🔥👉 Why have our political parties bundled social and fiscal positions as they have?

"✅👉 The two main reasons are partisanship and special interests. Special interests often have a large impact on both social and fiscal policy. For example, the National Rifle Association (NRA) is a special interest that lobby for gun rights. They would be more likely to support a party that also opposes gun control. Another example is the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), which is a special interest that lobby for education reform. They would be more likely to support a party that also supports education reform."

Dr. Caterina Hane
Dr. Caterina Hane

Guava leaf extract provides zinc, does that mean guava leaf tea does as well?

While guava leaf extract does provide zinc, there is no guarantee that guava leaf tea does as well. The reason being is that the extraction process itself can remove certain nutrients from the leaves. Therefore, it is best to consult with a healthcare professional to determine if guava leaf tea provides zinc.

What are the Ubuntu 16.04 LTS system requirements?

The minimum system requirements for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS are:

-A DVD drive or 2 GB USB flash drive
-1 GHz x86 processor
-2 GB system memory
-25 GB of free hard drive space

Which is the most divine six letter word in the English language?

There is no definitive answer to this question as what may be considered divine to one person may not be considered as such by another. However, some potential six-letter words that could be considered divine include 'light', 'power', 'grace', and 'love'.

I am skinny guy, about 50 kg weight, I have started gym to gain weight and gain size, should I have to use any protein powder to gain weight?

There is no need to use protein powder if you are specifically trying to put on weight. A high calorie diet including things like peanut butter, oils, fatty meats, and full fat dairy will help you pack on the pounds. Workout routines that focus on compound lifts will also help you build muscle mass.

For every student, what is the output of the submissions we submit in the colleges?

The output of submissions in colleges varies depending on the college and the type of submission. In general, grades and comments are given in order to provide feedback to students on their work.

Does Peter Pan lose his shadow when he takes off his shoes?

No, he does not.

Do medical devices / supplies sell well on eBay?

This is difficult to answer, as it depends on the item in question. Some medical devices and supplies may sell well on eBay, while others may not.

Is Trump so desperate to overturn the election because he knows if he fails, he'll go to prison?

There is no concrete evidence that Donald Trump is aware that he will go to prison if he fails to overturn the election. However, many experts believe that Trump is under significant legal pressure and may be facing charges once he leaves office. This theory could explain why Trump is seemingly desperate to overturn the election, as a way to avoid potential criminal charges.

What kind of liability would Google be subject to if their 'self-driving' vehicles were involved in a mishap on the road?

Depending on the severity of the mishap, Google could be subject to a range of liabilities. If the mishap resulted in injury or property damage, Google could be sued for negligence. If the mishap was caused by a defective product, Google could be sued for product liability. If the mishap was the result of criminal behavior, Google could be sued for vicarious liability.

What did you say at a job interview that automatically landed you the job?

I didn't say anything in particular that landed me the job, but I made sure to emphasize my interest in the company and my excitement about the opportunity.

Would China be devastated if their citizens knew about their governments history? I personally think not, but what do you guys think?

I think that China would be devastated if their citizens knew about their governments history. The reason I think this is because China has a lot of history that is not known to the world. If the world found out about this history, it would be a shock to many people.

Is it normal to tell friends your relationship problems? Why or why not?

It is normal for people to tell their friends about their relationship problems. Friends are a good source of support and can offer advice. Talking about problems can also help people to feel better.

Albus Dumbledore never seemed to confide anything in anyone, like for example not telling Harry more about the Horcruxes and how to destroy them, was this his biggest failing?

This is difficult to answer, as it is hard to know what Albus Dumbledore's intentions were with regards to the Horcruxes. It is possible that he did not want to burden Harry with this knowledge, as he knew that Harry would have to face Voldemort eventually. It is also possible that Dumbledore feels that it is better for Harry to figure out the specifics of destroying the Horcruxes on his own, as this will make him a stronger wizard in the end.

Did modern agriculture make subsistence farmers (majority of the population in non-developed countries) poorer by driving down the relative value of their crops over the years?

