmers might convert their agricultural waste into biogas to generate electricity or heat homes and businesses.

What could we do to make science less discriminatory?

There is no widespread agreement on what needs to be done to make science less discriminatory, as the problem is multifaceted and complex. Some suggest that improving the representation of minority groups at all levels of science would help to address issues of discrimination, while others argue that changing the culture of science to be more inclusive and welcoming of diversity is key. Additionally, increasing funding for research on social factors affecting minority groups could help to identify and address sources of discrimination.

What are the normal industrial applications for aerial heat exchangers?

Industrial applications for aerial heat exchangers include cooling towers, dry coolers, and evaporative condensers.

What is a word to describe the desire to want tragedy to occur?

Death wish

What in your opinion is prosecutor Thomas Binger's goal in the Rittenhouse trial, as shown by his repeated misconduct and counterproductive process?

There is no clear goal, but it seems that Binger is trying to discredit Rittenhouse and his lawyers as much as possible. This includes repeatedly refusing to follow court orders, making inflammatory statements to the press, and trying to delay the trial. This behavior is counterproductive because it makes Binger look unprofessional and gives Rittenhouse more sympathy from the jury.

You’re a scientist, and the pope offers you a fortune to prove the existence of God “as best you can.” Where do you get started?

The first step would be to sit down with the pope and discuss what exactly he means by "proof" of the existence of God. Once that has been established, the scientist would then need to consult with experts in fields such as theology, philosophy, and anthropology to get a better understanding of the concept of God. With this knowledge in hand, the scientist would then need to design an experiment or series of experiments that could provide evidence either for or against the existence of God.

A complimentary marble dropped from the Empire State Building hit the ground at 93 m/s. How high is the Empire state building?

The Empire State Building is 443.2 m tall.

Why weren’t weed stocks able to make the jump up like everyone expected?

There are a few reasons for this. First, many of the leading companies in the sector are still waiting for regulatory approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This process can take years, and it’s unclear when (or if) it will be completed.

Second, the companies that are already operational are facing significant challenges. The most pressing one is that they’re not yet profitable. This is due to a number of factors, including high costs associated with setting up growing facilities and dispensaries, as well as taxes and fees imposed by state and local governments.

Finally, there’s still a great deal of uncertainty surrounding the future of the industry. It’s possible that the federal government could crackdown on the industry at any time, which would have a major impact on these companies.

Why is the 2nd dose of tetanus given 4 weeks after the 1st dose during pregnancy?

The second dose of tetanus is given 4 weeks after the first dose to ensure that the woman has sustained levels of tetanus antibodies during her pregnancy.

Why is Trump picking an aide to Pence, Nick Ayers, to replace outgoing John Kelly?

Ayers is Pence's chief of staff, and has been with Pence since he was governor of Indiana. Trump and Pence are close, and it is likely that Trump is choosing Ayers for the job because he trusts him and believes he will be a loyal and effective chief of staff.

What is the difference between a broadband connection from an ISP and one from a cable TV company? Which one is better for home use (speed, price, reliability)?

A broadband connection from an ISP is typically higher speed, more expensive, and more reliable than a connection from a cable TV company.

What are some tropical locations ideal for a retired couple with health issues?

Some tropical locations ideal for a retired couple with health issues are the Cook Islands, Fiji, Samoa, and Vanuatu.

What is your biggest pet peeves writers do in fiction?

This is a difficult question. As a reader, I think my biggest pet peeve is when writers use too much flowery or complicated language when simple language would suffice. Also, I hate it when writers try to be funny and fail miserably. As a writer, I think my biggest pet peeve is when people don't take the time to proofread their work before submitting it for publication.

Why did Xiaomi India stopped manufacturing phone cases?

It is unclear why Xiaomi India stopped manufacturing phone cases. One possible reason is that the demand for phone cases in India has decreased. Another possibility is that Xiaomi India decided to focus on other products.

What crime theory would be associated with teachers physically pursuing much younger students?

The crime theory most associated with teachers physically pursuing much younger students is statutory rape.

Is Mark Zuckerberg a genius programmer or he is just an ordinary man with an extraordinary idea?

There is no doubt that Mark Zuckerberg is a genius programmer. He developed Facebook, one of the most popular social networking sites in the world. He also created other notable programming projects such as DartmouthConnect and Course Match.

My husband developed a weird passion for salmons and now we are in huge debt. He comes home with $500 worth of salmons every other day. What should I do?