In subsistence agriculture, farmers grow crops primarily to feed themselves and their families. They sell any excess crops in local markets. Since they do not rely on the sale of crops for their income, they are not as affected by changes in the prices of crops. However, modern agriculture has changed the way that many subsistence farmers farm. It has introduced new technologies and techniques that have increased yields and made farming more efficient. This has allowed some subsistence farmers to sell more of their crops and make a higher income. However, it has also put some subsistence farmers at a disadvantage. If they cannot keep up with the changes in technology, they may not be able to produce as much food for their families. They may also be unable to sell their excess crops in the local market, because other farmers are producing more food than there is demand for. In general, modern agriculture has not made subsistence farmers poorer, but it has created some winners and losers.

Did the previous markets fall 1.26% despite reformist budget cues?

While markets did contemplate the possibility of a populist budget given that it is an election year, the cues from North Block indicated quite the contrary. A reform-oriented budget with measures to push rural economy as well as to cull inflation, even if it is modified expenditure and not a reduction, was anticipated.

The slide today was also unrelated to the no Budget Question Hour debate held in Parliament, against which the Opposition has deputed Mallikarjuna Kharge to protest on Monday.

What obviously jolted investors were shocker quarterly results. Jubilant Life Sciences, India's second-largest biotech company, reported a stomach churning loss per share of Rs 112.6 on Friday. The shares tanked nearly 30% in trade today to end at Rs 368.5 per share. (Read story here.) Another stock that got hammered for losses was Jindal Steel and Power Ltd (JSPL, down 4%), after it reported flat sales with 41% drop in net profit to Rs 307 crore compared with last year. JSPL's consolidated net sales during the December quarter also declinesbut stood at Rs 4,464 crore compared with key competitors Tata Steel's reported Rs 32,992 crore and SAIL's reported Rs 14,836 crore resulting in higher cost per unit meet competition.

Indian Hotels Co Ltd (IHCL) registered disappointing second quarter growth with revenue growing by just 5 percent at Rs 1,040 crore against Rs 992 crore reported last year (YoY) while deferred tax liability forced them to report loss of Rs 45 crore against profit of Rs 57 crores. Stores had earlier warned of impact due to USD volatility but that still did not deny the realisation that Q2 growth is slower than what was anticipated at estimated 5-7%. In spite of no outright concern surfaced over utilization levels IHCL has reaffirmed its focus on driving revenues on local and domestic front than long distance business revenue growth.

Allied Digital shares plummeted over 7%, after disappointing second quarter results which witnessed increase in its gross debt from previous quarter due to forex loss. Profit during Q2 grew 21 percent yoy at Rs 30 crore but in ytd basis net profit plunged 37% yoy to daily moving average price of rs 60 crore for FY 16 against rs 95 crore recorded earlier in strength brokers report. Brokers like Angel Broking report turns out to be disappointment due mainly to poor operating margin(just 2%) reported as compared to

Why is the current Northern Alliance in Afghanistan so small compared to the one in the 1990s?

The current Northern Alliance in Afghanistan is small compared to the one in the 1990s because of the following reasons:

1) There has been a significant reduction in military support from Russia and other countries.

2) The Taliban has gained ground militarily, and now controls a large portion of the country.

3) Many of the original members of the Northern Alliance have died or been killed.

Do colleges that don't require an SAT essay still look at your scores if you send them? What if they are bad, but your overall is great?

essay section will not be considered as part of your application.

How has Leo Messi's individual style of play changed over the past ten years?

Over the past ten years, Messi's individual style of play has become more refined and clinical. He has developed into a more complete player, who is now just as comfortable scoring goals as he is creating them. He is also a more consistent performer at the highest level, which was evidenced by his record-breaking run of 73 goals in all competitions for Barcelona in the 2011-12 season.

What is Last date to avail interest subsidy under Pradhan Mantri awas Yojana for MIG?

The last date to avail interest subsidy under Pradhan Mantri awas Yojana for MIG is March 31, 2022.