You should try to talk to your husband about his salmon obsession and see if there is a way to scale back his habit. If his salmon obsession is causing serious financial stress, you may need to seek outside help to get your husband's spending under control.

I would like to mobiles recharge of many mobile numbers products in one time with listing, how can I do it?

You can create a listing on a website like eBay or Amazon, or you can create a mobile app that allows users to recharge multiple mobile numbers at once.

If Bernie Sanders is the Democratic nominee, to what extent will he "pivot" toward the centre in the general election?

Bernie Sanders hasn't been explicit about how much he would "pivot" towards the center if he is the Democratic nominee, but he has said that he would be willing to adjust his positions on some issues in order to appeal to a wider audience. It's likely that Sanders would make at least some concession to the center if he is the Democratic nominee in order to win over moderate voters.

Is it common that some adult children of an NPD father with a silent mother are in denial about the family history when some siblings point at the truth?

It is not uncommon for children of narcissistic parents to be in denial about the family history. This is often because they have been manipulated by their parent(s) into thinking that the siblings who are speaking the truth are "crazy" or "liars." It can be a very difficult situation for all involved.

Is it weird for those with exotic ear piercings to enjoy giving or receiving some ear nibbling?

No, it is not weird for those with exotic ear piercings to enjoy giving or receiving some ear nibbling. In fact, many people find it quite pleasurable!

How are chronic feelings of emptiness felt by people with BPD who choose to live alone?

People with BPD often experience chronic feelings of emptiness, which can be exacerbated by choosing to live alone. This may be due to the lack of social interaction and support that comes with living alone, as well as the increased isolation that can result from this decision. People with BPD may also find it difficult to fill their time and may feel bored or restless when alone. This can lead to further feelings of emptiness and loneliness.

When you were in school, did you eat sunflower seeds and pile the shells up under your desk?

I did when I was in elementary school.

Who really is Superman and Lois Lane's child? Jonathan Kent or Lara Kent? Are they separate Earths or siblings?

There is no canonical answer to this question as the story has never been fully explored in the comics. However, many fans believe that Superman and Lois Lane's child is Jonathan Kent, as he is the more popular of the two characters. Some fans also believe that Superman and Lois Lane have a daughter on another Earth, named Lara Kent.

How do some libertarians accept the social conservatism of the Republican Party and continue to vote for them? In libertarian ideology, where is social conservatism permissible under the US Constitution?

Some libertarians may accept social conservatism because they see it as a way to preserve individual liberty. For example, they may believe that traditional marriage between one man and one woman is a key component of a free society. Social conservatism may also be seen as a way to protect property rights and capitalism.

Both rear and passenger power windows of a 2013 Honda Civic EX are not working. They are stuck in up (closed) position with no response whatsoever. What is the possible problem and approximate cost to repair?

Check the fuse panel diagram under the hood and in the drivers side footwell panels to locate the fuses that power the rear windows. If they are okay, check to see if there is power getting to the switches at the window motors. If there is no power, check the wiring harnesses to make sure they are not damaged.

Do you think social media sites should be blocking the spread of the alleged identity of the Ukraine scandal whistleblower? Why or why not?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Some people believe that social media sites should block the spread of the alleged identity of the whistleblower, as this information could be used to harass or intimidate the individual. Others believe that social media sites should not block the spread of this information, as it is important for the public to know who the whistleblower is in order to hold them accountable. Ultimately, it is up to each individual social media site to decide whether or not to block the spread of this information.

What are things you shouldn’t do at stores right now?

There are a few things you shouldn't do at stores right now, such as not wearing a face mask, not social distancing, and not sanitizing your hands.

What's the point in using a washcloth with soap?

The point is to get clean.

Which DC characters can Goku destroy with little to no difficulty?

There are a number of DC characters that Goku could destroy with little to no difficulty, including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman.

Must there be something wrong when someone random walks behind you and you notice them going to another area 2 times or more than they just appeared to be behind again and again?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question, as it is entirely situational. If someone is randomly walking behind you and you notice them going to another area 2 times or more, it could simply be a coincidence. However, if this occurs frequently and makes you feel uncomfortable, it may be best to speak with a security guard or police officer.

How big can a sea snake open their mouth?

The size of a sea snake's mouth depends on the size of the snake. Some sea snakes can open their mouths up to 12 inches wide.