How do you tackle people who always brag about themselves?

You can try to avoid them, or you can be honest and tell them that their bragging is annoying. Some people might not realize that they are doing it, so telling them might help. If they continue to brag, you might want to distance yourself from them.

Is chiropractic medicine nonsense, or does it have legitimate value, as defined by traditional science?

There is no easy answer to this question as it depends on who you ask. Some people swear by chiropractic medicine and say that it has helped them immensely, while others believe that it is nonsense. Traditional science has not been able to definitively say whether or not chiropractic medicine has any value, so it is ultimately up to the individual to decide if they think it is worth trying.

What jutsu in Naruto do you relate to the most? In other words, based off of your personality and experiences in life, what jutsu/technique seems fitting for you to have if you were shinobi?

I relate to the Ninja Art: Transformation Jutsu the most. I think this is because I am constantly changing and evolving as a person. I am always growing and learning new things, and my perspective on life changes all the time. I also think that this jutsu represents my ability to adapt to new situations. I am very good at adjusting to new environments and making the best of whatever situation I am in.

Do beekeepers allow queen bees to leave the hive?

Most beekeepers do not allow their queen bees to leave the hive.

How can Americans change the US?

The answer may depend upon one's interpretation of the question. Some might say that Americans can change the US by becoming more engaged and active in their communities, and by voting for politicians who share their values. Others might say that Americans need to work on becoming more tolerant and open-minded, and on mending the divisions that exist within the country.

Can a traumatic event make you hungry?

There is no simple answer to this question, as each individual responds differently to trauma. While some people may lose their appetite or find that they are unable to eat following a traumatic event, others may find themselves feeling ravenous. In some cases, changes in appetite after a traumatic event may be due to underlying medical conditions, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, or anxiety. If you are struggling to eat or are having difficulty maintaining a healthy appetite after a traumatic experience, it is important to talk to your doctor or a mental health professional to rule out any underlying health concerns.

My great aunt just died and it feels like it was my fault. What should I do?

It is not your fault that your great aunt died. Try to remember all of the good times you shared with her and take comfort in the fact that she is no longer in pain. If you are struggling to cope with her death, consider talking to a grief counselor or therapist.

Was there any video or written recordings of disc-shaped UFOs before the invention of aircraft or vehicles in general? If so, how did people describe it?

There are no known written or video recordings of disc-shaped UFOs before the invention of aircraft or vehicles. There are, however, many accounts of disc-shaped objects in artwork and literature from various cultures around the world. These objects are often described as being in the sky or flying, and they are often associated with gods or other supernatural beings.

Why are women in India expected to cover their body? Why isn't it the same for men?

There is no single answer to this question as customs and expectations vary across regions and communities in India. In some cases, covering the body may be seen as a way to protect women from being objectified or harassed. In other cases, it may be seen as a way to preserve modesty and dignity.

What's the difference between free-free and Thomson scattering within stars?

The difference between free-free and Thomson scattering is that Thomson scattering is the process in which photons are scattered by free electrons, while free-free scattering is the process in which photons are scattered by free protons.

How big is a fly's eye?

A house fly's eye is about 0.08 inches in diameter.

Is it possible to get into DJing casually or do I need to have access to/acquire some non-trivial amount of equipment and music to be able to do anything?

Generally speaking, you can get into DJing with just a laptop and some music software. However, depending on the style of DJing you want to do, you may need to invest in additional equipment, such as turntables, controllers, or mixer.

Will President Biden speak about the Afghans who fell off the airplane wings trying to escape?

There is no indication that President Biden will speak about the Afghans who fell off the airplane wings.

Why did the rating of the TikTok app on the Google Play Store turn to normal again?

There is no definitive answer to this question, but it is speculated that the rating of the TikTok app on the Google Play Store turned to normal again because the app's parent company, ByteDance, removed the app from the store after coming under pressure from the Indian government.

Who funded the disgraced Rohm to create an army of 30 thousand strong paramilitaries, uniformed and armed?

The German government under Chancellor Adolf Hitler.