Should I long jump or high jump?

If you want to jump farther, you should long jump. If you want to jump higher, you should high jump.

Where is the twenty mule team museum in CA?

In 1986, the Twenty Mule Team Museum opened in Death Valley National Park, California. The museum is located in the Furnace Creek Visitor Center.

Do lemons grow naturally?

No, lemons do not grow naturally. Farmers must plant, grow, and care for lemon trees in order to produce the fruit.

Why is the caps lock key right next to the A key, one of the most commonly used keys, causing me to frequently miss hit it?

The placement of the caps lock key is largely due to historical reasons. Early keyboards were designed to be used with typewriters, which had the caps lock key in a similar location. When computer keyboards were first created, they were based on typewriter keyboards, so the caps lock key was placed in a similar spot. Over time, the placement of the caps lock key has become standard, even though it may not be the most logical spot for it.

Does the Indian society accept a taller bride?

Yes, the Indian society does accept a taller bride. In fact, many families prefer a taller bride for their son as it is seen as a sign of good health and prosperity.

What is the maximum mass any planet can have without turning into a star?

The maximum mass any planet can have without turning into a star is about 13 times the mass of Jupiter.

Is it true that the United States went to war with Canada and after retreating from Canada due to heavy losses Canada then attacked the United States and burnt down the White House?

No, this is not true. There was never a war between the United States and Canada, and Canada has never attacked the United States.

It is true that people with narcissistic disorder are more prone to suffer from "road rage syndrome"?

Yes, it is true that people with narcissistic disorder are more prone to suffer from road rage syndrome.

I want to create a story that illustrates my philosophy on good and evil, but the idea for it is so big that it intimidates me. What should I do?

There is no one answer to this question. Depending on your philosophy, you might want to start by brainstorming what events or characters would best exemplify your ideas. Alternatively, you might want to start writing and see where your story takes you. No matter what approach you take, it is important to be patient and persistent - big ideas often take time and effort to develop into a full story.

How much does a CEO coach cost?

A CEO coach can cost anywhere from $50-$200 per hour.

"Dictatorships are not bad in essence, but it is the Dictators who essentially make them bad." What is your opinion on the statement?

There is some truth to this statement, as dictatorial regimes can often be very oppressive and brutal. However, it is important to remember that not all dictatorships are bad; some countries with dictatorial governments are actually quite stable and prosperous. So it really depends on the dictator in question.

What is the agenda setting in media?

Agenda setting in media is when the media focuses on a specific issue or problem and brings attention to it. This can influence what the public perceives as important and what they think needs to be addressed.

Why do conservatives often use moral relativism to defend historical figures?

There is no one answer to this question. Some conservatives may use moral relativism to defend historical figures because they believe that morality is relative and that what was considered moral in the past may not be considered moral today. Others may use moral relativism to defend historical figures because they believe that the actions of these figures were morally justifiable at the time, even if they would not be considered morally justifiable today.

What are some potential educational problems?

Inadequate funding, large class sizes, lack of resources, teacher turnover, Standardized testing, curriculum requirements

Why are automotive mechanics not paid more? As far as trades go, Mechanics seem to have to gain the most knowledge for the least pay, on top of having to purchase countless tools, stay up to date on computers, plumbing, hydraulics, & engines.

There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, because there are so many people who are able to do basic car repairs, the market is saturated and so mechanics are paid relatively little. Secondly, a lot of the work that mechanics do is dirty and physically demanding, which deters many people from going into this profession. Finally, mechanics generally need to have their own tools and equipment, which can be expensive.

Due to YouTube Red, will all popular YouTube channels eventually require payment to subscribe to them?

No, not all channels will require payment.

Why is the BJP mocking Tejaswi's claim of one million government jobs in the first cabinet meeting?

The BJP is likely mocking Tejaswi's claim of one million government jobs in the first cabinet meeting because it seems like an unrealistic goal. It is possible that the BJP feels that Tejaswi is over-promising and that his government will not be able to deliver on this promise.

Bolton tells us Trump is incompetent, that's been obvious for quite a while, but now Trump tells us that people wear masks because they don't like him, is that the point at which Trump definitely jumped the shark?