What are your favorite K-pop stage outfits and performances?

There are just too many great K-pop stage outfits and performances to choose from! Some of our favorites include BTS's "ON" stage outfits, which were inspired by traditional Korean hanboks, as well as their "Boy With Luv" stage outfits, which were inspired by American streetwear. We also loved BLACKPINK's all-pink stage outfits for their performance of "Kill This Love," as well as Red Velvet's playful and colorful stage outfits for their performance of "Red Flavor."

Do cows eat oranges?

There is no right answer to this question because everyone has different opinions. Some people might say that cows eat oranges, while others might say that they don't.

This is about radiography. I start it next fall and I feel like no one understands when I ask them what should I emphasize my focus on. Do you actually use physics everyday in detail as an X-ray tech?

There is a lot of physics involved in radiography, and X-ray techs use it everyday in their work. It is important to understand the basics of how X-rays interact with the body and how to properly use X-ray equipment.

MacBook Air: What am I missing by picking Mini Display to HDMI adapter instead of Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter?

The Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter is able to output both video and audio, while the Mini Display to HDMI adapter is only able to output video.

Do you know or perhaps any of your sources know what is going on in Antarctica right now? We have 4,000 troops and scientific personnel down there.

I don't have any specific information on what is going on in Antarctica right now, but I would imagine that the troops and scientific personnel are engaged in research and surveillance activities.

Why is oxygen concentrators lying with customs, high court demands details?

The high court had observed that mini oxygen concentrators cannot be compared with the larger ones.

What As the number of covid-19 patients continues to rise in stark against the backdrop of a raging second wave, mini oxygen concentrators have emerged as a life saver for many in the country. According to industry estimates, India's demand for portable oxygen concentrators has surged 100 per cent. But there is only one issue: Customs departments across Different states are simply not releasing Several hundreds of these hugely sought-after medical devices as they allegedly fear such portables are being smuggled from China.

The Delhi high court on Wednesday asked A Delhi customs department why aerosignments of oxygenthey were detaininhspectors had been conspiring not to allowoxygen concentrators Citing this precedent, the HC said since most of the seized mini oxygen concentration machines were purchased online and imported using express mode, "customs cannot enforce customs laws in matters pertaining to national calamity"."You (customs) probably think it is so small that we could conceal something within that small case/machine. What would you like us to shove inside?" asked Justice Navin Chawla. The court was hearing a plea of Vikas Miglani, who said that over 6,00000 oxygen concentrators are stuck at customs at airport and sea port.The high court had observed that mini oxygen concentrators cannot be compared with the larger ones."It is difficult to comprehend on what basis custom authorities suspect them [mini oxygen concentrators and specialised Face masks] as smuggled goods from China," said Justice Navin Chawla on India's concerns regarding China smuggling medical equipment into India through Nepal during Covid 19 related health crisis.

Where was God when Junku Furuta was suffering, and why did he let those boys leave peacefully?

There is no one answer to this question. Each person's beliefs and understanding of God would likely lead to a different answer.

What was the opera or aria that initially turned you onto classical opera?

I cannot remember what the first opera was that I saw, but I do remember being taken to see an opera at a very young age. I think it was Carmen. It made a huge impression on me.

According to the Bible, being gay is a sin. Does the Bible say anything against supporting them?

The Bible does not explicitly say anything against supporting gay people, but it does say that homosexuality is a sin.

Is the process of journalism moving towards the study of mathematical models on social structures dynamics?

There is no single answer to this question because it depends on the individual journalist and the specific news organization. Some journalists and news organizations may be moving towards the study of mathematical models on social structures dynamics, while others may not be interested in this type of research.

What should I do when I travel to Mainz, Germany?

Some things to do in Mainz, Germany include visiting the Gutenberg Museum, taking a cruise down the Rhine River, and exploring the city's many churches.

How can I meet Arjun Kapoor? I'm a big diehard fan of him.

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Some fans of Arjun Kapoor attend his movie premieres, fan events, or public appearances in hopes of meeting him in person. Others try to connect with him on social media platforms such as Twitter or Instagram.

Where are Freemasonry lodges near Dhaka for a new membership?

There is no definitive answer to this question since Freemasonry lodges are spread throughout the world and new membership requests are handled on a case-by-case basis. However, some possible Freemasonry lodges near Dhaka that may be able to assist with new membership requests include the Bangladesh Lodge No. 739 in Dhaka, the Oriental Lodge No. 2 in Dhaka, and the Excelsior Lodge No. 1099 in Chittagong.

Why don't Indian directors or filmmakers try to make a movie on astronauts or space research? Why has a movie like or close to Interstellar or Gravity never been made in India?

There are a number of reasons why Indian directors or filmmakers do not make movies on astronauts or space research. One reason is that the Indian film industry is not as large or well-funded as the Hollywood film industry, so Indian directors and filmmakers may not have the resources to make a movie on this scale. Additionally, the Indian film industry is not as well-known for making science fiction or space-themed movies as Hollywood is, so there may not be as much of an audience for this type of movie in India. Finally, there is also a general lack of knowledge about space research and astronomy in India, so Indian directors and filmmakers may not feel they have the expertise to make a movie about this topic.

Are/were there leaders with a great sense of humor? Any incidences to recollect?

Yes, there were leaders with a great sense of humor. One incidence I remember is when one of the leaders was pretending to be a chicken and another leader was trying to catch him. They were both laughing and it was a lot of fun to watch.

Why do people think Ali would easily beat Tyson Fury, when there is almost no instance of a top boxer defeating another top boxer who is over 20% heavier?

Some people think Ali would easily beat Tyson Fury because of his speed and agility. However, there is no guarantee that this would be the case.

What type of flowers do you send to the director of an opera?

There is no set type of flower that you must send to the director of an opera, but many people choose to send a floral arrangement or bouquet that includes a variety of elegant blooms in colors that complement the decor of the Opera House. Alternatively, you could consider sending a less common type of flower that has special meaning to you or the director.

Who doesn't mind wearing Joe Snyders swimwear?

People who are comfortable with their bodies and do not mind showing skin.

Is it true, that Congress Party is hand in glove with terrorist organisations and is using shady tactics to undermine national security?

There is no confirmed evidence to support these claims. Congress Party has consistently denounced terrorist activity and has worked with security forces to combat terrorism.

Why are big countries like America and the UAE asking for hydroxychloroquine (drug against COVID-19) from Narendra Modi? Does India have enough to itself and for export?

There are several reasons why big countries like America and the UAE are asking for hydroxychloroquine from Narendra Modi. First, India has a large population and therefore has a large potential market for the drug. Second, India is a developing country and its government is likely to be more willing to negotiate prices than developed countries. Finally, India has been successful in controlling the spread of COVID-19, which makes it an attractive supplier of the drug.

How long did it take you to learn the Rubik's Cube and how did you do it? Did you lose interest once you mastered it?

I learned how to solve the Rubik's Cube in about a week, using an online tutorial. I didn't lose interest once I mastered it because I enjoyed the challenge of trying to solve it faster and faster.

What are the expected short-term effects on society, after the recent jaw-dropping performance of Google's chess engine AlphaZero?

There will likely be a renewed interest in chess as a result of AlphaZero's performance. There may also be an increase in the number of people who play chess online or on mobile devices.

Which universe would win, High School DxD or Dragon Ball Super?

High School DxD would win.

I'm dropshipping from Aliexpress. The shipping time and terms are great, but suppliers photos are not as descriptive. Other suppliers have really nice high quality pics. Can I ask for their permission to use photos even if we are not collaborating?

You may be able to ask for permission, but it is not guaranteed that you will receive it. It is best to find another source for high quality photos.

Why do Trump supporters believe that spending billions of dollars on a concrete border wall will be effective, even though House Democrats and Republicans agreed on a deal where $1.3bn will be spent on fences with metal slats, not a concrete wall?