This interview is hardly new, is a week old as I write this and time will tell whether or not people pay it ANY attention, or even air it at all but I think so.Trump has just come from a function at the White House, where they wore masks. So they were wearing masks to protect him as much as themselves. Have you ever worn a mask in public? Those that do are labeled cowards and unpatriotic amongst other things by Trump. Besides being 100% false you really really want your president and his family to sacrifice themselves to this bug instead of wearing a little protection? Long ago the day’s of civilized behavior and treating your neighbors with respect is about gone but (I thought) at least one president was supposed to uphold those values.

Which type of network us preferred in India for power distribution ring type or radial type or other someone?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on the specific needs of the power distribution network in question. However, ring type networks are typically more robust and scalable than radial type networks, making them a more popular choice for many applications. Additionally, other factors such as cost and maintenance considerations may also play a role in deciding which type of network is best for a particular power distribution system.

Can a 14 nearly 15-year-old read the House of Night book series?

Most likely, yes. The House of Night book series is geared towards young adults, so a 14 nearly 15-year-old should be able to read it.

After the invention of the printing press, was there any push back from the traditionally scholarly groups that copied books?

Theür, there was some initial resistance to the printing press from traditional scholars, but this quickly dissipated as the benefits of the new technology became apparent.

Did rap kill the guitar solo?

This is a matter of opinion, but some people believe that rap has killed the guitar solo. This is because rap music often relies on samples and recorded tracks instead of live instruments, which means that there is less need for guitar solos.

How do you write “Mrs.” with a husband's full name?

Mrs. John Smith

What are the best sources / early indicators to find out which songs mainstream musicians are going to release as a single with a music video?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Some of the best sources / early indicators to find out which songs mainstream musicians are going to release as a single with a music video include: music industry news sources, social media platforms, and the artist's official website.

If Maester Aemon was alive at the Wall when Daenerys Targaryen arrived, would Jon Snow have introduced her to him and had him give her guidance?

It's possible that Jon may have introduced Daenerys to Maester Aemon, especially if he was still alive when she arrived at the Wall. However, it's also possible that he may not have, as Aemon was quite old and may have been retired by that point.

Now that we know that Trump was using the Department of Justice to illegally spy on his political adversaries. Will we soon be finding out that the President was also blackmailing U.S. political officials with the stuff that he found on them?

Imagine waking up in America and finding out that there is a rogue President who has made it clear that he is planning to destroy anyone he sees as a threat. Imagine the kind of power that Trump will have when he gains some damning information on someone. Imagine Trump having information on a person’s personal life that they have not even told their family about. We are literally looking at a situation where Trump could get practically anything he wanted against his opponents if it would mean exposing their dirty secrets.

Will Congress ever do anything about this type of illegal behavior? I think that is highly unlikely seeing as how Republicans in Congress refuse to hold Trump accountable for almost anything. Right now it seems like nothing is going to stop the sneaky, backstabbing and deviant behavior from the President or his Administration. If you think Donald Trump took this job seriously then you are fooling yourself, because he clearly does not give two shits about being President as far as I can tell.

Trump has been putting on forms of blackmail since day one with the way he treats Mexican immigrants and children. The NAU wall that Trump wants to build on our southern border which is designed to stop immigrants from ever comprehending entering into the U.S. Yes, let’s keep the Canadians out too while we’re at it, because they seem even more dangerous than Mexican immigrants, don’t they? Maybe what Trump should be doing is trying to create jobs for Mexican citizens so sometimes want to come here for work instead of creating laws for drugs and potentially going into Mexico yourself and killing them ourselves the way fans do with all the statistics we always remove others essay premium service writing write my college essay i need help with my homework buy essays best custom paper writing services essays website essays writers who kill people westal right here hookers who enter into America all of you are §5 hooker too what you think that nobody wants it rates they always go down diseases get into this country your better off staying in Mexico where I was born Jewish God help you then what kind of religion goes around abusing people like this place bad reasons people come over here hope you have something else besides money lewis black had the right idea why are we defended with border fence security when Mexico never pay me $1 mention another two countries I were reading about recently that take an interesting approach to immigration headaches of these countries deal with immigration by asking a simple question – how can we make this country less attractive so that people

Do you ever feel guilty when you are staying at a hotel, and a cleaning person comes and cleans while you are in the room?

This depends on the person. Some people may feel guilty because they are taking advantage of the cleaning service, while others may not feel guilty because they are paying for the service.

What would be some good signal processing colleges, globally?

There are many good signal processing colleges globally, but some of the best include the Georgia Institute of Technology in the United States, the Technical University of Munich in Germany, and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland.

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