Donald Trump's supporters believe that a concrete border wall will be more effective at deterring illegal immigration than any other type of barrier because it is a physical symbol of the United States' commitment to its sovereignty. Trump has said that a concrete wall is the only way to stop drug dealers, criminals, and terrorists from coming into the country, and his supporters believe him.

Are Polynesians indigenous?

There is no one answer to this question as the Polynesian people are spread out across a large area and have a diverse range of cultures. However, some experts believe that the Polynesian people are indigenous to the region, while others believe that they migrated to the area from other parts of the world.

Why did Nick tell Gatsby that he was better than "the whole damn bunch of them"?

It is not entirely clear, but it seems that Nick is impressed by Gatsby's energy and drive. He may also believe that Gatsby is a more honest and straightforward person than most of the people he knows.

A stray cat I've become close with has suddenly stopped meowing and refused the food I gave her. When I was with her, she suddenly went and hid herself near my house. Is she dying?

If the cat has stopped meowing and is hiding, it is likely sick or injured. It is best to take the cat to a veterinarian to have it checked out.

Why does lotion make my skin feel tightened up, is this bad (it feels bad)?

It's probably not bad for your skin, but it might not be the best moisturizer for you. Try using a different lotion or a different type of moisturizer.

How do holocaust deniers explain the big amount of evidence available (such as photos, objects, books, etc)?

Holocaust deniers typically deny or minimize the suffering of the Jews during World War II. They may claim that the Holocaust was exaggerated or that it did not happen at all. They may also argue that the Nazis did not have a specific policy to kill Jews, or that the death camps were not designed for extermination.

Do girls generally steal carrots from their hostel canteens?

No, girls do not generally steal carrots from their hostel canteens. While some individuals might engage in this behavior, it is not considered to be typical of girls as a whole.

What does it mean when there’s birds chirping outside by my window but I see no birds? This is also always at night after 11 pm.

This is likely an instance of auditory hallucinations. It could be caused by a mental health condition, medications, sleep deprivation, or illegal drugs. If you're concerned about this happening frequently, it's best to speak with a doctor.

Was your doctor obviously high during an examination?


What causes pictures to show up as a blank square in my phone’s web browser?

There are a few potential causes for this problem. One possibility is that the phone does not have the correct software to support the image format. Another possibility is that the image is corrupt or broken.

What devices can input and output information?

Some common devices that can input and output information are computers, printers, scanners, and digital cameras.

What are long chats or quick data?

Long chats are extended conversations between two or more people, typically over a period of time. Quick data is information that can be quickly accessed and used.

What is a RAW file system?

A RAW file system is a file system that has not been formatted with a specific file system type. A RAW file system is typically not recognized by the operating system and cannot be used until it is formatted with a compatible file system.

Why does my Italian nonna boil her pasta in olive oil instead of water?

It is a tradition that has been passed down for generations.

I have committed some rather grave sins but now would like a taste of heaven. Which religion should I choose?

There is no one answer to this question, as different religions have different views on what constitutes a "grave sin." Some religious traditions may welcome you regardless of your past actions, while others may require repentance or other specific steps before you can be admitted to heaven. Ultimately, the best answer for which religion to choose depends on your personal beliefs and preferences.

My neighbor put a redline on the sidewalk and a no parking sign by the mailbox but it's a public street how do I know that the city confirmed the choice they made?

If your neighbor has installed a red line and no parking sign on a public street, you can confirm their choice with the city by contacting the Public Works Department.

Can I apply as an international freshman even after being enrolled in a university?

Yes, you may apply as an International Freshman even after being enrolled in a university.

Why do Canadian youngsters migrate to the United States?

There are a number of reasons why Canadian youngsters may migrate to the United States. Some may do so for educational opportunities, others for work opportunities, and still others may migrate to be with family or friends.

What’s a good volunteer activity where one can learn vital life skills?

One example of a good volunteer activity where one can learn vital life skills is tutoring younger children in literacy or numeracy. This can help improve the child's academic performance while also teaching the volunteer important communication and organizational skills.

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